Life is a journey filled with peaks, valleys, and unexpected twists. Sometimes, the path leads us to an unexplored terrain – the end of a chapter, the closing of a door, the beginning of a new narrative. If you’ve navigated the tumultuous waters of divorce, consider celebrating your resilience, strength, and the evolution of self with a symbol of empowerment: the divorce ring.

Once upon a time I thought that jewelry was a symbol of ultimate love.  A gift given with long-term intent. I dreamed of someone loving me enough to buy me an engagement ring – not for the diamond, but for the meaning behind it.  Something that I could show off to everyone to show that I was “worthy”.

Then came the divorce.

Removal of the ring suddenly became a signal of being unworthy of someone’s love and commitment.  The tangible, visible emptiness was echoed inside me in invisible and intangible ways.

As divorce goes, I’ve heard that it takes 5 years before you finally feel “yourself” again.  The pain is negligible, new goals have been set and you have firmly established a new identity outside of wife or ex-wife.

I hit my 5 years in January and decided that I was going to change my thinking somewhat and give myself the gift of ‘ultimate love’ and ‘long-term intent’.  

A celebration ring!  

Pandora rose gold ring
This is the celebration ring I chose for myself. It wasn’t expensive – it doesn’t have to be – it’s what it symbolizes to you that matters.

Something pretty to me, from me.  My money, my choice, my independence.

While I call it a “divorce ring”, a better name for it would be an independence ring, or a freedom ring, or a celebration ring.  Attaching the word divorce to it still hints at lingering ghosts and a negative association.  I’ll continue to call it “divorce ring” in this article because many won’t look up “celebration ring” in a google search – and I’d like to share this happy idea with as many as possible.

Divorce ring – you’ve earned it!

1. A Symbol of Triumph:  Did you know that divorce ranks as one of the highest stress events in life – a close second to the death of a loved one.  Surviving betrayal, rejection, loss, and identity shifts rocks the foundation of your world in a way that is inexplainable if you haven’t gone through it. A divorce ring is not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a material representation of your triumph over adversity. It signifies the strength and resilience it took to weather the storm and emerge on the other side, not just intact, but stronger and wiser. 

divorce ring, independence ring, celebration ring, freedom ring

2. Embracing Your Journey: Every journey, no matter how challenging, contributes to the person you are today. Your divorce ring becomes a beacon of self-love, a reminder to embrace your journey – the highs, the lows, and the beautiful transformation that unfolds when you navigate the twists and turns with grace.  My marriage didn’t make it, but I have two beautiful daughters and 15 years of happy memories that I wouldn’t have had without it.

3. A Commitment to Self: Marriage may have been a commitment to another person, but the divorce ring is a commitment to yourself. It symbolizes a pledge to prioritize your well-being, growth, and happiness. It’s a daily affirmation that you are deserving of love, especially from the person who knows you best – you.

divorce ring, independence ring, celebration ring, freedom ring
The lotus is a symbol of strength, resilience and rebirth. Climbing out of the mud, without stains, to bask in the sunlight.

4. Redefining Traditions: Why should celebrating milestones be reserved only for unions? By choosing a divorce ring, you redefine traditions and assert your autonomy over your narrative. I now view marriage as another tick box in life – been there, done that, now on to bigger and better. It’s a bold statement that acknowledges the importance of celebrating personal growth and self-love.

5. A Blank Canvas for Your Story: The divorce ring isn’t a declaration of an ending; it’s a canvas awaiting the strokes of your next chapter. Each glance at your ring serves as a reminder that your story is far from over and that you have the power to shape the narrative into one of joy, fulfillment, and endless possibilities.

divorce ring, independence ring, celebration ring, freedom ring
I thought this ring was representative of my new family dynamic. The three of us, closely intertwined and held together with love and each other.

6. Breaking Stigmas: In a society that often attaches stigma to divorce, the divorce ring becomes a symbol of breaking free from judgment. It’s a statement that says, “I am not defined by my past, but rather empowered by the lessons it has taught me.”

divorce ring, independence ring, celebration ring, freedom ring
There are no rules when choosing your celebration ring – if you want an “engagement ring”, go for it. If you want precious stones, or synthetic enamels, it’s entirely up to you! Find what makes you happy.

7. A Reminder of Self-Love: Above all, the divorce ring is a daily reminder to love yourself fiercely. It serves as a glittering affirmation that you are enough, that your worth is not determined by the past, and that your journey is worth celebrating.

In the symphony of life, the divorce ring is a note of self-love, a chord of empowerment, and a melody of resilience. It’s not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a declaration of your strength, your journey, and your unwavering commitment to the beautiful, independent person you are becoming. 

divorce ring, independence ring, celebration ring, freedom ring