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CHEAP garage cabinets to organize your space

You want the look of the sleek, new, steel garage cabinets to organize your garage or shop, but can’t afford the price tag? Here’s your solution!

You guys!

You guys, you guys, YOU GUYS!!!

I am SO EXCITED about this idea that I only just finished organizing my garage yesterday and I’m already jumping on the computer to share the transformation!

So, you know my garage is my “She-Shop”.  I’d like to park my car in there, but it’s usually full of projects in […]

How to replace a screen

Keeping pets in and bugs out – your screen is a summer must. This is how to replace a screen that isn’t doing either.

If you have pets or kids, then you’ve likely had damage done to your screens.

Actually, this screen was damaged by some wild critter (a bunny I think) that fell into a basement window well and must have struggled to get out.

No corpse, so whatever it was escaped – but not my window screen. 🤦🏻‍♀️

As it turns out, […]

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Black bookcase stunner

A $30 find, patched, painted and finished with a bead board backing, turned into this black bookcase stunner!

Thursday I showed off the black desk makeover and gave a little sneak peek at the bookcase I refinished to make an office combo.

I won’t go through every single step again, if you want to know how I refinish furniture you can read the desk post or the “How to refinish furniture” post I […]

Dining room chandelier

Timeless, elegant, sophisticated yet still warm and welcoming, I found the PERFECT dining room chandelier thanks to Dainolite.

*This is a sponsored post.  I was provided with the Langford chandelier from Dainolite – after much begging on my part – in exchange for showing off how GORGEOUS it looks in my new dining room.  All opinions are sincere and my own.

Oh yeah!  Starting the blog post off right away with a KA-ZOWIE image!

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Black desk makeover… to black?

This desk makeover is a bit different than the furniture makeovers I usually show… because I stripped it down and refinished it to the same colour.  Yup, an ugly and damaged black desk to a clean and almost-new black desk – that’s a great makeover!

There is a method to my madness though; first off,  I couldn’t stain this oak desk because there was just too much damage that had to be fixed and filled and stain wouldn’t have covered all […]

Scrap wood nesting house / scrap wood birdhouse

Robins, cardinals, blue jays and doves prefer nesting boxes to traditional birdhouses. Simple plans for a scrap wood nesting house here.

I think robins are the stupidest birds.  They are endlessly flying in front of my car, dropping shit bombs as they panic.  I just don’t understand this suicidal tendency unless it’s plain ole stupidity.

To further encourage/endorse my non-scientific based opinion, did you know that robins uses nesting houses?  It’s a sort of birdhouse that doesn’t have the little circular opening, […]

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Scrap wood trellis

Make your own garden trellis using scrap bits of wood and a little imagination.


Rust-Oleum.ca just sent a super-secret shipment so that I can makeover my garage floor!  I guess that I didn’t really keep that secret eh? lol

It’s going to be a BEAST of a job – mostly because my garage is jam-packed with projects right now, and I’m going to have to re-home everything to get at the floors. 🤦🏻‍♀️

I started yesterday by selling off my […]

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