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Simple lattice privacy screen

Want to add a bit of architectural interest to your garden? This simple lattice privacy screen provides both form and function to your yard. 

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We have a fairly private backyard.  We are separated from the neighbours behind us by a 30 foot easement that the city has paved for a public walkway.

Sure we […]

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Making a home office for a teenager

Something happens when kids move from “children” to “teenagers” – styles, tastes, activities all change drastically.  In order to create an age-appropriate space for my teen, I attempted a $0 makeover to create a home office suitable for a teenager.

My house is in such a disarray.

For every project I finish, there are two more that are needed – mainly because I shift the mess from one room to the next.

My girls switched bedrooms last year sometime and Chloë claimed our […]

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Updating an old ceiling fan

Upgrade and update an old ceiling with a bit of spray paint! Less than an hour of work and less than $20 in supplies!

I know to some, ceiling fans are the scourge of interior design.

To me, it’s about function over form – I NEED to keep the air moving.  In the summer (obviously) it helps to cool a room, but in winter – when put into reverse – it actually helps warm a room too.

All of our bedrooms have a […]

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My favourite guacamole recipe – Guac that ROCKS!

 One of my favourite things in summer is sitting out on the patio on a Friday night after work, sipping caesar’s and eating guacamole.  It rarely happens, but it’s like the ice cream truck… you have such fond memories of the last time you did it, that it’s a special treat when it happens again.  Today I’m sharing my favourite guacamole recipe and hopefully we’ll all be sitting on the patio enjoying it this weekend.

I turn to my blog whenever […]

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The one-afternoon porch swing

I was shocked at how easy this build was! We built not one, but two couch-length porch swings in one afternoon! 

Do you have friends where, even if you haven’t seen them in a decade, when you do get together it’s as comfortable and easy as if you’d seen them yesterday?

That’s my friend Jen.

We went to University together and were sorority sisters (go ΚΑΘ!), and had so much fun getting in trouble together.

Life took us different directions – schooling, marriage, kids […]

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Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Tired of staring into your closet trying to come up with outfit combinations, only to revert to the same ‘ole, same ‘ole?  Me too, that’s why I wanted to try a Summer capsule wardrobe, based on a minimalist idea, to come up with 36 different outfits from 18 items I already owned (and you probably do too!)

I get a LOT of writers and companies asking if I’ll post their articles, or links to their companies, on my blog.

For the most […]

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Upcycled dresser turned hall tree

In a time when wood prices are crazy and landfills are beyond capacity, let me suggest to you that upcycling / repurposing is the way to go.  Save money, save the environment and have fun creating – like this upcycled dresser turned hall tree!

I love this so freaking much!

I don’t know what to tell you – I’m a genius!!

Okay, an accidental genius, but I’m still taking it because (for once) my idea turned out spectacularly!

See this dresser: