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Workbench upgrade – paint guard

Upgrade your workbench from simple assembly table, to paint station by just adding a spool of paper to one end.

I’m making some upgrades to my She-shop right now and one item I wanted to incorporate was a painting station.  I know, I know; it’s a workbench – you can get paint on it.  But really you can’t – not if you want to use the same work table for building and sanding as well.  It’s surprising how much paint – […]

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DIY Watch Box

Using a dollar store photo frame, some scrap wood and a few rollers, I was able to build this gorgeous DIY watch box to showcase 9 of Hubby’s favourite watches.

I was playing with scrap wood in the garage the other day and wanted to see if I could make a watch box to display all of Hubby’s watches.

I had a small pane of glass that came from an 8×10 dollar store picture frame that had sat in my garage for […]

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Year of clean checklist

Remember all of those cleaning tasks that you forgot? Yup, me neither. This printable “Year of Clean” list will help you keep track of those monthly/quarterly or yearly jobs that we often forget.

This isn’t your typical cleaning checklist – this is a list of items that don’t need to get done everyday, but do need to get done; changing the furnace filter for example.

But how do you keep track of when it was changed out last – especially if there […]

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Grandma’s Typewriter Desk

This vintage typewriter desk, and antique Royal typewriter are roughly 80 years old (and looked it), but check out the gorgeous finish I was able to achieve with just a little elbow grease.  It’s ready for its next (or first) great novel!

This typewriter desk was my Step-Grandmother’s.  I include “Step” in there, not because I loved her any less, but because I’m feeling terribly guilty for selling it when it really should go to one of her sons who grew […]

Swapping out bathroom sconces

Changing out lighting isn’t nearly as difficult as I thought.  In truth, it’s a matter of taking off the old fixture, attaching 3 wires together and then screwing the face plate into place – couldn’t be easier!

Have I ever mentioned that I hate fixing things?

I do.  I’d rather build something completely new than fix something that’s broken.  I can’t explain it other than to say that I don’t find gratification in fixing something that’s broken – or at least not […]

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Scrap wood robots and pets

A bit of wood and whatever nuts and bolts you have lying around are all you need to make your own wood robots and pets.

I have a whack of these wood robots and pets pinned to my Scrap Wood Pinterest board – most of them seem to be tagged in another language, so maybe this adorable trend isn’t over here yet, but I’m hoping to change that…

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Today is a hot cocoa kind of day…

Today is a hot cocoa kind of day…
make this adorable sign and create a hot chocolate station for warm memories all winter long.

I’m so excited to share today’s post!  I am a HUGE fan of Details 2 Enjoy and have purchased a few word kits from them in the past like:

I’ve had my eye on several others, however with shipping to […]

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