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House pen holder / house planter

 A simple and fun project today – these little house pen holders / house planters are made up of 5 pieces of scrap wood and a bit of glue.  You can whip them up in minutes and create adorable decor for your office, shelves and/or window sills.

I cut a couple of these house pen holders for my friend Char before Christmas.  She wanted to give her Dad something for his desk at work so that he’d think of her while […]

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Makeup brush holder

Today I’m showing you two simple and inexpensive ways to store your makeup brushes.  Whether you DIY a scrap wood makeup brush holder, or hit your local dollar store and buy a vase and glass beads, both of these storage solutions offer form AND function in a small footprint.

I wrote a blog post waaaaay back in 2013 about how to store your makeup brushes.  I’ve been using that makeup brush holder for all these years with no mold, mildew or […]

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Hale Navy built-ins

Waaaaaay back in November I had the carpeting in our house replaced.  Our dog, Lacey, had been ill for about 2 years and had managed to pee and poo on every single square inch of the house. 🤦🏻‍♀️. The only upside to her passing this past summer was that the girls and I could finally remove the carpet and underpad and start fresh with a hygienic home.

BUT, if you are like me, then you know an opportunity existed before the […]

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Plywood coasters

Using scrap bits of ¾” ply I was able to whip up these gorgeous plywood coasters (that you’d never guess were just scrap ply).

As with everything I do, I learn something new and then hope to pass along any tips and tricks I’ve figured out along the way.

Today is no different.

Today I’m going to show you the most AWESOME plywood coasters (most awesome coasters of any kind, anywhere) you’ve ever seen – BUT I’ll also give you the tips I […]

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How to make a simple blanket rack / quilt rack

Keep your warm and cozy blankets close by, but neatly organized, by whipping up this simple blanket rack / quilt rack using just 6 pieces of wood and a few screws.

Hello my beautiful friends!

It is absolutely freezing her in SW Ontario with a -26°C windchill today.  Yes, I know you prairie-dwellers get much colder than this, but my blood hasn’t thickened to your hardiness so I am freezing my kibibis off (I’ll leave it up to your imagination as to […]

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Throw pillow storage

A simple, and free, solution to throw pillow storage and organization – recycled Amazon boxes!

Hi, my name is Shelly and I am a throw pillow addict.

Throw pillow covers to be exact.

I’ve managed to staunch the need to buy every single throw pillow I see, but have instead turned to hoarding throw pillow covers for the existing throw pillows I have.

I lesser evil financially, but one that still takes up too much space.

I was putting away the last of my Christmas […]

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Half-round side table

I took an old, grungy kitchen table and turned it into this gorgeous half round side table / demilune table for about $30.

What is a half round table called?  I went with “half-round table” hoping that’s what the majority of people looking for something like this might call it, but the ‘official’ name is Demilune table.  (aka half moon tables).

I’m going to call it the $1 half round because that’s where it all began – with an old, very crappy, […]