How to make a simple wood tree collar

wood tree collar

All you need are 4 pieces of wood, a bit of trim and bed hardware to make this beautiful and incredibly simple wood tree collar. This build is so ridiculously easy, it’s almost embarrassing to put up… but I’m sharing it because the key to it’s simplicity wasn’t my idea; it was the gentleman at […]

My Christmas front porch 2021

Christmas 2021, Christmas front porch, porch decorated for Christmas

A more minimal Christmas front porch this year, but still warm, welcoming and something that will last all winter long. Popping in this morning to show off my simple, understated Christmas front porch. My goal this Holiday season was to come up with something small and unassuming that would last the entire winter long. (ie […]

100 Things 2 Do before Christmas

100 Things 2 Do before the Holidays, 100 Things 2 do before Christmas, 100 Things to do before the holidays, 100 Things to do before Christmas, Christmas checklist, Holiday checklist. free printable

November (for me) means it’s time to get ready for the over-jammed Holiday Season.  I like to spread my tasks (and fun stuff) over the whole season so as not to get overwhelmed and resentful.  This 100Things2Do before Christmas (printable) list will help you enjoy the Holidays more as well. Yup, it’s that time! Time […]

Christmas window box

Christmas window box, winter window box

In this one instance I’m going to recommend that DIYing your Christmas window box *might be more expensive than picking up a few pre-made ones from your local nursery.  Just glam it up with berries, picks and ribbons when you get home and save a ton of money. My tree is up! Not decorated yet, […]

Vern the Fern

fern eyeballs, vern the fern, adding eyes to plants

A simple Hallowe’en craft for you and the kids – add eyeballs to your plants and create your own “Vern the fern”!  I feel like I’ve shared this before, but since I can’t find it, I’m sharing it again…. Looking for an easy way to “Hallowe’en” up your house – yup – used it as […]

Egg candles

Egg candles, how to make egg candles

There’s still time! A few eggs, some bees wax and a few wicks are all you need to make your own Easter egg candles! I’m scrambling to write this because Easter is this weekend and I only just tried this out on Monday.  I had no idea if it would work or not (as with […]

Christmas Bedroom

Christmas pillow

Do you decorate your bedroom for the Holidays? I do, and there’s nothing I love more than falling asleep to twinkle lights in a Christmas bedroom. I was a bit hesitant to post my Christmas bedroom; not because I don’t love it (I SO DO!), but because my bedding and decor aren’t as fancy as […]