Scrap wood trees

scrap wood tree, wooden tree, Christmas decor

If you have scrap wood, even in lengths less than 11″, you can whip out these easy and beautiful scrap wood Christmas trees. Measurements for 3 sizes on the blog. I’m part of a Facebook group called “Women in Woodworking” and today’s project was one that someone shared on that page.  I wouldn’t steal thunder, […]

Updating dollar store ornaments to fit your colour scheme

dollar store ornament, bench ornament, updating dollar store ornaments

Buying new ornaments can be really expensive. Today I’m showing you an inexpensive way to update dollar store ornaments to match any colour scheme. I change up the colour scheme of my Christmas tree every year – mainly to provide content for the blog – but also because I think I get a little bit […]

KitKat candy sleigh

KitKat candy sleigh, candy sleigh, KitKat sleigh

Use as stocking stuffers, gift toppers, tree ornaments, or treats for neighbours and friends – these inexpensive KitKat Candy sleighs are easy, adorable, and a sweet treat for anyone. The girls and I hit the Dollarama the other day to get a few Christmas supplies… ornaments to paint, fairy lights, some simple garland and (of course) […]

Simple pinecone ornaments

Pinecone ornaments

Simple pinecone ornaments – don’t buy new when all you need is a slight update to the old! Last weekend I put up the main Christmas tree in the house – my beautiful 9′ Hayden Pine that I bought myself as a Christmas gift last year. He is so beautiful all on his own, but […]

Christmas home tour 2021

Christmas home tour 2021

A glimpse into our family’s Christmas with this Holiday home tour 2021 Happy Sunday everyone!  Stopping in today with a sort of photo essay – because what can I say beyond “Christmas Home Tour 2021”?   Welcome to our home… I’ll start in the dining room with the navy and gold flocked tree: I know […]

How to make a wood star / wooden star

wood star, wooden star, scrap wood star

I have wanted a wood star (or is it wooden star?) ever since I first came across them on Pinterest.  I tried making one years ago but, as is typical with me, the angles won the battle and I ended up with a shit show of pieces that would not fit together to make a […]

Easy Macrame Ornaments – with video tutorials

easy macrame ornaments, macrame angel

You don’t have to know macrame, or have any special tools to make these easy macrame ornaments.  Great for homemade ornaments on your tree, or as gift toppers for those you are giving gifts to. I’ve been saving macrame ornaments on my Pinterest boards lately and some of the creators are just unbelievable.  I thought […]