You don’t have to know macrame, or have any special tools to make these easy macrame ornaments.  Great for homemade ornaments on your tree, or as gift toppers for those you are giving gifts to.

I’ve been saving macrame ornaments on my Pinterest boards lately and some of the creators are just unbelievable.  I thought macrame was just a series of knots and spaces and if you lucked out at all you’d come up with a pretty wall-hanging or plant hanger.

Not so my friends…

I tried to make this simple-looking macrame star ornament:

macrame star

how hard could that be really right?

Yes, I aimed too high, too early and ended up with what I can only call a Rastafarian witch ornament. 🤦🏻‍♀️

macrame fail

It did not say “Christmas” to me at all so I decided to start with a few easier macrame projects to get my feet wet.

I’m sharing the YouTube videos I followed because they are far better at showing the process for these easy macrame ornaments that I could be with photographs.

First up, an easy macrame wreath:

easy macrame ornaments, macrame wreath

This was the easiest of the ornaments I tried to copy so I’d say start here and get your confidence up.


I stopped at step 1 and brushed the macrame cord out, but I don’t think the second row of knots would have been too difficult to add in.

easy macrame ornaments, macrame wreath

I tried a second version of a Christmas wreath and while the knots were a bit more involved, it was certainly beginner level and an easy macrame ornament to complete.

easy macrame ornaments, macrame wreath

I really liked the wreath; and while not as fluffy as the other one, it was more gratifying because I felt that I was doing more macrame in completing it.  I liked it so much in fact, that I made more than a few of them. 

easy macrame ornaments, macrame wreath

Next came the tassel.  

easy macrame ornaments, macrame wreath

The tassels I’ll be making more of – to add to the end of a chain of beads, or larger ones to use as curtain ties.  I wouldn’t suggest the tassels for throw pillows because I think the thread would just get too knotted and make you crazy in a very short period of time.  

easy macrame ornaments

Finally, I bit the bullet and decided to try a more involved (but still easy) macrame ornament – the angel.  This required a hoop, a bead and a small piece of ribbon to complete, but it really wasn’t difficult at all.

easy macrame ornaments, macrame wreath

Hers look so much better than mine, but I like my version as well.

Use your easy macrame ornaments on your tree or – which I think is even prettier – as gift toppers when wrapping your pressies.

easy macrame ornaments, macrame wreath

A few small hoops, some cord, a bit patience tying knots, and you can make these easy macrame ornaments.

easy macrame ornaments, macrame angel

I’m not sure what to do with the other 90 hoops I bought or the 2.5 miles of cord I have left…

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You may be seeing more knot projects in the near future. 😂

Have a great one!