Christmas home tour 2021

A glimpse into our family’s Christmas with this Holiday home tour 2021

Happy Sunday everyone! 

Stopping in today with a sort of photo essay – because what can I say beyond “Christmas Home Tour 2021”?  

Welcome to our home…

I’ll start in the dining room with the navy and gold flocked tree:

Christmas home tour 2021

Christmas home tour 2021

I know there are only 4 place settings there, but […]

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Master bedroom makeover

Wow!  If you don’t believe in the power of a gallon of paint, you need to see my master bedroom makeover!  From BM Chelsea Gray to BM Pale Oak and Behr Watery, the room seems to have doubled in size!

So, I’ve been separated (the time he had actually moved out) since April 2019.

I’m not going to be bitter or slanderous instead, I hope you’ll view today’s post as a positive, proud moment for me.

April 2019 left me with a master […]

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Christmas tree 2020 – burgundy, pink and gold

An unusual colour scheme for me, my Christmas tree 2020 is full of sparkle, shine and all of the twinkling dreams of the Season.

My Christmas tree 2020 started out in January of this year….  

you see, I am a sucker for Christmas, and an even bigger sucker for a deal – so I picked up a set of 100 burgundy ornaments after last Christmas and have been storing them just waiting for this year’s tree.

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Fall Dining Room – Part II of the Autumn home tour

Even if you can’t be with loved ones this Thanksgiving, set your table and decorate your Fall dining room and be grateful for what you do have.  (Plus, if you decorate, you can bring a smile to those you’ll be having a video dinner with over FaceTime. lol)

Think about all of the changes that 2020 has seen…

I’m not sure I could list them all there have been so many dramatic and impactful events.

The world has changed – or most of […]

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Fall Family Room

Do you decorate your home for each season?  Today I’m showing our Fall family room and the few, simple touches I brought in to create a warm and welcoming room for our family to enjoy.


I hate being late!

Especially since I put out my Fall decor a couple of weeks ago.

But then life happened – laundry on the couches, dog hair in the carpet, kids schoolwork spread over the coffee table.

You feel me, I know.  Blog photos are taken to […]

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Christmas Bedroom

Just a few small, festive touches can take your bedroom from everyday to a cozy Christmas retreat.

This is part 2 of my Holiday Home Tour – done piecemeal because no two rooms are ever tidy at the same time.

If you want to see the 100Things2Do Christmas tree 2018 and family room decor click over, but for today I’m going to show how I incorporated a few simple ornaments to ramp up the Holiday cozy in my Christmas bedroom.

It all […]

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Budget Kitchen Upgrade with Instant Granite

I have an exciting makeover to share with you today and it took less than 3 hours start (filming, photography, learning curve) to finish! Let me introduce you to the countertop vinyl that will take your kitchen from builder’s grade laminate to posh luxury: Instant Granite®. (sponsored post)

Our kitchen is 13 years old, which really isn’t that old, but as times and tastes have changed, so has the style – which makes our 2005 ‘warm and dark’ look, […]

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