Celebrating the milestone of Instagram 10K with a giant thank you and the “traditional” 10K balloon bouquet.

Last week I hit a milestone for this blog…

I FINALLY broke through the 10K ceiling on Instagram!!

Instagram 10K, 10,000 followers, 10K balloons, 10K balloon bouquet
click on any of the images to be taken to The Balloon Diva (the brilliance behind my bouquet)

What does that mean?

Well, I’ve been sitting at 9,500 (give or take a few hundred in any given month) for about 2 years now.  Don’t get me wrong – I am thrilled that 9,500 people follow my Instagram feed – but the magic number for bloggers is 10,000 followers.

The reason is I don’t get paid based on Instagram.  Some “influencers” charge to have their photo taken with products and post only to Instagram, but I haven’t figured out how to play that game yet.

So when you follow me on Instagram, I make $0.  BUT, if you click over to my blog page from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, then I make a few cents on each ad you see and a few cents more on any ads you click on.  My earnings (to keep this blog afloat) come from my actual blog page – here.

At 10K followers on Instagram, influencers/bloggers get access to something called a “Swipe up” feature.  This means that you can click on an image in my Instagram stories, and it will lead you directly to my blog page for the full tutorial.  I am now able to attach that feature to any photos or videos I put up in my stories!

This is HUGE!

Instagram 10K, 10,000 followers, 10K balloons, 10K balloon bouquet

This one little feature now gives 10,000 more people quick and easy access to my errors, fails, mistakes and injuries!  (only partially kidding 😂) 

I’ve always included the webpage address on all of my IG posts, but copy & paste isn’t allowed on IG, so getting to my website from Instagram was tedious.

I wouldn’t do it either.  Three clicks are already 2 clicks too many for me to search most things down.

So for you, the reader, you are one click away from accessing my projects and I am one step closer to realizing my dream of making a full-time income from my blog!


Instagram 10K, 10,000 followers, 10K balloons, 10K balloon bouquet

Since I can’t personally thank each and every one of you, know that this balloon bouquet is in celebration of you.

Of my heartfelt gratitude for every single like, follow, share and pin.

Thank you very, very much!



Okay, and the balloons are a teeny bit for me – I had to have the traditional Instagram celebratory pose to show off (just a little)… but I did share them with my daughter for her 15th birthday as well.

Instagram 10K, 10,000 followers, 10K balloons, 10K balloon bouquet

Thank you my sweet friends – I (quite literally) couldn’t do it without you!

Have a great one!