It’s done!

Happy dance, happy dance!

I quoted this project at “it’ll only take me about three hours”…  oops, business mistake #1.

This is the wall we were looking to mimic:

DIY Farmhouse gallery wall

This was the plan I came up with to keep the feel, but change out the names:

DIY gallery wall

THIS is the finished product:

DIY Farmhouse gallery wall

This farmhouse gallery wall isn’t for me, so I don’t have any photos of it on an actual wall – I’m hoping Rita will send me pics that I can add to this post down the road.

Not too shabby eh?

DIY Farmhouse Gallery Wall

Every single piece you see was made by hand – nothing purchased from HomeSense or HomeGoods…

all me!

If you missed the previous posts, you can catch up here:

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The pieces are sized to mix and match in and out of the scrabble tiles, with room to add the “love” sign and an arrow if she decides (those were beyond my building capability).

DIY Farmhouse gallery wall

The scrabble tiles will be hung using my two-nail technique and the rest of the pieces have sawtooth picture hangers on the back.

It’s fantastic!

Every letter, every number, every single piece is custom to her family and once a photo or two has been inserted it will be completed.  A “shrine” to the love of family.

DIY Farmhouse gallery wall

Yes, I was WAAAAY over the 3 hours I quoted – but supplies-wise I only had to purchase two 1×4 boards, varnish, sawtooth picture hooks and some adhesive vinyl… the rest I had already.

The varnish was the most expensive at $35 (Amazon sells it for $15, Home Depot is pricier).  Adhesive vinyl was on sale for $14 at Michael’s and the boards were less than $5 for both.

I estimate I spent 15 hours and $60 Cdn to make the entire thing – but with plenty of varnish left over for other projects.

To make it from scratch without having paint, stain, sandpaper, nails, scrap wood etc, you might be looking twice that – but still pretty impressive for a farmhouse gallery wall that will fill an entryway, family room or staircase.

DIY Farmhouse gallery wall

Thanks for the challenge Rita and I hope you’re pleased!

Have a great one – and Happy Mother’s Day!


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