It was my birthday last week, and if you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen all of the flowers that I received.

I love flowers.  Something about the colour, the scent the decadence makes them such an incredible treat – unfortunately, they don’t last very long.

In order to enjoy flowers more often, you really need to buy them by the stem.  At $1 per stem, you can have weekly bouquets without going broke in the process.  But 4 stems hardly make a display-worthy bouquet right?


Go small.

Bring out your grandmother’s china and create your own desktop teacup bouquet or nightstand arrangement.

My grandmother left me her giant teacup collection – that I’ve never used in the 34 years since she passed.  They sit on display in her china cabinet in my dining room, quietly waiting for the day that they’ll be loved again.

I’ve seen teacups filled with wax and a wick and then used as beautiful little candles (I may try that sometime too), and I’ve seen them filled with soil and used as a small succulent container (love) – but I decided to create a small display with my birthday roses.  (because they were wilting, it was time to cut the stems down again to help prolong their life – cutting almost to the flower is perfect!)

Step 1 – fill your teacup 1/2 full with water.

Teacup Bouquet - 2

Step 2 – cut your flower stems down to length and insert them into the teacup.

Step 3 – add a bit of filler if you wish.

Step 4 – put your teacup bouquet on your desk or nightstand or side table and enjoy.

Teacup Bouquet - 5

I wish I could tell you it was a very labour-intensive project that only the most adept bloggers could perform – but it’s not.

Teacup Bouquet - 7

And look how cute it is sitting on my desk!  A little ray of sunshine to brighten my day!
Teacup Bouquet P

These would be great for weddings as well – and so inexpensive!  If you don’t have a Grandma that has a set of teacups, you can easily find them at thrift stores.  I was just wandering through the other day and I found dozens ranging from  $0.50 – $2.00 each.

Make your own teacup bouquet - great as a desk or nightstand display

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Teacup Bouquet - 2

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In the Spring, you can use garden clippings – you don’t need long stems to create a beautiful arrangement.

Teacup Bouquet - 4

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Sneak off to your local florist after work and pick up a few stems – they usually throw in a bit of green for free – and create your own teacup bouquet.

Have a great one!

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