This is a fun post – forget the rules of elegance and sophistication and instead make your next backyard party FUN with these “Whimsical Watermelon Cutlery Holders”.

You’ll need to invest in some watermelon, lemon, orange or lime coloured paints – I bought tester pots at Home Depot, but most of the colours you’ll find at a dollarama store – and as long as you seal your jar afterwards, craft paint should be fine.

No step by step needed here – just paint your green and watermelon pink on some jam/mason jars and let dry.

Watermelon Patio Cutlery Holders

Add a few coats of each so that you can’t see through the jar anymore, then add your white stripe in the centre. I added some darker green stripey-things to look a bit more like the striations in a watermelon. I hand painted my white stripe – you could possibly attempt to tape it off for a crisp, straight line, but I’m not confident it won’t peel off your paint as well. Remember, we’re going for whimsical here, not perfection.

Watermelon utensil holders 2 - 1

I added a few watermelon seeds to my patio cutlery holders, then coated the outside of both jars with a clear polyurethane (2 coats) to protect the finish.

Watermelon utensil holders 3 - 1

These are SO CUTE!

Watermelon utensil holders 3 - 2

You can see in the photo below that these used to be jam jars by the embossed berries in the glass itself – but once they’re painted, no one will notice. Alternatively, go with the flow and paint the entire jar red with green leaves on the top and black strawberry seeds dotting the sides.

Ooooh, maybe make an entire set of cutlery holders – watermelon, lemon, lime, orange, strawberry… I’m not sure that kiwi will translate, it might end up looking like mouldy fur?

Watermelon utensil holders 3 - 4

Okay, my painting might look a bit like my daughters did these – but you’re also looking at a really close-up photograph. Distance is forgiving – trust me, it works in a mirror as well. lol

You could make these in sets of threes (knives, forks, spoons), fill them with plastic cutlery and bring them as a hostess gift to your next picnic, barbecue or backyard gathering! If you are looking for new cutlery, why not visit Nella Cutlery in order to find some in a style that matches your conservatory. You should probably attach a note to say “hand-wash only” – you wouldn’t want to be de-friended because paint destroyed a dishwasher.

Watermelon utensil holders 3 - 6

There’s more to my watermelon wackiness, so come back tomorrow and see what else got a pink and green treatment!

Watermelon utensil holders 3 - 7

Have a great one!

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