I gave my daughter a limited budget and the parameter that she had to do most of the work herself and this is what she came up with for her teen bathroom.

I think I told you before that the girls were in the midst of bedroom makeovers?

If I forgot, then I’m telling you now. lol

In lieu of vacation (since we can’t go anywhere anyways) I told the girls that I would fund and help them with bedroom makeovers – but they had to do the majority of the work.

Miss Madison knocked it out of the park – painting her own room (she’s only 14), steam-cleaning her carpet and choosing beautiful furniture.  She’s in the midst of adding some decor to the room, but I hope to show it off soon.

Along with her bedroom makeover, she also tackled a bathroom makeover!

I’ve you’ve painted a bathroom before then you know how tedious it can be to go around fixtures, behind toilets and sinks etc – but she did it!

All. by. herself!

I don’t have any before photos to show you, but the basement bathroom was previously an almost olive green.  Okay at the time it was painted, but ended up far too dark for a basement and terrible for a teen bathroom.

Maddie painted all the walls in a soft grey (I can’t find the paint chip or can to tell you the exact colour – I’m sorry!), but it made the countertop stand out like a sore thumb.

teen bathroom

See what I mean?

This counter screams “we cheaped-out on the basement bathroom because we never thought anyone would use it!”

This is where my sweet friends at Instant Granite® came to the rescue…

I was provided with Instant Granite® about a year ago as part of a kitchen makeover post (that didn’t come to fruition unfortunately).  I’ve been holding on to the White Italian Marble they sent me just waiting for the right project to come up…. this teen bathroom makeover was perfect!

Because the sink is centred on the vanity, and because I didn’t want a seam – which would show with this particular pattern – (we screwed up once) then made a template of the counter and sink placement to work from.

applying instant granite

Accounting for a considerable overhang (about 2 ½”) under the front lip of the counter, we placed the template on the Instant Granite® White Italian Marble and cut out the rough shape of the sink with scissors.

Once we had that, we were able to place the faux marble sheet overtop of the entire countertop and slowly peel off the backing while pressing out any bubbles.

This stuff is so forgiving!  We had to lift and replace the sheet a few times but there was very little stretch to ruin the pattern.

Instant granite, faux granite, faux marble, counter makeover

Once we had the Instant Granite® in place, and smoothed to perfection, we cut a nice, crisp edge around the sink.

No caulking, no removing the sink or fixtures.  Unfortunately I don’t have photos of the process either, because it took two of us to manipulate the faux marble into place.

The White Italian Marble presents with a slightly blue undertone against warm colours – but with the cool grey paint in the background, it was perfect for this teen bathroom makeover!

Instant granite, faux granite, faux marble, counter makeover

Look at the reflection!

All of the beauty at about 1/10th of the price.  In fact, a 3’x6′ sheet of Instant Granite® in the Italian Marble is only $59!!

There are different patterns and colours to choose from, and custom sizes are available, so don’t feel like this beauty is your only option.

See my kitchen counter makeover for the Venetian Gold option.

Instant granite, faux granite, faux marble, counter makeover

I know, we hate the floors in this bathroom, but I haven’t found a stencil I’m in love with to paint it out.  For now, new paint, new counters and decor are all we did for this teen bathroom makeover.

Maddie had this bookshelf in her bedroom, but it was primarily to house lotions, potions and makeup, so we moved it into the bathroom to keep all of her teen necessities at hand.

Ikea bookshelf

Maddie chose dark grey towels to keep the room fairly neutral…

and so that her LED lights would really stand out. (facepalm)

Yes, no one should practice hygiene without flashing rave lights going.

teen bathroom, teen girl bathroom, basement bathroom

teen bathroom, teen girl bathroom, basement bathroom

teen bathroom, teen girl bathroom, basement bathroom

Okay, I’ll admit it – it would be kinda fun to jam away in the shower to rave lights.

Maybe down the road we’ll trim out the mirror and get those floors updated to something less-awful – but for now (and within her budget) this teen bathroom is a big success with my gorgeous brunette.

teen bathroom, teen girl bathroom, basement bathroom

teen bathroom, teen girl bathroom, basement bathroom

teen bathroom, teen girl bathroom, basement bathroom

I’m so proud of her!!

14 and and already a talented little DIYer!

Teen bedroom coming soon, so keep following along.

Have a great one!



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