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The BEST Protein Bars in the world

“The BEST protein bars in the world” sound like a tall order to live up to? You need to try these and tell me I’m wrong.  I don’t even like protein bars as a rule, but I’ve been snacking away

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No-bake cake batter truffles, cake batter truffles, white chocolate dipped truffles, Christmas cookies

Cake Batter Truffles

The best part of baking is getting to lick the spoon.  I thought it as a child, and while I do love a warm chocolate chip cookie, I still agree today. There’s just something about the sugary sweet dough melting in

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Chocolate dipped gingersnaps, gingersnaps, white chocolate gingersnaps, Christmas cookies

Chocolate-Dipped Gingersnaps

If you’ve followed the blog you’ll know that I’m all set up with my faux-fur pillows, my birch candles (from my book), I’m over-stocked in chai lattes and I have a new read – The Nest.  All I need to

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Make your own mosquito repellent using dollar-store ingredients

Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent

Using just three dollar-store ingredients and you can make your own mosquito repellent! I saw this post on Facebook and decided it was worth giving a try; Miss Madison is our family’s ‘sweet meat’ and the bugs can’t seem to

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