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Strawberry Brownie Kebabs – an Easy Valentine’s Treat

These strawberry brownie kebabs are an easy treat that you can whip out in minutes (especially if you buy two-bite brownies) to make for Valentine’s day at school. There’s not much to it really, you will need: large marshmallows two-bite brownies (or bake-your-own and cut them into 1″ bites) kebab skewers fresh strawberries – washed and hulled semi-sweet chocolate chipits Skewer your brownies, marshmallows and strawberries to you desired length, then cut off the excess kebab skewer. Melt your chipits

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Easy meringue poppers, Jello meringue, flavoured meringue cookies, meringue poppers

Easy Meringue Poppers – Great classroom treat!

My Mom makes meringues. She makes a LOT of meringues. Up until I made this recipe, I’d assumed that she adored meringues for the volume she turned out. Now I know that a little goes a looooooong way.  (No wonder she kept offering them to us!) This recipe – adapted from Kraft Canada uses 3/4 of a cup of egg whites and it makes roughly 140 meringue poppers. This is the kind of treat you want to make when you

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BEST protein bars, protein bar recipe, chocolate protein bars, meal replacement bars, healthy snack, no-bake protein bars

The BEST Protein Bars in the world

“The BEST protein bars in the world” sound like a tall order to live up to? You need to try these and tell me I’m wrong.  I don’t even like protein bars as a rule, but I’ve been snacking away on these like they were candy.  Truly, I even had one as dessert the other night!  Hubby and the girls can’t get enough – they are reaching for these instead of cookies! Where did I come by this delectable and

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Divinity fudge, Aunt Mary's fudge, white fudge, fudge

Marshmallowy Soft – Aunt Mary’s Divinity Fudge

One last recipe. I thought I’d shared it on the blog before, but when I went to find the post there was nothing? Shame on me. This is a fudge my Great-Aunt Mary used to make for my Dad every year for his entire life.  She has left us, but her recipe and the memories it brings up are still a staple at our family Christmas. Aunt Mary’s Divinity Fudge: 2 1/2 cups granulated sugar 1/2 cup light corn syrup

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Easy, Delicious and Quick Turtle Fudge

I know we’re down to the wire here and your baking window is closing rapidly but this turtle fudge is so easy to make – you can whip out a batch in about 15 minutes!  (and no one will know you didn’t spend hours stirring!) Look at the caramel drizzling out! Turtle Fudge 40 caramel squares (I like Kraft the best, but it’s up to you) 1 tbsp milk 3 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips (the better quality chocolate you use, the better the

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No-bake cake batter truffles, cake batter truffles, white chocolate dipped truffles, Christmas cookies

Cake Batter Truffles

The best part of baking is getting to lick the spoon.  I thought it as a child, and while I do love a warm chocolate chip cookie, I still agree today. There’s just something about the sugary sweet dough melting in your mouth, or perhaps it’s the temptation of sneaking a taste-test… the forbidden fruit so-to-speak. Regardless, once I saw these cake batter truffles I knew they had to be on my Christmas treat list for all the batter-eaters in my

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