Kitchen hack: freezer cookies, fresh-baked cookies anytime, chocolate chip cookies on demand, fresh baking anytime

Kitchen hacks – fresh-baked cookies anytime!

How many of you love warm, fresh-baked cookies? Now how many of you love whipping together a batch (from scratch) every time that cookie-craving hits? Sure you could buy pre-made cookie dough and cut it up every time you want a sweet treat OR you could make your own from scratch, save lots of money, look like a ‘June Cleaver Mom’, and have dozens ready in minutes! I know which way I’d go. Just call me “Junie C”. One of

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The key to gooey rice krispie treats, rice krispie squares, after school snack ideas, easy treats

The key to gooey rice krispie treats

I wrote a similar article to this back in 2014 but it didn’t get any traction?  Could be because I dyed my super-gooey rice krispie treats green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day – which I still think was a cute tribute – but perhaps wasn’t a very appetizing image.  (What!? You guys don’t pin green rice krispie treats?!) Fair enough, I wouldn’t either. But this recipe is tried and tested and if you read that article, you’d know that

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Cream of tomato soup, cream soup, hearty soup, tomato soup, best tomato soup, creamiest tomato soup

Cream of tomato soup

One of the best things about winter (along with snow, hot cocoa, blankets, books and cuddling) is that it’s soup season.  Warm, hearty, healthy and oh-so-delicious soup season.  It’s like a hot bath for your tummy and a liquid savouriness (yes, that’s a word – at least with respect to this recipe) for your mouth… at least my Mom’s cream of tomato soup is. It’s full of nutritious ingredients, and with just enough butter and spice to make it more hearty than

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Quick and easy Christmas treats, Christmas baking, Holiday baking

Quick and Easy Christmas Treats

Are you ready? Except for the cooking that is? I am!! Mainly because Hubby handles cooking the main meals, and I handle the baking, grocery shopping, cleaning etc.  (aka: he gets all the glory). Fortunately for me, my baking has been pared down to a few seasonal favourites that we bring out every year – quick and easy Christmas treats that everyone enjoys and aren’t a lot of work. First up is my Great-Aunt-Mary’s Divinity fudge – you’ll want to

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Gingerbread ornaments, gingerbread cookies, gingerbread cookie ornaments, Martha Stewart's gingerbread, cookie ornaments

Gingerbread Ornaments

A few years ago my Mom decorated her tree with gingerbread ornaments and I remember sitting near it and thinking how scrumptious it smelled. This year I decided to make some of my own gingerbread ornaments (with help from Mom and the girls) to create that same warm and homey feel for my own Christmas tree. The recipe and idea are from Martha Stewart Living circa 1995 – but the recipe tastes just as delicious now as it did then

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Sugar cookies, iced sugar cookies, buttercream icing flowers, icing flowers, decorating cookies, cookie icing tutorial, The Hutch Oven

Sugar cookies with buttercream icing

I had this dilemma last week – it was Mother’s Day, my pottery berry bowls that I’d made for my Moms weren’t glazed or fired yet and every cookie-maker in town was booked until August. How can people be so ahead of the game that they know they’ll need sugar cookies in August!?  I don’t even know if I have underwear for tomorrow morning? (except that I keep 30 pairs just in case) I digress; my gifts weren’t ready and now I couldn’t

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