If you are Kon Mari’ing your home, or are the type to share books after you’ve read them, then these free, printable book plates are a great addition to your donations.  Give the next reader a brief critique and then encourage them to pass the book along as well.

I’m in a bit of a holding pattern of late.  As you may know if you follow me on InstaStories, Hubby and I are separating.  It’s a sad, tense and overwhelming experience that I don’t recommend in the least, and beyond the tears and pain I am left wondering what to do until all the business part of divorce is done.  It’s difficult to build anything because the garage is full of boxes and furniture for his move.  I’d like to start on my kitchen makeover, but again there’s no room to lay out the cupboards for painting and without having divvied up everything in the house yet, pulling everything out will make a bad situation more chaotic.

So I’ve been reading.

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I have three books on the go now – a ‘How to survive divorce’ book (“Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends” – which just makes me cry), the book “Girl, Wash Your Face” which is supposed to be inspiring and motivating, but so far has been mainly common sense and then “One Day in December” which is chicklit with all kinds of warm and fuzzies in the end.

One Dayin December, Josie Silver

You can tell I finished the happy book first right?

I’m not one to read a book twice – once I know the ending, there really isn’t much to keep me enthralled.  In fact, I can only think of two books that I would read again – “The Glass Castle: A Memoir” (PHENOMENAL!) and perhaps Gone with the Wind.

What I usually do is pay my books forward.  Let someone else have the escape and enjoyment and then hopefully they’ll pass it along as well.

To that end, I had these little book plates designed that you can print and stick inside any books you might want to share.

Book plate, bookplate, printable book plate, book sharing

Just print the pdf file onto sticker paper, cut each book plate out and attach to the inside of any books you’ve finished reading.

Book plate, bookplate, printable book plate, book sharing

Each printable book plate has space for you to leave your name, give it a rating and even add a comment or two about it.

Hopefully it’s obvious that the book should be passed on to someone else based on the fact that there is room for 5 entries on each book plate.

Book plate, bookplate, printable book plate, book sharing

For “One Day in December” my comment reads “starts slow, but ends strong”.  For “The Death of Mrs. Westaway” I simply wrote “predictable”.  No need for spoilers; just enough for someone to either want to read it or not.

Book plate, bookplate, printable book plate, book sharing

If you think someone should read a prequel first to understand the labelled book, indicate it here.  If you want to encourage them to read something similar ‘if you like this, then you’ll love…’ sort of thing – write it here.

I for one, buy books based on recommendations – usually a Heather’s Pick or Reese’s Book Club – so I’d love to receive a book with another similar read already recommended inside.

Book plate, bookplate, printable book plate, book sharing

Before anyone gets riled up, I know that Authors make very little money on each book (trust me, I’m an author – A 100 Things 2 Do Christmas: 40+ Holiday Crafts, Gifts and Decor You Can Make has been a colossal fail), and purchasing books is a means of keeping food on the table for many of them…

HOWEVER, I also believe that good things are meant to be shared, and that not everyone has the means to buy every book they want or wait months upon months for holds at the library.  I’m not trying to ruin anyone’s source of income – I just want to share and not waste.

If you’d like to see my list of recommended titles, click over to my Amazon store for dozens of opportunities to ‘escape’ lol.

Then print these (free) book plates and share your finds with friends and family.

Book plate, bookplate, printable book plate, book sharing

Have a great one!


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  1. Great idea, especially if you love to share books. Sorry about your separation, keep smiling life will get better