We’re post-Christmas, pre-Spring-cleaning, so the focus shifts to clearing clutter from your home.  Today I’m sharing a free printable checklist with 100 items you can easily declutter / recycle / repurpose today.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a “100 List” and my friend (Amazing Amy) pointed out that since it’s the theme of the blog – perhaps it was time to post one.


Clutter: Possessions are disorganized and may accumulate around living areas.

Collecting: Possessions are part of a larger set of items.

But where do you begin?  Decluttering can be so overwhelming!  I’ve compiled a list of 100 Things you can easily declutter today – as in not have to tear apart your entire closet or all of your cupboards – just little bits that accumulate over time that shouldn’t have any sentimental value.

100 Things to declutter, 100 Things to recycle, 100 Things to repurpose, 100 Things 2 get rid of



We all have a tendency to hang on to things “just in case”. “What if I need my iPad box someday?” “What if I decide to hang those pictures again down the road?” Or my classic “What if I run out?” – which leads to the inevitable overstocking of items in your pantry, closet, cupboards, fridge.  

This is an introductory list – I’m not suggesting you remove all contents of a room and start with a large project. This list will provide you with 100 things that you can easily declutter from your home, whether it be by recycling, repurposing, donating or plain old throwing out.

Seriously, 100 things that you can purge and not even notice they’re gone – but feel REALLY good about having gotten rid of.

Click the link below for the free printable that you can print out and carry with you as you declutter your home.

100 Things you can easily declutter right now

This is doable right?  I mean who needs hair elastics with no stretch or dried out nail polish – and you know we all have these items tucked away gathering dust somewhere.

Having a declutter printable in a checklist format appeals to my slight OCD-ness!!

I LOVE checklists!

By clearing clutter, recycling, repurposing and donating you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something much larger than it actually is.

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100 Things to declutter, 100 Things to recycle, 100 Things to repurpose, 100 Things 2 get rid of

I’m off to cull my Rae Dunn collection – I mean clutter.  I hate to see them go, but clearing physical space also helps to calm my mental space.

Have fun!