I’m frustrated.

Frustrated and pissed off.

I’m also PMSing, so perhaps that’s the real issue, but regardless my entryway is making me NUTS!

First off, I’m not keen on the colour – it’s time is up, but I’m not brave enough to attempt to paint a two storey hallway with stairs – so I have to live with it (for now).

Down the line though, it’s getting covered up, be it with some peel and stick wallpaper – Simple Shapes or with a fresh coat of paint, there’s no question that it’s going to go.

Secondly, IT’S A MESS


Backpacks, boots, mitts, shoes, jackets, mail – everything seems to get thrown around and ends up splaying all over the place.

It causes me great internal strife – just looking at mayhem causes all the wrong neurons to fire and immediately I’m pissed off.

So what can I do?

No organizing solutions I’ve implemented thus far have resulted in any more than a very brief reduction in the chaos. Hinting, talking and eventually yelling gets me no where except with the nickname “Nag”, and picking it all up myself (daily) just doesn’t seem like a ‘fair’ solution. I know, being a Mom isn’t about ‘fair’…

Today I decided to ease my stress with a little visual therapy. Entryways that I could possibly have (if I didn’t have a family). I’ve compiled several to showcase how you can create a welcoming and styled entryway with either a small or large space to work with.


Styling your Entryway - console table

Click for link Updated: 08/21/16 Free building plans to make your own!

The key to the above seems to be console tables. A curated surface of decorative pieces and then tidy and contained storage solutions below.

Styling your entryway

click for link

Styling your entryway - architectural details

Styling your entrywayclick for link

If you have a small area to work with, as in not enough room for a console table, then hooks and shelves can be styled just as simply (or dramatically) to give a functional and welcoming look.

Styling your entryway

click for link

Styling your entryway - hooks

Mirrors on a grand scale bring a lot of light into a dark area and act as an art piece as well as a ‘last-minute-touch-up-spot’.

Styling your entryway - Mirrors

click for link

Styling your entryway - mirrors

click for link

Styling your entryway - mirrors

click for link

If you like the idea of a furniture piece by the door, but just don’t have the room, below are some abbreviated solutions.

Styling you entryway - small space

click for link

Styling your entryway - small space

click for link

This idea was huge a year or so ago, and done right could make a functional and fabulous mini-mudroom.

I love this – everything I struggle to corral in one tidy, boxed area – out of sight.

Styling your entryway - small space

click for link

Check out the shelf on the wall – it is made up of individual boxes (almost like a small bookshelf turned on it’s side) – keys, mail, scarves – everything has its place. Brilliant and compact.

Styling your entryway - small space

click for link

Then there’s my foyer:

Styling your entryway - grand foyer

click for link

Kidding. This one spoke to me because of the space and clean surfaces – something you never see at my house.

That’s it – just a compilation of happy photos to help me (and hopefully you) refocus and get inspired.

I’m off to go pick up soggy snow pants and muddy boots now.

Have a great one!

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  2. Thank you for the great ideas! Could I ask please what the wall color is of the first picture (the one with the console building plans? Thank you

  3. Beautiful ideas! Can you please tell me where you purchased the globe light chandelier in the last picture?

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