Tired of staring into your closet trying to come up with outfit combinations, only to revert to the same ‘ole, same ‘ole?  Me too, that’s why I wanted to try a Summer capsule wardrobe, based on a minimalist idea, to come up with 36 different outfits from 18 items I already owned (and you probably do too!)

I get a LOT of writers and companies asking if I’ll post their articles, or links to their companies, on my blog.

For the most part I say no – mainly because the due diligence involved in making sure that they don’t post hateful content (racism, sexism, gambling etc) on their own blog either prior to me adding their links, or even years afterwards is beyond manageable.
I’m sure most people are wonderful and it wouldn’t be an issue, but since it’s not something I can guarantee I don’t usually do it.

Also, Google frowns on “follow” links – which most companies want – so I’d be hurting my ranking by taking the requests.

BUT, one writer caught my attention with her submission of a “Go Green and Downsize your Life with a Capsule Wardrobe”.  I won’t be using her article (again, due diligence) but I will give her all the credit for this idea – thank you Adriana!  (I’ve checked out her business site and it seems legit 🤞🏻)

Years ago now I worked with two stylists and we created a program that taught you how to dress for your body shape.  Each day we’d send out a new outfit (don’t worry, they did all the styling, not me) to show you what to wear.

I LOVED having my clothing chosen for me.  I have almost 0 fashion sense and for those few months I received compliments almost every day on what I was wearing.

Adriana’s idea, based on Project 333, was to create a capsule wardrobe of just a few items and then mix-and-match to create enough outfits for a month.

Project 333 – which stands for 33 articles of clothing over 3 months – seemed fantastic!

I decided to modify it a bit for my casual summer style and see if I couldn’t put together something similar.

Summer Capsule Wardrobe items

Black skort

black skort

navy shorts

navy shorts

khaki shorts

khaki shorts

jean capris (without the chain 😂)

capris jeans

black overalls

black overalls

white capris

white capris

Then some of my favourite tops (and a couple I don’t wear as often, but should)

red racerback tank

burgundy racerback tank

white racerback tank

white racerback tank

black t-shirt

black t-shirt

floral t-shirt

summer sweater

blouse-ish top


and a sweatshirt for cooler, campfire evenings

pink sweatshirt

Project 333 says to include shoes and accessories in your 33 item capsule wardrobe – as part of the 33 items.

I don’t wear anything too fancy generally, so I just included my white Crocs, orange Converse, black sandals and my sunglasses. (My kids call them “Mom sunglasses” so forgive my less-than-current fashion).

Summer capsule wardrobe

*Disclaimer – that is not my spectacular body in any of the images (unfortunately).  So the outfits that look spectacular in the photos, do look a little more ‘plumped out’ on my body. 😂. Hey – it is what it is right?

Normally I would wear the red tank with the black skort and that’s it.  I never think to mix and match different items – frankly I don’t want to take a lot of time getting dressed in the morning, especially when I spend so much time getting sawdusty.

BUT, when playing with photos of your clothing it becomes really easy to see tons of different combinations!

I used ShopLook.io to create my outfit combinations and it was kinda fun!

My plain-jane red tank top goes with my capris jeans

red tank and jeans white capris, 

red tank and white capris, Summer capsule wardrobe

khaki shorts, 

red tank, khaki shorts


navy shorts, 

red tank, navy shorts

my overalls,

red tank, black overall

AND my black skort!!