Hello my happy, healthy and eager friends…

or given last night was New Year’s Eve should that be hello to my tired, hung over and slow-moving friends?

Either way – we made it!

Whether you found 2016 to be one giant $h!t show, or a year of growth and happiness, now’s the time to start a new and even better chapter in your book.

BRING ON 2017!

With that in mind, I decided to revisit my 100 New Year’s Resolutions list to see how many I’d stuck to last year.

Not any many.

But there’s nothing on this list that is difficult or distasteful, so I’ve decided to give it another whirl in 2017.

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100 New Year’s Resolutions printable pdf.

Anyone that knows me will tell you that the telephone is my nemesis – I have messages on my home machine that have sat there (unheard) since….  I’ll guess October.  New Year’s Resolution #1 – listen to the messages and cancel the voicemail option.

Sugar is my addiction, and quitting just isn’t a realistic goal (for me anyways) – but this list is just for guidance.  Maybe I’ll strive for one less teaspoon in each cup of tea?  Goals people – you gotta have ’em!

My esthetician, whom I love, also pointed out that I’m getting wrinkles on my lips – this she told me while threading my moustache and beard when I only went in for eyebrows.   Could be worse I guess, the comment could have come during a Brazilian.  Pretty clear to say, it’s time to up my bedtime routine to include a cleansing/moisturizing regime to keep those wrinkles out of my ‘stache.

I do have a goal to get a special gadget (or two) this year, and since the blog is finally able to support itself, with a tad leftover – I might just get my new camera!

The gym – what can I say about the gym?  It seems like such a brilliant, obvious and worthwhile New Year’s resolution… and yet it’s so far away (2km), and my chair is way too comfy, and that book isn’t going to read itself you know…. but this heart is working overtime to keep this jalopy going, so I guess I should reciprocate.  (Yeah, we’ll see how that goes.)

Take one, take ’em all – just so long as you make 2017 your best year yet!

Happy New Year my amazing friends!



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