I had to share this – partially because we’re related somehow (second cousins once removed or something along those lines), and partially (mainly) because I’m a huge fan of his work.

(click on any of the images to be directed to Jason’s Facebook page)

Look at these and you’ll see why:

Chicago skyline - Jason Telasco Photography

Do you recognize this skyline?
How about now?

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 2.23.18 PM

Yup, the Windy City out of shiny screws and bolts.  This will make any DIYer’s heart go pitter-pat.

How about Toronto:

Toronto skyline - Jason Telasco Photography

or Detroit?

Detroit skyline - Jason Telasco Photography

Incredible right?!

Check out his beach stone/glass art:

Jason Telasco Photography / Art Jason Telasco Art 2 Jason Telasco Art 3 Jason Telasco Art 4 Jason Telasco Art 5

Could you make these yourself?


but would they look THIS GOOD?

Please forgive my photo quality – I had Jason’s permission to share these on the blog, but I had to use screen shots to capture the images.  Click over to his Facebook page for more in his portfolio and for better versions of these.

Not on Facebook?

You can contact Jason here for more information on these prints and where you can find his pieces.

Jason Telasco Art / Photography Jason Telasco Art P2

He is also a spectacular nature photographer – so you should definitely like his page to keep up with his latest shoot.

Sure, I guess this is nepotism – but wouldn’t you brag if you had a relative (even a distant one) that was this talented?

Have a great one!

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