A simple Hallowe’en craft for you and the kids – add eyeballs to your plants and create your own “Vern the fern”! 

I feel like I’ve shared this before, but since I can’t find it, I’m sharing it again….

Looking for an easy way to “Hallowe’en” up your house – yup – used it as a verb there. 😂

All you need is whatever is left of your summer plants, a dowel or piece of rigid wire, 2 ping pong balls and dollar store googly eyes.

dowel, ping pong ball, googly eye and utility knife

Cut a small X into your ping pong balls.

cut a small x into your ping pong balls

Insert your dowel or wire (note: the dowel would have looked better painted black, but I wanted this to be a simple craft)

insert dowel into your ping pong ball

Then glue your googly eyes to the front of the ping pong ball!

glue googly eyes to ping pong ball

If you are a decent artist, you could just paint the ping pong balls to look like eyeballs, or simply glue the googly eyes right to your dowel.

glue googly eyes to dowel

Insert the dowels into your plants and you’re done!  Vern the fern has risen!

fern eyeballs, vern the fern, adding eyes to plants

You could add dozens of eyes so that it looks like a monster, but I wanted Vern to be friendly and welcoming to trick-or-treaters, so I stuck with just two.

fern eyeballs, vern the fern, adding eyes to plants

He reminds me of a muppet. 😂

His partner Fern the fern – for lack of a female name that rhymes with Vern:

fern eyeballs, vern the fern, adding eyes to plants

A very simple craft that the kids can do (if you supervise the utility knife).

fern eyeballs, vern the fern, adding eyes to plants

… aaaaand my Hallowe’en decorating is done!

(I’m not a fan of scary)

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