It’s that time again!

Time to go “Boo” your neighbours!

If you weren’t a reader last year during this post – what it is, is a sneaky treat that you give to friends/neighbours.

If you’re starting this tradition in your neighbourhood, you need to choose 2 friends to “Boo”.

You attach this poem:

Boo'd poem

to a little bag of goodies.

Goodie bag of Hallowe'en treats

I could be stickers, or a candy bar, or even homemade treats (if your neighbours know who it has come from).

Inside the bag you should include a copy of the poem for them to share and the sign indicating that they’d been ‘Boo’d’ already.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 7.47.52 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-29 at 7.47.34 PM

You sneak over to their house drop the treats at their front door then ring the bell or knock and RUN!

They then take on the challenge and hit two other friends/neighbours using the same Hallowe’en stealth!

It goes pretty quickly with every person hitting two other people and before you know it – all the kids in the neighbourhood will have received a pre-Hallowe’en surprise.

Once you’ve been Boo’d, you put the sign up in your front window so that people know.

I snuck a little Boo over to an adult friend as well – she “guinea pig’s” my recipes – so I tested out the squash soup on her and included some silly moustaches because she mentioned she thought they were fun.

Boo'd 1 Boo'd 01

This doesn’t have to be limited to kids either.  
Boo the people around you at the office.  Take a Boo to a child in the hospital or to an elderly person in a nursing home.  Your treats could be cookies or muffins or even a new book to read.  Something small – but a treat.

Free “You Have Been Boo’d” printable here.

To see last year’s goodies – click here.

Have a great one!

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