If you can shortcut on cleaning your shower, but still get a thorough and deep clean, you totally would right?  Well cleaning my shower is one of my least favourite tasks, so today I’m sharing a DIYer’s trick for cleaning your shower.

I don’t like cleaning my shower.

In fact, it’s on my list of least favourite chores:

  1. digging anything
  2. picking up runny dog poop (solid stuff isn’t so bad)
  3. cleaning my shower
  4. cleaning outside of windows
  5. washing the kitchen floor

The reason being is that it takes so fricking long to do!

I’m an instant gratification kind of person; I like the dramatic before and afters and cleaning your shower just doesn’t give that satisfaction.

But it needs to get done right?  UGH!

Well, I’ve streamlined my process to get the MOST thorough clean, and almost immaculate results, without a ton of elbow grease.

shower glass

My shower isn’t horrible – I squeegee it down most days, so the build-up isn’t black and gross – but it has been three months since I did my last thorough cleaning.

faucet hardward in shower

The watermarks are adding up, the shower head is slightly clogged with calcium and my grout is starting to show signs of mildew growth.

I took the advice of one of my favourite Instagrammers and put a tsp of Tide laundry detergent (dry powder) in a jug of hot water.

supplies for cleaning your shower

My secret weapon?

That drill brush you see in the middle. It’s not expensive at all – this set of three is currently going for less than $10 US!

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Pour the tide water on your shower walls, attach the drill brush to your drill (I used my impact driver because it’s lighter) and then press the trigger!

I found for the tougher areas, I did need to bring in a slightly abrasive cleanser – Barkeeper’s Friend or Vim – but all of the scrubbing was done by the drill brush!

You can see below the the grout lines in the wall tiles are getting dark, and the grout on the floor is supposed to be almost white.

cleaning your shower, shower cleaning - before

After cleaning your shower with the drill brush in those areas:

shower tile grout lines

Almost new!

And the faucet handle:

clean shower faucet handle

You might not want to use your drill brush on polished chrome; it does have the potential to scratch the finish.  My shower is old, and I hate scrubbing it by hand, so I risked it and used it anyway.

If you don’t want to risk a scrub brush on your plumbing hardware, there are drill brush sets with sponge attachments as well:

This set is pricier at about $35, but I’m contemplating buying it for all of the extra heads.  Smaller ones for grout, scrubby ones for patio furniture, sponges for car wax…  

I digress. 

I have a small stool in my shower for balancing when shaving my legs:

shower stool

The black mildew was really starting to grow here.  Again, I brought out the Vim and my drill brush and voila!

(Not perfect, but considerably better)

shower stool - after

I cleaned it all with the drill and drill brush; the tiles, the grout, the glass, the chrome and the shower stool.  I’m talking a thorough and deep clean in every nook and cranny.

cleaning your shower, shower cleaning - before

The time of day played a small factor in these before and after photos – for the after the sun had come out – but even so, the difference is fairly dramatic.

cleaning your shower - -aftger

The only caveat to my DIYer’s trick to cleaning your shower is that I did eat through my drill batteries.  None were fully charged when I started, but if you try this for cleaning your shower, be prepared to eat through at least two fully-charged ones.  In my case I went through four (half or less charged)

cleaning your shower, shower cleaning

I could not have done as good a job by hand – truly.  I just wouldn’t have the dedication, muscle or stamina to scrub as thoroughly as the drill brush did.

If you have a drill and a battery or two, I HIGHLY recommend getting a brush attachment.  Beyond cleaning the shower, I use it to scrub grout lines on my kitchen floor, clean my car mats, scrub out the bird bath.  It really is a fantastic short cut for so many tedious chores.

Just my DIYer’s tip for the day.  Work smarter, not harder. 😉

Have a great one!