Tired of calloused, crusty, and dry feet?  These exfoliating foot peel masks are absolutely BRILLIANT at making your “hooves” into baby-soft feet fit for fetishists.

What I’m about to show you are not for those with weak stomachs or foot fetishes:

dry and calloused foot

I have gross feet.

Really, super, disgustingly gross feet.

My ex-husband used to call them (accurately I should say) “Hooves”.

What can I say, I love going barefoot ALL. THE. TIME.

dry and calloused foot

Believe it or not, I took these photos right after I got out of the bath, so any dirt you see is actually well and truly deep down inside all of those callouses and cracked skin.

dry and calloused foot

I posted a reel the other day hyping my favourite exfoliating foot peels and the reel took off!

Which leads me to believe either (a) there are a lot of us in the same boat, (b) you are a “popaholic” – those that enjoy gross body videos like crusty feet and popping zits or (c) you have taken your foot fetish to the dark side.

I’m hoping for (a).

I go for pedicures 3-4 times per year – really more of a necessity than an indulgence as you can see.  Even still, now that most aestheticians don’t use razor blades on callouses, my feet don’t really get baby-soft and smooth.  Sure, it shaves down about an 1/8th of an inch of my height, but it doesn’t get down to the bare bones of my problem – so to speak.

I have been using these Elobara exfoliating foot peels for a few years now and they are AMAZING!!  (Amazon affiliate link. For full affiliate disclosure, please see bottom of the page)

Elobara foot peel mask

Clearly I should use them more often than I do.

It’s a bootie with some kind of magic liquid inside.  You wear the booties for an hour – a great excuse to sit and read or catch up on a favourite show – rinse your feet and 5-7 days later:

exfoliating foot peel

Same feet folks – no filters or editing for anything other than light.

All of the disgusting crunchy scales gone!

exfoliating foot peel

If you soak your feet in warm water daily for 5 days, you’ll find that the old, dead skin will peel off like dried glue did in elementary school.  If you don’t soak your feet daily (which, let’s be honest, who has time for), then the dead skin will flake off in tiny pieces in your socks or bed (so wear socks to bed lol).

No work involved!

exfoliating foot peel

I could probably do with a second round of the exfoliating foot peel, but you shouldn’t apply treatments back-to-back.  The instructions say to wait at least two weeks between masks, but a general rule would be to apply every 2 months (depending on your callous level)

Why am I sharing one of the skeletons in my closet?

Because these Elobara exfoliating foot peel masks make for GREAT stocking stuffers!!

exfoliating foot peel

They are running for $21.69 on Amazon.com right now, with a 30% coupon you can add at checkout.  That’s for 2 PAIRS!  Baby Foot, another brand I’ve tried and liked, is running at $28 for one pair – so considerably more expensive, but not more effective.

Each pair is individually packaged, so you can tuck a set into two different recipients’ stockings which is really budget-friendly.  Don’t let your partner or teens kid themselves either – if Hubby plays hockey, basketball, soccer, golf etc – then his “hooves” are not frisky-friendly either!

Just sharing a good thing for you (a)’s and (b)’s out there.  Sorry (c)’s, my feet are callous and crust-free for the time being. 

Have a great one!