Year of clean checklist

Remember all of those cleaning tasks that you forgot? Yup, me neither. This printable “Year of Clean” list will help you keep track of those monthly/quarterly or yearly jobs that we often forget.

This isn’t your typical cleaning checklist – this is a list of items that don’t need to get done everyday, but do need to get done; changing the furnace filter for example.

But how do you keep track of when it was changed out last – especially if there […]

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100 New Year’s Resolutions

100 ways to make this your best year yet – 100 New Year’s Resolutions from simple to requiring determination, but all with a happier, healthier you in mind.

I’ve shared this – or a list similar to this – in the past, but I’ve made a few updates (and added a much prettier background) that you can print, post, share and use to motivate yourself to make small, but real, changes in 2019.

100 New Year’s Resolutions

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Christmas Gift Ideas

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday upon us, it seemed like the perfect time time to revisit this list of 300+ gift ideas (100+ themed gift baskets) as most of these will be on sale!

*This post contains affiliate links – please read affiliate disclosure on the sidebar.

For quick-access shopping click over to my Amazon storefront where I’ve created a boutique with these, and many more, ideas.

This blog post took a looooong time to put together. I polled friends and […]

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Happy New Year!

This is it – the final, waning moments of 2017 and, like every year, I will be sad to see it go.

I’m not a huge believer in New Year’s Resolutions – mainly because I can’t even stick to a diet for 24 hours – but there is some validity to putting your hopes, dreams, wishes and goals out there;

maybe it’s just to have them in the forefront of your mind (even if just for a day), maybe it’s to aspire […]

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100 Things 2 Do Before the Holidays

Yup, it’s that time!

Time to get your 100 Things 2 Do Before the Holidays checklist and post it on your fridge to keep you ahead of the game this Holiday Season.

The goal of this list is not to make you feel overwhelmed or over-burdened – quite the opposite actually. It’s meant to help you space out those seasonal chores so that you can actually participate in Christmas, and not just facilitate it.

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100 New Year’s Resolutions


Hello my happy, healthy and eager friends…

or given last night was New Year’s Eve should that be hello to my tired, hung over and slow-moving friends?

Either way – we made it!

Whether you found 2016 to be one giant $h!t show, or a year of growth and happiness, now’s the time to start a new and even better chapter in your book.

BRING ON 2017!

With that in mind, I decided to revisit my 100 New Year’s Resolutions list to see […]

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100 Things 2 Do Before Christmas

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S. so pre Black-Friday mayhem and post Thanksgiving-feast-binge, I thought I’d revisit my 100 Things 2 Do Before Christmas (100 things to do before Christmas) checklist.

This was a HUUUUUUUGE hit last year, and seems to be making the rounds on Pinterest boards all over the world again right now – so I thought I’d revisit to give you a chance to copy, print, post or save it to help you get organized up-to, for, and […]

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