Tired of your bed creaking and squeaking and waking you or your partner? These headboard stoppers are an easy way to stop your headboard from rocking – no matter what the activity.😉

I’m going to start this article by telling you that occasionally my parents read my blog.  And yes, even at almost 50, my Dad still reprimands me for inappropriate content. In an effort not to give them strokes, this article is artfully disguised so they won’t have any idea what I’m writing about.

I have a really annoying problem; the headboard from the kingsize bed I built a few years ago rocks and bangs against the wall.

Mostly because of my “dog”.  My dog gets on the bed and it rocks, squeaks and knocks against the wall.  My dog rolls over and it creaks away.  Heaven forbid my dog does any kind of climbing or calisthenics and it seems like my headboard will actually dent the walls.

Sometimes my dog is quiet and relaxed and not a problem, but other times, vigorous.

Even if I roll over in the night, the creaking and squeaking often wakes my dog.

I tried tucking a couple of throw pillows behind the headboard, but when the dog really wanted my attention and started crawling all over me, the pillows would slip down to the floor.

pillow behind the headboard

So how do you stop your headboard from rocking and hitting the wall?

Getting rid of the dog is not an option.  Keeping the dog out of my bed is easier said than done… even if I do have a headache.

Well, I’d never heard of these before, so I’m guessing many of you haven’t either – these are headboard stoppers:  (Amazon affiliate link – for full affiliate disclosure please see the bottom of the page)

headboard stoppers

They come in a kit with 4 ADJUSTABLE sets.  The adjustable is important because you want to bridge the gap between your headboard and the wall snugly so that there’s no give, no matter how localized the earthquake. 😉

I thought these headboard stoppers had to be drilled into the back of my headboard and I really wasn’t in the mood to have to move the whole bed to get access.  I was wrong though – you can drill them in if you’re motivated, but they actually come with stickers so you can stick the gold part to the back very easily.

headboard stoppers

As it turned out, I did have to move my bed – UGH – but that’s because it was too far from the wall to begin with.  I’m not sure if that’s from the amount of activity my dog has had over the years, or if I just didn’t place it correctly to begin with.  Let’s go with “activity” – give my dog some kudos.   Sounds much more impressive than an inept furniture placer.

You can see below in the carpet pattern, that I needed to move the whole bed back by about 4″.

king size bed frame

A bit more work than I’d planned to do for this project – but I made the best of it and rotated my mattress while I was at it. 

headboard stoppers

Put the two (or more) parts of the headboard stoppers together, add a sticker to the gold side and a felt stopper (provided) to the other side and stick it to the back of your headboard.

headboard stopper

I added in the extender for a snug fit – again, just screwed in – and done!  Turn the extender and/or the padded end until the headboard has no wiggle room.

(Ignore the hook, that’s how I hang my Christmas garland – I WISH it was more exciting than that. 😂)

headboard stoppers, how to stop your headboard from rocking

Place one on either side of the headboard (near the top) and another in the centre.  You don’t see the headboard stoppers at all unless you are close to the wall.

headboard stoppers, how to stop your headboard from rocking

No more headboard banging against the wall or creaking away every time I, or my dog, roll over.

I’d say that this is now sturdy enough that I could probably have two dogs on the bed?  

Hey, no kink-shaming here – if you want a whole pack of dogs in your bed – this will set you up.

Who am I kidding – I can just barely handle one. 

headboard stoppers, how to stop your headboard from rocking

These headboard stoppers are great little inventions to keep the noise down if you have roommates that don’t want/need to know if there’s a dog in your bed, or littles in the house that might interrupt you if they heard something (this will not muffle howling noises FYI).  

Maybe you just want to let a sleeping dog lie?

I’m feeling weird about this now… Sorry Dad – none of this was about pets. 😂

Have a great one!