Woodturning – When artisan meets lathe you get a masterpiece

March 9th, 2017|DIY, GIFT IDEAS, GIFTS|

This isn’t really a DIY post unless you have a lathe..

which after seeing these masterpieces, I’m highly tempted to purchase.

My friend and neighbour creates turned wood bowls from the most exquisite cuts of wood.  These aren’t everyday dishes that can tuck into the dishwasher after use – we’re talking high-end decor pieces here.

Wood bowls, wood turning, turned wood bowls, decorative bowls

Pieces range in size and shape so you can select out the […]

Crafty Crates Subscriptions – Try Before You Buy

February 2nd, 2017|CRAFTS, For me, GIFT IDEAS|

Crafty Crates Subscriptions is a brand new subscription box company – like brand-spanking new – but with a BRILLIANT concept…

crafts for ADULTS (and/or older kids).

I know, you’re subscription-boxed out, but hear my argument; if you read this blog chances are you are a Crafter/DIYer or at the very least a Wanna-be-Crafter or Wanna-be-DIYer…

however, making things is expensive.

There are supplies to buy, tools you need, shipping, taxes, coupons – it’s all very cumbersome really, unless you LOVE what you do.

What […]

DIY Wood iPhone Stand / Nightstand Valet

December 21st, 2016|BUILD IT, DIY, GIFT IDEAS, ORGANIZE|

I didn’t know what to call this – technically it’s a nightstand valet – but how many of you would look that up on Pinterest?

Not many I’m guessing.

It is actually an iPhone stand / iPhone charging station if that’s a better term – and it’s really easy to make, and you still have time to whip one or two out before Christmas!

I made a mistake in making mine (yes, all four of them) but I have a correction that fixed […]

DIY Tie Rack – Great Gift Idea!

December 10th, 2016|BUILD IT, DIY, GIFT IDEAS, ORGANIZE|

My husband is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for.

No  matter what I get him, how ingenious I think I am, how carefully I select the ‘perfect’ item – he returns it…. even if it’s something he’s asked for.  The call of a better price or a different colour will always find him, receipt in hand, back at the store with my present.

It’s infuriating!  What do you do with a guy that won’t let you get him anything?

You MAKE him something!  No returns […]

Super-Easy DIY Magazine Rack


You’re going to love this one…

no nails, no screws, no glue – just a few cuts and done!

Check out my super-easy DIY magazine rack!

DIY magazine rack, scrap wood magazine rack, super-easy magazine rack


Super-easy DIY magazine rack

  • 2 pieces 1/2″ plywood cut to 12″ by 21″  (30.5 x 53.3cm)
  • marker/pencil
  • speed square
  • saw
  • sander with sandpaper
  • stain and varnish and/or paint

This beauty was made from this:


Great Gift Idea – DIY Folding Lap Desk / Breakfast Tray

December 8th, 2016|BUILD IT, DIY, For me, GIFT IDEAS|

As soon as I saw this image from Jen Woodhouse, I knew I wanted one.

DIY folding lap desk, DIY folding breakfast tray, lap desk, breakfast tray

Better still, I knew it would make a GREAT gift idea – I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of staying warm and cozy in bed and eating a hot breakfast, or reading the paper, or working on the computer with a steaming cup of […]

“Who Needs Santa” wood gift pile


Just a quick pop-in today with a super-easy and very cute DIY – the “Who needs Santa…” gift pile, made from 2×2 pieces of scrap wood.

I cut four pieces of 2×2 wood to lengths of 8″, 6″, 4″ and 2″, gave them a light sanding and then painted them in Christmas colours using inexpensive craft paint from the dollar store.

Who needs Santa wood gifts, wood gift pile, scrap wood Christmas gift, Christmas gift idea, [...]
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Wrapping Gifts with Innisbrook

November 28th, 2016|GIFT IDEAS, GIFTS, HOLIDAYS|

How’s the Holiday shopping going?  Did you blow the wad on Black Friday?

Are you blowing the wad today (Cyber Monday)?

Why does “blowing the wad” seem so inappropriate?

I digress – if you’ve done any of your Christmas shopping at all, you are just about ready to get out the beautiful wrapping paper to make those secret treasures tempting, decorative and extremely hard to peek into.

gift wrap ideas, wrapped gifts, gifts, beautiful wrapping paper, gift [...]
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DIY Christmas Tree Shelf


Have you seen this gorgeous DIY Christmas tree shelf by Jaime at That’s My Letter?

DIY Christmas tree shelf, tree shelf, scrap wood Christmas decor, free building plans, wood tree

I’d saved the pin from last year with the plans of building my own this year – and I finally did!

DIY Christmas tree shelf, tree shelf, scrap wood Christmas decor, free building plans, wood tree

Teacher Gift Idea – get it now!

November 23rd, 2016|GIFT IDEAS, GIFTS, HOLIDAYS|

Do you struggle to come up with gift ideas for teachers, coaches, neighbours etc?

I do.  I want to show my gratitude for their efforts and let them know I appreciate them – but what do you get them that is worthy (and not too expensive)?

If you surf Pinterest you will see TONS of ideas to do with chalkboards, pencils, mugs and apples – with projects created in every from of media from paper to wood, but if your teacher has […]