100 Christmas Gift Ideas – for everyone in your life

If you’re looking for gift ideas for all of those “hard-to-buy-for” people in your life – look no further!  I’ve done the shopping for you to compile a “100 Christmas gift ideas” list for just about everyone in your life!

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For quick-access shopping click over to my Amazon storefront where I’ve created a boutique with these, and many more, ideas.

This blog post took a looooong time […]

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Scroll Saw Sign

If you have any familiarity with a sewing machine, then you can use a scroll saw!  Check out how I made a custom business logo sign using my scroll saw and some scrap wood.

As you may know, I’m in the midst of the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge and I’m working with my friend Sherri – contractor and owner of Details Renovations.  Sherri is footing the bill for her home office makeover and allowing me to come in, learn, […]

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Industrial Pipe Valet

Who would have thought that industrial pipe and plywood could create a stunning piece of decor for your home?  This industrial pipe men’s valet / coat rack is urban, rustic, steam punk and functional all in one!

I was over helping my friend Sherri out the other day and I noticed this impressive industrial pipe valet she had built.

Industrial pipe valet, industrial pipe coat rack

It is spectacular!  Truly – I’m not […]

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Tooth Fairy Box

Using two pieces of scrap wood, I was able to create this adorable Tooth Fairy box to keep baby’s first teeth.

My girls are too old for the Tooth Fairy.  They won’t admit it because they still want the cash (and they are still losing molars), but even my 10-year-old gives me a skeptical look when she finds money under her pillow.

I’m not telling them anything.  If they’re willing to humour Mom, I’m totally willing to accept it.

I will admit that […]

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Housewarming Gift idea

June and July are supposed to be lazy vacation months but for many, they signify the beginning of something new – new homes, apartments, residences, dorms.  Of the estimated 40 million people who move each year (in the US) 80% of them move between May and September – and I think at least half of that 40 million is in the midst of moving onto and/or away from my street.

I know a bottle of wine or a batch of muffins are […]

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Simple Cedar Tray

I always scramble come end-of-year when I need to come up with gift ideas for teachers and coaches.  I know that apples, pencils and worm paraphernalia are cute, but I think I’m correct in assuming if you’ve taught for more than one year, you probably have a cupboard full already.  I tried to come up with ideas of things I might use day-to-day and ended up landing on this simple cedar tray.

DIY serving tray, [...]
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Shaped cutting board

One of my favourite things to do is come up with ideas to use up scrap wood.  I think it’s fair to say I spend more time creating with scrap wood than I do building the large pieces that generate all the scrap wood.   Today’s shaped cutting board is another scrap wood project that is easily made (but no one will guess it) and a great gift idea for Moms, teachers, coaches or as a hostess gift.

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Gift ideas for Mom

May 13th is Mother’s Day this year and so I’d like to offer up a few gift ideas for Mom that I’ve been tossing around for my Mom, my MIL (and for myself) in the hopes that it might inspire you to do something a little different this Mother’s Day.

Gift ideas for Mom

  1.  Free labour.  Yup, what Mom doesn’t want her “honey-do list” wheedled down?  Fertilize her lawn, till a garden, paint a room, pressure wash her deck or take […]
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Felt Flowers

I was surfing Instagram the other day and I came across a photo from @GoldenAfterNoonShop – a fabric florist shop that sells felt flower bouquets, wreaths, planters etc.

Her work is gorgeous, so if you aren’t a DIYer, you should really order from her.

I’m a DIYer.  I always want to try the things I see online to see if I can make some version of it myself, and felt flowers didn’t seem like they would be all that difficult a […]

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Edible Easter Basket

I posted this edible Easter basket idea a few years ago, but since the photos were sub-par and at the time I didn’t know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was – the article is lost somewhere in the www universe.  With Easter just around the corner, I decided to get my ‘baskets’ together early and I thought I’d share this simple and inexpensive gift idea.

I wish my kids wanted/needed something for Easter that wouldn’t put them into sugar-shock – […]

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Prolonging the life of your tulips

It’s tulip season! (Wahoo!)  At least it is in the flower shops.
While not my favourite flower, they are certainly in the running because they bring to mind Spring and sunshine and bring colour back into my oh-so-white, winter world.
I hesitate to buy tulips however because their lifespan seems so fleeting, and who wants to waste money on something that will only make you smile for a day?

Tulip care, extending the life of your tulips, [...]
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Jólabókaflóð (Jolabokaflod) – A Christmas Eve tradition worth practicing

I first came across the term Jólabókaflóð (Jolabokaflod) on Instagram.  It means “Yule book flood” and is a Holiday tradition in Iceland (you brilliant Icelanders) and it refers to the Christmas Eve tradition of  gifting a book and chocolate to friends and family.  The evening (after dinner and gifts) is then spent reading your new treasure and enjoying your treat.


I need this tradition in my life!!

Jólabókaflóð (Jolabokaflod), Jolabokaflod, Christmas book flood, Yule book flood, Icelandic [...]
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Gag Gift Ideas for Christmas

It was only a year or two ago that I first heard the term “White elephant gift”.  I didn’t realize it was a tradition that some people participated in?  I’d heard of (and have both given and received) gag gifts, but to create a celebration around the gross and inappropriate…

sounded AWESOME!

I have a twisted sense of humour.

Today I decided to showcase some of my favourite Christmas gag gift ideas from all over the internet – homemade and manufactured.

Don’t scroll down […]

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Christmas cards (and wrap) in a click!

*This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links – see disclosure in sidebar.

Have you got your Christmas / Holiday cards ready?

Have you updated your address book to make sure you have current mailing addresses for everyone?  Have you written your annual newsletter and tucked a family photo into the envelopes of special loved ones.

Nope, me neither.

BUT, I did myself a huge favour and went online to Minted.com to have them take care of this Holiday stressor for […]

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Easy DIY Leash Holder from Scrap Wood

I’ve been puttering in the garage lately trying to come up with some simple scrap wood projects that would be both interesting to you, my readers, and useful to my family….

Did you know that there are an estimated 78 million dogs in the U.S.?  The statistics suggest that 44% of Americans own at least one dog.  (In Canada it is estimated that 35% of the population own a dog)

We have a dog – my gentle Lacey Mae – and I […]

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Back-to-School treat bag tags

Today’s post is just a quickie, but it came about because a friend stopped by the other day to ask if I could set up a word document for her to create foldable labels for some back-to-school treats she wanted to give to her class.

I figured if I was making treat bag tags anyways, I might as well share the template in case you want to create your own for your little back-to-schoolers.

Back-to-school treats, [...]
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DIY Jewelry Holder – PVC Pipe Project

If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram (which you really should) then you wouldn’t have seen my DIY spray paint tent I made the other week.

I invested about $150 in PVC pipe and elbows and followed a Pinterest tutorial on how to make a collapsible paint tent…

DIY spray paint tent fail, pvc pipe spray paint tent

This is my friend Helena who came by just as I’d started to wrap […]

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Teacher Gift for Teacher Appreciation Week

Someone on Instagram recently posted a card they’d made for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Immediately, and in a panic, I Googled to find out when Teacher Appreciation was in my neck of the woods (just in case it’s different in different countries) and sure enough – Friday, May 5th is designated as Teacher Appreciation Day here in Ontario.

I’m still trying to get my act together in time for Mother’s Day coming up, but my girls have been so fortunate to have amazing […]

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