Candy box / Candy Charcuterie

Charcuterie boards and boxes have taken the internet by storm!  Beautiful displays, delicious contents and a fantastic gift idea – I decided to make my own candy boxes / candy charcuterie gifts.

Oh my gosh guys!

This post came about in such a round about way, and even now keeps evolving with ideas!

I’ll go step by step:

  1. I follow a local Instagram page called Moms of London Ontario (@moms_of_ldnont) and it has lead me to a […]
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Instagram 10K!!

Celebrating the milestone of Instagram 10K with a giant thank you and the “traditional” 10K balloon bouquet.

Last week I hit a milestone for this blog…

I FINALLY broke through the 10K ceiling on Instagram!!

Instagram 10K, 10,000 followers, 10K balloons, 10K balloon bouquet click on any of the images to be taken to The Balloon Diva (the brilliance behind my bouquet)

What does that mean?

Well, I’ve been sitting at 9,500 […]

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Toddler room idea – bear shelf and stool

Make this simple bear shelf and bear chair and create a sweet reading nook for the toddler in your life.

I don’t have a toddler (sniff, sniff) but I do have a friend with a new baby which was excuse enough to create a couple of little decor pieces for his bedroom.

Yeah, I’m pushy – decorating someone else’s child’s bedroom. lol

I’ve actually had both the bear shelf and the bear stool completed for months now, so I’ll share the project, but […]

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Compound mitre trays for Dummies

If angles and bevels get you all flustered and frustrated, fear no more! I have an almost fool-proof method for making compound mitre trays!  Hint: there is almost no thinking involved!

There has been one project that I have wanted to do for YEARS, but just couldn’t get my head around it.

I watched the YouTube videos, I checked out building plans, but I still just couldn’t put together how to make one…

A compound mitre tray.

In english?  A tray that has mitred […]

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Simple scrap wood armrest table

Nothing says love like a handmade gift.  This simple scrap wood armrest table takes almost no time to make, is beautiful and functional and costs next to nothing… except for the love you put into making it.

I’ve been thinking about the Holidays this year, and while my family is fortunate and I have been employed throughout this Covid mess, there are far too many that haven’t been and/or are not.

Which means that money is tight for most of us, but […]

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How to make hot cocoa bombs

A decadent winter treat for your family, friends and neighbours, these hot cocoa bombs are easy to make and very inexpensive to give.  How to make your own hot chocolate bombs at home here.

 I guess hot chocolate bombs are all the rage on Tik Tok. That’s where the girls found a video of one exploding and showed it to me…

and not too many things in this world sound better than an exploding ball of chocolate bathed in warm milk – […]

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Sunshine bags – with free printable label

In this isolated, quarantined, socially distanced and stay-at-home world, finding things to do can be exhausting.  I decided to challenge my girls to come up with Sunshine bags for friends and family and it brightened both our and their day immeasurably.

Good morning friends!

How’s isolation treating you?

I’m lucky in that I am a (non-essential really) essential worker, so I’m able to get out of the house for a few hours each day and have a change of scenery and some (distanced) […]