Best gag gift ideas of 2022

A sick funny tradition on 100Things2Do, I’ve surfed Amazon for the funniest and best gag gift ideas of 2022!

*The gag gifts in this article are all and affiliate links.  By using these links to start your holiday shopping you are helping support 100Things2Do (and it’s broke author) by getting Jeff Bezos to share a little, teeny, tiny bit of his profits.  Using these links does not change the prices to you in any way.

This Hay in a […]

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Why pumpkin puree is great for your dog

Improve your pet’s digestion, health, coat, vision, and (reduce) flatulence by adding a bit of pumpkin puree to their diet.

Mr. Bentley had to go to the vet a few weeks ago for a problem with his tummy.

He was throwing up randomly every afternoon and his stools were liquid.

Outside of running a million tests, my veterinarian suggested that we add some pumpkin puree to his diet to see if that made a difference.

Amazingly it did!

2 tbsp of pumpkin puree every morning […]

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KitKat candy sleigh

Use as stocking stuffers, gift toppers, tree ornaments, or treats for neighbours and friends – these inexpensive KitKat Candy sleighs are easy, adorable, and a sweet treat for anyone.

The girls and I hit the Dollarama the other day to get a few Christmas supplies… ornaments to paint, fairy lights, some simple garland and (of course) candy.

Does anyone go to the Dollar store and not buy candy?


This time, there was a method to my sugar frenzy – I wanted to make KitKat […]

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Have you heard of LOMI?

In February of 2021 I came across a crowdfunding campaign for a product called “LOMI“.

I was immediately enthralled – I mean, who doesn’t want a counter-sized appliance that will completely compost all of your food waste into a usable – and earth-friendly – addition to your soil.

Unfortunately, the price was too high and the technology too new for me to get in on the action.  

I’ve since gone back to the Pela website numerous times in the hopes […]

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Teacher gift ideas

I know gift cards are all-the-rage as far as teacher gifts go, but if you wanted to make something a little out of the ordinary, I’m sharing a dozen+ teacher gift ideas that will hit the mark.

 I might be late for some of you in the Southern US, but school is still in in SW Ontario – but next week marks the end.

Which means it’s time to thank those over-burdened teachers for putting up with teaching our little bundles of joy.

If […]

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Boxing Day deals 2021

Sitting on the couch with a hot cup of coffee/tea and surfing the Boxing Day deals?  I was, but then I decided to compile some of the amazing deals on Amazon that *might make it into my shopping cart today while I take advantage of their Boxing Day pricing.

If you are a Mom – and about 80% of you are according to my analytics – then Christmas (while wonderful) is about the family.  Finding the perfect gifts for everyone in […]

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Scrap wood smartphone speaker

Looking for a handmade gift that you can whip out multiples of? This DIY scrap wood smartphone speaker is easy to make, can be painted to match any decor and TOTALLY WORKS!

Christmas is on a pretty tight budget for me this year.  Heading back to school has limited the amount of time I can allot to the blog and so my income seems be be more on the outgo end of things. 😂

Fortunately I write a DIY blog, so […]

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