Woodturning – When artisan meets lathe you get a masterpiece

March 9th, 2017|DIY, GIFT IDEAS, GIFTS|

This isn’t really a DIY post unless you have a lathe..

which after seeing these masterpieces, I’m highly tempted to purchase.

My friend and neighbour creates turned wood bowls from the most exquisite cuts of wood.  These aren’t everyday dishes that can tuck into the dishwasher after use – we’re talking high-end decor pieces here.

Wood bowls, wood turning, turned wood bowls, decorative bowls

Pieces range in size and shape so you can select out the […]

The BEST Dog Bed – you won’t believe it, but it’s true!

December 17th, 2016|CLEAN, GIFTS, REPURPOSE|

I’ve meant to share this post for about 3 years now and never have, but with Christmas just around the corner comes the urge to spoil your fur baby.

Stores are showcasing pet clothes, toys, treats and beds with the same abundance that you’d find these things for your kids…

I’m going to do you one better…

I am going to show you the very BEST dog bed you can get, and it’s cheap (if not free).

“Who Needs Santa” wood gift pile


Just a quick pop-in today with a super-easy and very cute DIY – the “Who needs Santa…” gift pile, made from 2×2 pieces of scrap wood.

I cut four pieces of 2×2 wood to lengths of 8″, 6″, 4″ and 2″, gave them a light sanding and then painted them in Christmas colours using inexpensive craft paint from the dollar store.

Who needs Santa wood gifts, wood gift pile, scrap wood Christmas gift, Christmas gift idea, [...]
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Wrapping Gifts with Innisbrook

November 28th, 2016|GIFT IDEAS, GIFTS, HOLIDAYS|

How’s the Holiday shopping going?  Did you blow the wad on Black Friday?

Are you blowing the wad today (Cyber Monday)?

Why does “blowing the wad” seem so inappropriate?

I digress – if you’ve done any of your Christmas shopping at all, you are just about ready to get out the beautiful wrapping paper to make those secret treasures tempting, decorative and extremely hard to peek into.

gift wrap ideas, wrapped gifts, gifts, beautiful wrapping paper, gift [...]
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Teacher Gift Idea – get it now!

November 23rd, 2016|GIFT IDEAS, GIFTS, HOLIDAYS|

Do you struggle to come up with gift ideas for teachers, coaches, neighbours etc?

I do.  I want to show my gratitude for their efforts and let them know I appreciate them – but what do you get them that is worthy (and not too expensive)?

If you surf Pinterest you will see TONS of ideas to do with chalkboards, pencils, mugs and apples – with projects created in every from of media from paper to wood, but if your teacher has […]

DIY Decorative Trays

June 26th, 2016|BUILD IT, DECOR, DIY, GIFTS|

I made these decorative trays last week in preparation for end-of-school Teacher gifts – the first two were made entirely from scrap wood, and were meant to be prototypes, but the girls loved them so much they decided to give both the crappy and good versions to their teachers.

I was worried this project was going to involve a lot of math and calculating angles etc – but I was pleasantly surprised.  Turns out these are even easier to build than […]

What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day – Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

April 30th, 2016|For me, GIFT IDEAS, GIFTS, HOLIDAYS|

I look forward to Mother’s Day.

It’s the one day a year when your family (should) acknowledge/s your efforts and sacrifices.

I think that’s what the day is really about – what most days should be about really – acknowledging and being grateful for those around you that contribute to your health, happiness and well-being.  Whether it be your Mom, your kids, your husband or even the grocery clerk – all anyone really wants, deep-down in an ego-emotional area of your brain […]

Professional Gift Wrapping Techniques

December 22nd, 2015|GIFT IDEAS, GIFTS|

I wanted to write a post showing how I tested out all sorts of gorgeous gift wrapping techniques so that every gift under my tree looked like it was professionally done.

Coordinating wrap and ribbons to match my tree, perfect, billowy bows like Martha Stewart, gift tags handmade with rustic charm and elegance…

BUT, I have a gift snooper in the house….

a 9 year old that has scoured every room, every closet, every possible hiding spot for her gifts.

My only option was […]

Simple sewing – Infinity Scarf

November 24th, 2015|CRAFTS, EASY SEWING, GIFTS|

Please forgive the photos in this post – I was scrambling back and forth with the camera on timer so that I could focus on each infinity scarf, then run and be IN the shot.  It didn’t work out that well for me.  Add to that a triple double+ chin and post yoga workout gear and it was destined to be a bad shoot – but that doesn’t mean the project itself is bad.

Nope, this is an easy-peasy sewing project that […]

Christmas Gift Calculator

November 2nd, 2015|GIFT IDEAS, GIFTS, HOLIDAYS|

I am the Goddess of Amazingness!

I (miraculously) figured out how to embed a functioning excel worksheet into my blog.

Yup, no computer training beyond keyboarding in high school.

IF this Christmas Gift Calculator works when this post goes live, I will absolutely set up a tutorial so you can create one yourself…. I just need to make sure it functions outside of the draft version (fingers crossed).

The reason for this?

I’ve seen all kinds of printable sheets online that help you keep track of […]