*Repost from 11/19/14 – but great ideas are always in style!

I have to share this neat idea with you;
it’s not original – Amazon sells a million different versions of this – but I’ve done it a bit differently…

this is our mitten drying rack:

Mitten dryer 3

All I used was a desk organizer (that had narrow dividers) and put it over my heater at the front door.

Mitten dryer 1

Please pretend you don’t see all that dirt.  The front door is our most-used entrance, so it’s always got a pile of boots and dirt and leaves and sometimes puddles sitting there.
I should have cleaned before writing this, but let’s be real – the maid had the day off. lol

Anyways, the perk to this, over putting out a baking rack on the vent, is that the mittens are open slightly, so the warm air coming up through the vent actually has a chance to dry the insides.  Even putting mittens in the dryer, the insides are the last thing to get completely dry.

Mitten dryer 2

This little file organizer holds 3 pairs of mittens, or 2 pairs and 2 hats.

Mitten dryer 4

Even if your mittens and hats don’t need to be dried out after a rough day of playing in the snow, think about how nice it would be to put on cozy gloves and a toque before you head out in the mornings!
This would certainly make my -20 degree dog walks slightly more enticing.

If I was smart, I’d hang a couple of command hooks on the wall next to it so the snow pants could get a little of the warm air as well.

What do you think?  Hooks here:

Mitten dryer 5

Maybe too much in too small a space.

I’m going to put some links here so if you aren’t feeling the desk organizer you could still pick up a “proper” mitten dryer.

I have to have to say – this would be a great gift idea for anyone with a house full of snowy kids!

(but at least my hands and head are warm) lol

Have a great one!

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