Intimidated by electrical work? Not me; once I changed out my first light I realized just how easy it is to change out light fixtures – today I’ll show you how!

I’ve always been intimidated by electricity.  Movies with people getting shocked (Home Alone 1,2,3) as well as one decent shock I received myself have had me bypassing any electrical work and hiring it out to professionals.

But did you know it’s easy to change out light fixtures?  Truly.  In just a few quick and simple steps, you can upgrade your lighting in minutes without incurring any costs from electricians.

I’ll show you; this is my daughter’s bedroom in the basement.

fluorescent lighting in the basement

The room was used as a craft room and a home office before now, so fluorescent lighting was necessary for working.

Fluorescent lighting, the fixture and the lumens (brightness), are not at all appropriate for a cozy bedroom.

I decided it was time to upgrade her lighting to something a bit more appropriate and aesthetically pleasing, but first I had to remove the fluorescent unit to change out light fixtures.


changing out light fixtures

This fixture didn’t have a faceplate but was screwed into the ceiling in two places.  Unscrew and gently pull your fixture down.  

changing out light fixtures

You can see above that there is no faceplate in this lighting junction box.  Not to worry, most lighting you purchase will come with its own face plate.

changing out light fixtures

changing out light fixtures

I added in the bulbs and then switched the circuit breaker back on to make sure it was working before adding the drum shade.

changing out light fixtures

I went with a 15″ semi-flush drum light in lieu of the standard (but ugly) boob light fixture.  I think it’s elegant and slightly more dramatic, without being too opulent and overwhelming.  Another feature I looked for was multiple bulbs – this fixture has three which still generates a lot of light without being fluorescent.

changing out light fixtures


This one in particular comes with a diffuser that fits inside the drum shade so that anyone lying in bed and looking up, isn’t blinded by glaring bulbs.

changing out light fixtures

It’s pretty, it’s functional, it was inexpensive, and very easy to install.  I kind of want one for my room now. lol

changing out light fixtures

So much better than the old fixture, and it only took about 15 minutes (including taking photos) to change out the old light fixture.

These were the other contenders when I was searching out fixtures:  (Amazon affiliate links.  Please see affiliate disclosure at the bottom of the page)

Click image for specs.

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changing out light fixtures

I love how this looks and more importantly Miss Madison is pleased.  Fifteen minutes to an upgraded lighting situation – trust me you CAN do it!

Have a great one!