I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for some time, and with the Holidays right around the corner it seemed like a great opportunity to share a few of my favourite things… just in case you know someone that these might be good for.

As a blogger, I often get “samples” to test and review.  There have been times when I’ve had to refuse a review because the product itself just wasn’t up to my standards – and I don’t want to lie to my friends (you guys).

There are other times, when the product is SO FANTASTIC, that it becomes a regular in my repertoire and I go back over-and-over-again to purchase more.

Yup, beyond the tester – I keep on buying.

These are the wonders I want to share with you (again) – and this is NOT a sponsored post… just a friend sharing the Best Buys 2019 with friends.

  1. Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane – this is the ONLY finish I use.  Each coating of triple-thick is the equivalent of 3 coats of other finishes.  1/3 of the work, 1/3 the sanding and a fantastic finish if you apply it with a sponge brush.  I generally use satin since it’s not too shiny and not too matte.  Once you try this, you won’t use anything else.  This is not only a Best Buy 2019, but a best buy anytime and every year. Varathane Triple-Thick finish, Best Buy 2019, best buys 2019
  2. Champion® Pro Right Height® Elongated Toilet – this bad boy was a game changer!  I installed three of these super-toilets and all of my “drain-pain” (aka endless plunging from less-than-fibre-full diets) is gone.  Truly – I can’t remember the last time I had to plunge a toilet and prior to install, I was at battle almost daily.  BEST. DECISION. EVER. Choosing the best toilet for your family, how to choose a toilet, toilet considerations, installing a toilet, Best Buy 2019, best buys 2019
  3. Tfees™ Straws – I use these every day.  EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  I posted my review on these a couple of years ago – before purchasing straws became a “thing”, and I still have the original set PLUS two other sets that I purchase because my kids kept stealing mine.  Granted, these straws are not made for milkshakes, but they are perfect for any other beverage – hot or cold – and are dishwasher safe.  I have sensitive teeth, so these let me drink both hot and cold (I have my chai tea through one every morning), without pain AND without staining!  Definitely a Best Buy 2019, 2018, 2017…  Please go read the review – if you don’t have a set of these, you are really missing out.Tfees Straws - to protect your teeth from staining, erosion and sensitivity, Best Buy 2019, best buys 2019
  4. GT Revolution 20V 4AH 12″ String Trimmer / Lawn Edger / Mini-mower – I am crazy for this whipper-snipper (edge trimmer).  I’ve tried other string trimmers – from large gas models to the comparably priced Ryobi and this one is the BEST.  Honestly, my lawn has never been so perfectly and consistently trimmed as it was this past summer because of how easy the GT Revolution is to use.  It’s light, adjustable, comes with a lifetime supply of trimmer string and the battery is included in the box.  If I could work one with each hand, I’d have two just for myself!  (a creepy Edward Scissorhands visual there lol). This needs to be under the tree for whoever handles the yard work at your house. WORX GT Revolution 20V 12" String trimmer / edger / mini-mower, Worx yard tools, whipper snipper, lawn edger, weed whacker, best yard tools 2018, best weed eater 2018, Best Buy 2019, best buys 2019
  5. MD Building Products – garage door weather seals – This, very easy, task has made a HUGE difference to my home.  My garage is no longer plagued by mouse droppings near the bird seed, the cool air stays in in the summer and I can keep ice and wind out in the winter.  Changing out the seals on my garage doors with the MD building products in this post, is one of my favourite projects… for how easy it was to do, and how incredibly effective one simple job made to the efficiency and comfort of my workshop (garage).  Read the whole post to see how this single-mom (with no trades experience) swapped out all of the seals in an afternoon. damaged weatherstrip on the bottom of garage door, Best Buy 2019, best buys 2019
  6. HomeRight Steam Machine – I have used the Steam Machine to tackle the black gunk inside window frames and power out the bacteria and stuck-on food from my cooktop but the most dramatic before & after was when I tackled cleaning my shower grout with this little workhorse.  The steam loosens dirt and kills bacteria deep into the grooves and crevices of porous surfaces.  When you are finished there is no question that whatever you’ve been working on is as clean as it can possibly get (outside of a laboratory setting).  After edging your lawn, you might actually want to clean inside as well.  Definitely a Best Buy of 2019.
  7. How to clean stone, cleaning a stone backsplash, easiest way to clean a backsplash, HomeRight steam machine, chemical-free cleaning, Best Buy 2019, best buys 2019Rust-Oleum® NeverWet® – Do you remember seeing me use NeverWet on the paper towel?  I squirted a paper towel with this miracle juice and then ran it under the tap – the paper towel didn’t soak up a single drop of water.  It really as unbelievable (head over to my Instagram page to see – under “Secret Tips).  I’ve used this on my patio cushions to keep them dry and clean all summer long, but I SWEAR by this stuff when it comes to boots and shoes.  I’ve sprayed down all of my kids’ shoes and it’s kept them looking (relatively) clean, but more importantly – soaker-free!  I tested a sample a couple of years ago and I’ve been back to the store to buy it over and over again. In fact, I think I bought bottles for everyone’s stockings last year?  Click over to the NeverWet product page to see a million more applications including windshield water repellent application and an auto interior version as well. Rust-Oleum NeverWet, Best Buy 2019, best buys 2019
  8. My Paint By Numbers – finally, this was a chance-find last Christmas, but the girls and I REALLY enjoyed it…  paint by numbers.  This is a PERFECT Holiday gift because you can take it anywhere, paint while listening to TV or music and it’s great family bonding time.  Read my post and see how Chloe and I snuggled in to create our masterpieces over a few cold winter evenings and see if you don’t agree that this is a memory-maker. Paint by numbers, My paint by numbers, make your own painting, paint by number, , Best Buy 2019, best buys 2019

That’s it folks – I’ve had some great products come across my path, and all of my reviews are honest and sincere – but these few REALLY knocked my socks off and I wanted to share my experience and some of my best buys of 2019.

Think of me as a “Big Mouth” version of an Amazon review. lol

I’ve linked to all of the original articles in this post, so click any of them to see my original reviews and check out the product specs – then TRY them!  You’ll be as pleased as I am – I promise.  (disclaimer: my promise is genuine, but does not come with a money-back guarantee as I know you can’t please everyone, and I don’t want to foot any Grinch’s Christmas bill. lol)

Below are affiliate links to some of the items (or similar) that I’ve highlighted in this article.  For full Amazon affiliate disclosure, please see the sidebar (desktop) or bottom of this post (mobile).

Have a great one!