Winter window box, Christmas window box

Winter window boxes

With a piece or two of floral foam, some medium gauge wire and greenery and pinecones from your yard (or a garden centre), you can decorate the front of your home with a Winter window box. I spent a good portion of yesterday out in my garden; working on my winter window boxes. I don’t usually decorate my window boxes, but Loblaws had a great deal on greenery (which is usually far too expensive for my budget), so I thought

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Christmas sled, wooden sled, DIY wood sled

Christmas sled

It’s TIME!! Time to get building for the Holidays and I’m starting my Holiday builds with this DIY Christmas sled. Easy, inexpensive and a great beginner building project! I know, there are tons of plans online for wooden sleds (decorative).  Heck, I used Fynes Designs sled plans to build this little cutie: Which I love, but is not really mass-produceable.   There are several small cuts and notches that require a pretty steady hand with a jigsaw – not difficult,

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mask storage pouch / mask storage wallet

How to make a mask storage pouch / mask storage wallet

Keep a mask on you at all times by folding this simple plastic sleeve to keep in your pocket, your purse, your car or your backpack.  A very simple, and inexpensive mask storage pouch / mask storage wallet. *This post contains affiliate links.  For full Amazon affiliate disclosure, please see sidebar or the bottom of the page. I’ve bought 18 reusable masks now – for the three of us – knowing that I need one each day for work, and

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Valentine word search printable

FREE Valentine word search printable

These free, printable word search Valentine’s can be printed from home (or a printer) and will only cost around $0.20 per in ink!  Even you 11th hour planners (like me) can look like a rockstar at the last minute. < h6>

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DIY top hat container, Repurposed hot cocoa container

Valentine’s for Couples (in a DIY top hat container)

Repurpose a coffee or hot cocoa canister into an adorable top hat that you can fill with Christmas cookies, Easter treats or sexy Valentine’s gifts for couples. Okay Dad, stop reading right here. Seriously, you DON’T want to scroll any further….  (I know I’m 46 guys, but he’s still my Dad – I don’t want to give him a stroke!) This post has been in the making since roughly November. I wanted to show how to make a top hat

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me with a charcoal mask on, superimposed over a Victoria's Secret model

Why? My struggle with marketing.

This is a blog post I wrote in 2015 – so I’m not as thin and sexy (or even married) as I was back then… who am I kidding – I’ve never been this thin and sexy (lol) but my conundrum/frustration is still valid – I think that marketing TO women is missing the mark. (and yes – before you all rush to ask – I AM available for underwear modelling… with a mask and Doritos) I have a bee in

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