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Easy Marbled Ornaments

With clear plastic ornaments and a bit of acrylic craft paint from the dollar store, you can make these easy marbled ornaments in any colour combination to match your Holiday decor. I had a dilemma; a minor one, but a small nagging concern that was eating at me…  an empty bowl in my Christmas family room. I know, first world problems – but it was the last element I wanted to complete before photographing my Christmas tree for the blog.

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Christmas tree 2019, Christmas tree, white Christmas tree

Christmas Tree 2019

Introducing the 100Things2Do Christmas tree 2019!  A white and champagne colour scheme with natural elements thrown in for texture – this year’s Christmas tree shines day and night. 2019 has been a crazy-awful-horrible year at our house.  If you follow along, you know that the girls and I (and a menagerie of pets) found ourselves alone and struggling with all of the transformations that entailed. It’s been almost a year and we have survived (and thrived) through birthdays, vacations, holidays

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Chalk Couture, screen printing at home,

Chalk Couture – Screen printing you can do at home!

Have you ever been curious to try screen printing? What if I told you it’s something you can easily do in your own home with these pre-made Chalk Couture transfers?  I went to a really neat class last weekend and got to play around a bit and had to share. I guess I should start with “this is NOT a sponsored post” – I don’t work for the company or earn any monies by telling you about this (not that I

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Christmas shirt, You'll shoot your eye out shirt, A Christmas Story shirt, DIY Christmas shirt

Make your own Christmas shirt

Do you have access to a cutting machine?  If so, (even if it’s a friend that has one) you can make your own Christmas shirt in a few easy steps! I have to start by saying these ideas are plagiarized. I don’t mean I was “inspired by”, I mean I copied the idea entirely – without improvement or alteration. But the idea, and the Christmas shirts are SO CUTE! You can’t improve on perfection right?  And since Artsy Fartsy Mama

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Wooden Angel wings, DIY angel wings, wood angel wings, decorative angel wings

Wooden Angel Wings

Create these wooden Angel wings as a keepsake decor piece for Christmas (or all year long) to commemorate the loss of a loved one.  Someone I love lost someone they love in 2018.  I searched and searched to try to come up with a  heartfelt gift to commemorate their loss and let them know they are in my thoughts – especially during this emotional time of year. I found a beautiful Swarovski ornament that would have been a sentimental tribute

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Stocking tags, Christmas stocking tag, wood stocking tags, wooden tags, DIY stocking tags

Stocking Tags

Make these simple Christmas stocking tags with a bit of scrap wood, some twine and pre-cut letters from the dollar store.

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