I look forward to Mother’s Day.

It’s the one day a year when your family (should) acknowledge/s your efforts and sacrifices.

I think that’s what the day is really about – what most days should be about really – acknowledging and being grateful for those around you that contribute to your health, happiness and well-being. Whether it be your Mom, your kids, your husband or even the grocery clerk – all anyone really wants, deep-down in an ego-emotional area of your brain or heart – is acknowledgement and a little appreciation.

Having written that, I am a huge fan of gifts as well, and having a holiday specifically for me is the equivalent of a second birthday – so I TOTALLY milk it. If it was up to me, I would buy myself the jewellery I saw when I was browsing sites like lintonjewelry.com. I love necklaces and statement pieces so much that I would actually do this. Let’s hope someone gifts me with these items. But when I think about it, it isn’t always about gifts, although we do all love getting something special.

I did an informal survey of 20 women last week and asked them what they really wanted for Mother’s Day and I was surprised (although I shouldn’t have been) at what they asked for.

What it boiled down to Dads, was a responsibility-free day where someone else picked up the slack.

Mother’s Day gift ideas – Let me show you some answers:

What struck me was that all of the Mom’s surveyed still wanted to be with their kids. No one said “I’d like to punch out and go to the Hilton for the weekend” – which quite frankly has tempted me as a gift request.

Every single Mom wanted to be with their family – but wanted the opportunity given to them (without outside responsibilities, guilt or chores) to actually BE with their family. To enjoy a family dinner without having to make it, listen to the whining over “I don’t like it” and then clean it up afterwards. To have the time to play a game, or go on a bike ride without worrying that the house is a mess or the laundry needs to get done.

Responsibility-free time. Guilt-free time.

Okay, we’re not all saints – there were a few tangible Mother’s Day gift ideas mixed-in there as well like:

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Mother's Day Journal from the kids
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Having written that, I did find one or two ideas online that might appeal to some Mom’s out there, so I put together a few ideas for Mother’s Day gift ideas that you can yea or nay.

What about patio-pampering:

Mother's Day gift ideas - patio lounging

  1. Lunch napkin, Neroli, multicolor
  2. Me Before You
  3. Patio pitcher with fruit infuser and ice rod
  4. Rectangular tray with handle, teal

A tray of treats for Mom to take outside and enjoy. Fancy (paper) napkins that she would probably never buy for herself, the latest best-seller, a pitcher of fruit-infused water, perhaps her favourite treat (ahem, oat delights Hubs) all presented on a pretty tray.

For those that enjoy this blog and are looking to try a little DIY – what about Mother’s Day gift ideas that include tools? (as was requested by my friend above)
Mother's Day Gift ideas - DIYer

  1. Rockwell Tools Blade Runner X2
  2. Speed square
  3. Band Aids
  4. Home Depot Gift card

The Rockwell Bladerunner X2 is a great saw for tons of smaller DIY projects and a speed square is almost as important as having band aids nearby. The gift card doesn’t have to be for much – just enough to buy a piece of wood or two to test out your new toy.

I know that both my Mom and my Mother-in-law love a hot drink. My Mom will carry the same cup of tea around from room to room all day long and she ends up drinking 90% of it cold. I received a Starbucks tumbler a couple of years ago and I have to tell you it is worth the money. It keeps my tea scalding hot for most of the day – but you have to get one like in the photo below and it has to be Starbucks – no other thermos or travel tumbler is as good. Trust me – no commissions involved here.

Choose a special tea and some tea filters (these are better than infusers because no silt can escape) and whip up a special bread or cake with the kids for a sweet treat.

Mother's Day gift idea - tea

  1. Starbucks stainless steel tumbler
  2. David’s Tea – organic raspberry jam
  3. David’s Tea – tea filters
  4. My Recipe Confessions – Italian Lemon Poundcake

Art is subjective, I know, but there are a bazillion talented artists on Etsy and a piece of art could end up being a special treasure for years to come. A dear friend of mine’s Mom passed away recently and I think that having a special piece of art to acknowledge the life and love lost would mean the world to them.Mother's Day gift ideas - Art

  1. Ruthie Carlson Art
  2. The Noble Owl – Angel Wings

Jewellery as Mother’s Day gift ideas isn’t the same as jewellery for other occasions. You might want to go some Haruni Fine Gems – Rubies, Sapphires and Other Beautiful Gemstones rather than a plain, boring necklace. Mother’s Day jewellery is more about capturing family and love in a tangible item that a Mom can both treasure for herself and show off to friends. Jewellery has gone well beyond the traditional “family ring” of the past and has become more custom and personalized with initials, photos and even pieces created from children’s art. Visit somewhere like Jacobs The Jeweller – to find some jewellery that your mum will adore!

We bought one similar to the EnvyArt Designs piece on the left for my MIL a few years ago and she was wearing it just a week or two ago when we visited. It’s still gorgeous and obviously treasured and I’m pretty sure Hubby got one for me this year. (actually, I know he got one because I bought it lol)
Mother's Day gift ideas - jewellery

  1. EnvyArt Designs – tree of life pendant and sterling silver chain
  2. Formia Design – turn children’s artwork into jewellery
  3. Sugar Bee Crafts – glass tile pendant

A few Mother’s Day gift ideas to pin and save for this Mother’s Day or next.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Have a great one!

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