Painted Laundry Room Cabinets

Pick up some Craig’s List cabinets, freshen with a coat of paint and upgrade your laundry room (on a very small budget).

I bought these cabinets through MaxSold – a sort of online garage sale – and while they look pretty rough:

Painted laundry room cabinets, laundry room cupboards, painted cabinets, cabinet makeover

Painted laundry room cabinets, laundry room cupboards, painted cabinets, cabinet makeover

they were the […]

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Maintaining Your Front Door

Your front door is the most used entrance/exit in your home.  It’s one of the most important aspects of curb appeal and it protects your family – not only from intruders, but from weather, noise, dust, dirt and insects as well.  Given all of this, maintaining your front door should be an important part of your home upkeep.

This past weekend was the first hint of Fall in my neck of the woods, which got me salivating for the season.  I’m […]

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Industrial Pipe Valet

Who would have thought that industrial pipe and plywood could create a stunning piece of decor for your home?  This industrial pipe men’s valet / coat rack is urban, rustic, steam punk and functional all in one!

I was over helping my friend Sherri out the other day and I noticed this impressive industrial pipe valet she had built.

Industrial pipe valet, industrial pipe coat rack

It is spectacular!  Truly – I’m not […]

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Scrap Wood Coin Bank

Who says Piggy Banks are only for kids?  I’d say, as adults, there are far more items on our wish lists that are just a skinch out of reach than there ever were when we were kids.  Make your own scrap wood coin bank and get a little closer to your dream with every dollar.

I’ve got an easy project for you today.  One that you can whip out in an hour – but it does take a bit of confidence […]

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Outdoor Bench (perfect for Amazon deliveries)

Using free building plans from Jen Woodhouse, I was able to DIY an outdoor storage bench perfect for hiding Amazon deliveries.

Have you seen Jen Woodhouse’s outdoor storage bench?  It’s gorgeous (of course) and a necessity (I feel) for anyone and everyone that receives packages in the mail.

And who doesn’t?

Every company on the planet seems to be offering online shopping and delivery options to keep us introverts out of the mall and in our happy-pajamas.  There are however, a rare […]

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Scrapwood Hallowe’en Owl

When you’ve finished your Fall pruning, hang on to a branch or two and make this adorable Hallowe’en Owl.

My friend sent me a photo of an adorable owl made from branch slices that she’d seen in a  shop somewhere.  I had a bit of Fall pruning that needed doing – so it seemed serendipitous that I should attempt to make my own branch slice owl in awesome Hallowe’en colours.

*Note:  Cutting the branch into thin slices, on an angle, is not […]

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Tooth Fairy Box

Using two pieces of scrap wood, I was able to create this adorable Tooth Fairy box to keep baby’s first teeth.

My girls are too old for the Tooth Fairy.  They won’t admit it because they still want the cash (and they are still losing molars), but even my 10-year-old gives me a skeptical look when she finds money under her pillow.

I’m not telling them anything.  If they’re willing to humour Mom, I’m totally willing to accept it.

I will admit that […]

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Dining Table Makeover

From off-white and orange to sleek and sophisticated dark chocolate and onyx, this dining table (and chairs) makeover is swoon-worthy!

This dining table was in good condition, but didn’t scream “bachelor pad” to my client:

Dining table makeover, kitchen table makeover

Fair enough.  The stain on the dining table was a little outdated and the off-white says farmhouse more than sophistication, so he asked me if I would do a dining table makeover and […]

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The most gorgeous garden mirror you’ll ever see

A repurposed cast iron grate turned stunning garden mirror brings more light, colour and interest to your garden.

I picked up this old cast iron grate on MaxSold (like an online garage sale) months and months ago.  It might even be a remnant from last summer if I’m being honest, but I was too nervous to tackle it because I knew removing the rust was going to be a BEAST of a job.

DIY garden mirror, [...]
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Pottery Barn Inspired Wall Organizer

Build your own Pottery-Barn-Inspired wall organizer with these free and easy plans.

Good morning my lovelies,

If you follow me on Instagram, then you would have had a sneak-peek at today’s AWESOME build – a Pottery Barn inspired wall organizer with free plans from the amazing Jen Woodhouse!

Yup, I only work with the best (to give you the best!)

I sent Jen a photo of a wall organizer I’d seen at the Pottery Barn outlet a few months ago.  She was able […]

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Decorating for Fall

Decorating for Fall doesn’t have to mean an overhaul of your room.  Hints of colour here and there can take you through all the seasons without much work.

I don’t know where to begin with this post – I didn’t have plans to start decorating for Fall for another couple of weeks, but I was purging crap from in the basement…  I got to my throw pillow covers and then suddenly I decided my couches were filthy (you can’t put clean […]

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Before & After – Bedroom Set Update

If you have wood furniture, of any age, updating it to fit current styles and trends is as easy as sand-stain-and go – check out this gorgeous bedroom set update.

I sometimes take commissions – projects that friends ask me to do for them – where I charge for the labour and then post the before and afters on the blog.  I don’t do it too often because I figure you guys would get tired of seeing nightstand after nightstand after […]

How much does it cost to run a blog?

What costs/expenses should you expect when running your own blog.

This list is not at all comprehensive, and is reflective of the expenses on, but it will give you an idea of the costs involved in running your own blog.

If you are considering starting a blog, or are wondering if you are paying out too little or too much, this might help you in your research.  I’ll order them by “Necessary”, “Good-to-have”, “Optional” and “Extras”.

How much does it cost to […]

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Build a Laundry Folding Table Over Your Washer and Dryer

Use these simple building plans to build your own folding table over your washer and dryer.

The other day you caught a sneak-peek at my new folding table in my unfinished laundry room.  I know, I know, I’ve built a laundry dresser/folding table before, but the thing was a beast and it blocked the doorway into the room, so it had to go.

This time I measured for a free-standing folding table (meaning you don’t have to attach it to […]

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Unfinished Laundry Room

Tired of looking at wires and pipes in your basement laundry room, but don’t have the budget for framing and drywall?  What about a photo backdrop to keep the necessities accessible – but out of sight and create a (slightly more) appealing unfinished laundry room?

Popping in for a quickie today… lol

No, not ‘afternoon delight’ sort of quickie, but a quick fix to a nagging eyesore;

My laundry room is an ongoing aggravation in my life.  Granted, I only spend any amount […]

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Back-to-school decor – for the classroom or home!

With a few pieces of scrap wood and some tester pots of paint you can make your own back-to-school decor for your classroom, or to decorate your home!

I have had so much fun puttering away in the she-shop lately.  Yes, it’s been hot and muggy, but the thought of the kids heading back-to-school has me giddy with glee!  I thought I’d rush the big day a little, and decorate my home to celebrate my favourite (their least favourite) day of […]

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Make your own dry-erase board

With some window film and a few minutes you can turn just about anything into your own DIY dry-erase board.

Remember the coffee table from the other week?  The one I dismantled and repurposed into a chalkboard command centre and a vignette of rustic candlesticks?  Well today I’m using up the last piece of that coffee table – the top – to create an awesome DIY dry-erase board.

Let me start by reminding you what the coffee table looked like […]

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How to hang a pendant light

Swapping out pendant lighting isn’t as difficult as you might think.  In fact, in only a few easy steps you can hang a pendant light yourself and completely change the look of a room.

These are the pendant lights that we’ve had hanging in our kitchen for the past 13 years.  They’re okay.  They match the stainless steel appliances and up until a few months ago they worked – but something happened and (even with new bulbs) suddenly 2 of the […]

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