Who doesn’t need a cutting board?

Good morning friends!

I’m sorry for being AWOL as of late – our family took a belated vacation, which I’ll share more about in another post – but for today I want to show you a project I’m quite pleased with: my new cutting board!

A friend (thank you Sherri) gave me an off-cut of an Ikea Hammarp countertop that was leftover from a kitchen remodel she’d done.

Cutting board, Ikea Hammarp counter, cutting boards

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Gag Gift Ideas for Christmas

It was only a year or two ago that I first heard the term “White elephant gift”.  I didn’t realize it was a tradition that some people participated in?  I’d heard of (and have both given and received) gag gifts, but to create a celebration around the gross and inappropriate…

sounded AWESOME!

I have a twisted sense of humour.

Today I decided to showcase some of my favourite Christmas gag gift ideas from all over the internet – homemade and manufactured.

Don’t scroll down […]

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Holiday Entertaining and Surprise Guests

You know it’s going to happen…

usually when your house is at its worst, you have laundry piles on the couches waiting to be folded and there are dirty dishes in the sink…

Surprise Guests!

It’s the Season for stop-by’s and pop-by’s and “I was in the neighbourhood”, so I thought I’d share a little trick a friend taught me:

buy bars and treats from Costco or M&M Meats, cut them into squares and tuck them into your freezer.

If you suddenly find yourself in […]

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Holiday Home Tour 2017

It seems like every blogger in the universe is showcasing their Holiday Home Tour 2017.

I’ve been decorating, staging, photographing, moving things around, photographing, editing, photographing – and I cannot come close to the gorgeous homes and images of some of my blogging idols.

Mainly because my house is lived in and messy all most of the time,

partly because my house isn’t white on white on white,

somewhat because I’m not a fantastic photographer,

and a tinch because I don’t notice the little details […]

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DIY wood lanterns

Looking for an easy tutorial on making DIY wood lanterns?

You can check out my blog post on rustic lanterns here;

or you can follow the tutorial from The Stonybrook House and make these adorable white ones from scrap wood.

I won’t steal her thunder any more than to say I made these DIY wood lanterns entirely from scrap wood.

Make your own scrap wood lanterns, DIY rustic lanterns, white lanterns, Christmas lanterns, DIY wood lanterns

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20 Simple Christmas DIYs

I’ve written this blog since the summer of 2013, and in that time I’ve written well over a thousand blog posts with DIY, craft, recipe and decor ideas.

But who has the time to surf an entire site to find ideas for simple DIY projects?


Okay, I didn’t really, but I do have a ton of simple DIY projects specifically for the Holidays, so I thought I would pull 20 or so out of the depths of the internet so you […]

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Laundry drying rack

As a continuation of my laundry battles, dilemmas and infatuations I decided that I would build myself a laundry drying rack for those items that need to “lay flat to dry”.

I don’t wear a lot of delicates being a DIYer, but my ENJO cloths cannot be dried in the dryer, so each week I spread them out here and there to dry.  We’re talking on top of the dryer, over the back of the couches and chairs – perhaps I […]

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Laundry dresser and folding table

This is my laundry room:

Laundry room, laundry dresser, folding table, laundry basket storage, laundry room organization

Well, this is half of my laundry room, and yes, I am the only blogger in the world that does not have a laundry room with built-in cabinetry and a farmhouse sink.

Someday maybe, but for now – it’s just a laundry room.

When I create content for 100Things2Do.ca, I usually choose things to make/build that I need […]

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Scrapwood drawer organizer

Have you seen the gorgeous desk organizer that Jen Woodhouse made?

Jen Woodhouse drawer organizer, desk organizer

Absolute perfection – the bar for the greatest drawer organizer has been set, and set HIGH.

I looked into purchasing the plastic divider strips that she recommended but they were too tall to fit my shallow desk drawer.

If I wanted my desk to be this gorgeous (and organized) I would have to improvise…

I measured the depth […]

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Christmas Tablescape

I know it’s early for a Christmas tablescape, but as a blogger I have to get ideas and inspiration out there way before you ever need it so you can (hopefully) pin away.

If you saw my Christmas tree post of last weekend, then you know I’ve had a bee in my bonnet for navy and gold this year, and my Christmas tablescape did not escape my reach.

I only purchased one item (one set) for my Christmas tablescape and it was […]

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