10+ Ways to Use a Shower Caddy

I came across this cute little shower caddy at the dollar store the other day and I couldn’t help but think about what a great (and super-inexpensive) organizing solution this little baby is.

Think I’m nuts?

Let me show you just a few – because I’m sure there are dozens more – ideas for using a dollar store shower caddy:

I’ll start in the bathroom since that is the […]

March 17th, 2018|ORGANIZE, REPURPOSE|7 Comments

Best Burgers Ever – hands-down, without-a-doubt, awesomeness

This post was originally written in the summer – when burgers are a staple – but that’s not to say you can’t whip up some of these super-juicy, cheesy, meaty, savoury best burgers whenever the mood strikes.

Some of the best parts of summer (for me) are the smells….
chlorinated pools, fresh cut grass, barbecues smoking, coconut sunscreen, the crisp, clean air after a storm…  

March 14th, 2018|RECIPES|5 Comments

Before & After – Lego Table

This Lego table / Lego storage project took a long time.

Normally, I would have whipped out a nightstand in a day or two, but this one was well over a week – mostly because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with it.

This […]

Pallet Potting Bench

In my part of Ontario the rule is not to plant until after Victoria Day weekend.
(nicknamed “May two-four” – since people usually drink 24 beers on the long weekend).

With this up-and-down winter we’re having, the Spring weather had me thinking of planting.  Don’t worry, I know we’ll get at least 3 more ‘good’ […]

March 11th, 2018|BUILD IT, DIY, REPURPOSE|3 Comments

Before & After – Lockers

I read an article where a person was looking for pantry ideas; her home didn’t have one, and she wanted something she could put in her kitchen, but without a hefty built-in price tag.
Her solution ended up being lockers.
She retrofitted them with shelves and painted them a bright colour and they were AMAZING!

March 10th, 2018|BEFORE & AFTER, ORGANIZE, REPURPOSE|10 Comments

Lingerie chest makeover

This is a tiny little dresser – about 18″ wide and only about 12″ deep.  I guess it would be called a lingerie dresser or lingerie chest?

Lingerie chest, Lingerie dresser, painted lingerie dresser, small dresser, panty dresser, bra dresser

A “disaster dresser” to begin with.
Look at the destroyed […]

Kitchen hacks – fresh-baked cookies anytime!

How many of you love warm, fresh-baked cookies?

Now how many of you love whipping together a batch (from scratch) every time that cookie-craving hits?

Sure you could buy pre-made cookie dough and cut it up every time you want a sweet treat


you could make your own from scratch, save lots of money, look like a ‘June Cleaver Mom’, and have dozens ready in minutes!

I know which way I’d go.

Just call me “Junie C”.

One of our favourite treats in this house is […]

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Concrete form ideas – fabric hamper, copper planter and more!

Good morning!

If you have clicked over from House of Wood – welcome!  If you start your day with 100T2D – then you need to click over to House of Wood to see another project that I built/made using a concrete form.

For this post though, I want to show you a couple more ideas of things you can make (easily) with a concrete form:

  • House of Wood is showcasing my ottoman/footstool.
  • The other day I showed you how simple […]
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Spring Cleaning – cleaning blinds

I wrote a post about cleaning blinds a couple/few years ago, and I believe it’s been that long since I’ve done them – how embarrassing!

There are a few chores around the home that I really dislike doing: cleaning my shower, cleaning the oven and cleaning my blinds.  Give me toilets and stairs over these anytime!  I find cleaning my shower to be so incredibly labour-intensive and it takes at least an hour to do a decent job.  Cleaning the oven […]

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DIY Round tray from a concrete form

Hey 100T2D readers!  I’ve got a GREAT project for you today, and a sneak peek at another great project that I’m showcasing over on House of Wood later this week:  I figured out how to make a DIY round tray from a concrete form!!!

I’m so excited because I’ve racked my brain for months to figure out how to build/make a round tray without wasting a lot of wood, involving a router or creating pretty elaborate jig – and today […]

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