Branch Slice Decor – upgrading a dollar store vase

Remember how I pruned the heck out of the pine trees in my backyard last week?  Well, it left me with a truckload of branches for the compost centre and one or two for home decor projects…

like this branch slice vase;

Branch slice vase, branch slice decor, using branches in your decor, log slice decor, Fall decor, Fall DIY, Autumn decor, wood slice project

This project is so easy to do, and this […]

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Gold handles – why you shouldn’t spray paint them

I’m sorry.

I wrote a post a few weeks back that showcased a DIY way to get your own gold handles.  I used some spray paint over the old plastic coated handles and showed how easy and inexpensive the makeover was.

But look what happened:

Gold handles, painted gold handles, Liberty Hardware, updating furniture hardware

This is after a few weeks of use.  My beautiful gold paint chipped and scratched and is showing dirt […]

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(Faux) Metal sign

Are you a Joanna Gaines fan?

I’m not really country or farmhouse chic – but there’s something about her style that appeals even to me.  Maybe it’s the warm and welcoming feel.  Maybe it’s the metal sign she hangs in every house.

Smooth lead-in right?  (not entirely cohesive, but I got the “metal sign” in there lol.)

Houseful of Handmade made a gorgeous hammered metal sign that looked so much like the real thing I had to give it a try myself…. […]

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Bryson’s Big-Boy Desk – navy blue desk makeover

I have been a painting phenom over here!  The weather has been gorgeous so I’ve been out in the garage making over just about anything I can get my hands on.

A friend wanted to come over and take a stab a refinishing, so I invited her to come and play with me.

This is the desk Trish started with;

Navy blue desk, desk makeover, refinished desk, student desk, kids desk, painted desk

It was […]

September 15th, 2017|REFINISH/REPURPOSE|1 Comment

Best Dog Ever! (a DIY photo frame)

I have the best dog ever.

Actually, I’ve always had the best dog(s) ever – every single one of them – I’m using “Best” as a class, not a singular achievement.

I mean, don’t we all have the best dog ever?

Time to celebrate it – and use up a bit of scrap wood in the process.

This DIY photo frame is so simple to make – you’ll want to decorate everywhere with them!  All I did was cut a couple of scrap pieces […]

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Fall Front Porch

I’ve plugged away at my Fall front porch for about a week now.

I haven’t done anything exceptional, because I didn’t really know what to put out to make my home feel warm and welcoming, so I’d set something out, move it around, take it back in and start again.

I think I’ve just about got it now – or at least I’m stopping now before it’s time to decorate for Hallowe’en – so I thought I’d share a few photos of […]

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Fallen Log Succulent Planter

I’m so excited to share today’s post – it is one that has been on my wish list to make for 3 years now.


It was about 3 years ago that the city cut down some dead trees on the walkway behind my house.

Log succulent planter, succulent planter, log planter, succulent dish, natural decor, branch decor

Look at that!

I walk by this everyday as I walk my dog and every single day […]

September 10th, 2017|DECOR, DIY|2 Comments

Tweens and self-esteem – The be.Tween Project

When did parenting get so hard?

Actually, when hasn’t it been hard?

I’m in a household with two “tweenagers” (9 and 11) and each phase of their lives has presented different challenges – from learning to walk, to potty training to letting them assert some independence.

But these tween years – all of their struggles seem to be internal, which is NOT an easy fix.

How they look, how they act, what they wear, what they play with, even what they eat becomes a […]

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Easy DIY Leash Holder from Scrap Wood

I’ve been puttering in the garage lately trying to come up with some simple scrap wood projects that would be both interesting to you, my readers, and useful to my family….

Did you know that there are an estimated 78 million dogs in the U.S.?  The statistics suggest that 44% of Americans own at least one dog.  (In Canada it is estimated that 35% of the population own a dog)

We have a dog – my gentle Lacey Mae – and I […]

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Fall Pruning – the when and when not to

I’ll start this post with the note that all trees and shrubs are different, so before doing any Fall pruning, please research the type of tree you are cutting to make sure you don’t kill it off.

Okay, disclaimer over.

I have a few giant evergreens in my backyard – like 3-4 storeys tall – and in a few short weeks they will all drop about 1/3 of their needles and most of their pinecones into my backyard.  There will be sap […]

September 6th, 2017|DIY|1 Comment