Homemade Dog Biscuits

You are 6 (healthy) ingredients away from the best dog biscuits your fur-baby will ever taste (trust me, I’ve tasted them)

We have a 5 year old Bernese Mountain dog named Lacey (aka. Lacey-Mae, Lacey-Moo, Miss Lacey, Angel Face, Princess Pea, Moo-Moos, Baby Girl and Barkasaurus Rex).  She’s actually MY dog, that I generously share with the family sometimes and she is spoiled.

So much so, that she now has […]

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Wooden Angel Wings

Create these wooden Angel wings as a keepsake decor piece for Christmas (or all year long) to commemorate the loss of a loved one. 

Someone I love lost someone they love in 2018.  I searched and searched to try to come up with a  heartfelt gift to commemorate their loss and let them know they are in my thoughts – especially during this emotional time of year.

I found a […]

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Christmas in the Dining Room

Christmas in the Dining Room – with the table set for entertaining and the lights low for a warm Christmas glow, come and check out my Christmas dining room on the blog today!

I had so much trouble photographing my dining room this year!

I cleaned and polished and dusted and mopped, but when I went to take photos we had a beautiful sunny day – which sounds awesome, but actually isn’t ideal for photographing.  I waited until the sun had moved […]

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Decorative Snowballs

Good morning everyone!

I’m just popping in with a quickie post this morning to show off these adorable faux snowballs.

There’s not much to this tutorial really, but my Mom thought I should share it in case anyone else wanted to tuck a few decorative snowballs on their front porch, under their tree or as place markers on the dining table.

I picked up some styrofoam balls from Michael’s

FloraCraft styrofoam balls

It’s tough to tell […]

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Bedroom Set Makeover

If you have wood furniture – solid wood – never ever, ever, ever get rid of it!  Wood furniture can be refinished over and over and over to keep your home current and trendy without losing quality or craftsmanship.

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Need a break from all the Christmas posts of late?

Me too, so today I’m going to show off a bedroom set that I have refinished behind the scenes.

Do you remember the

Scrap Wood Gnomes

A piece or two of scrap wood, some dollar store paint, craft beads and felt are all you need to create these adorable Christmas gnomes.

My Christmas Tomte (Norwegian name) or Nisse (Danish name) has been a big hit on the blog for the past couple of years.  In fact, the Instagram photo I put up has more likes than many of my building posts, so I thought I’d take a shot at making a few scrap wood gnomes and combine […]

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DIY Wall Shelf with Hooks

This DIY wall shelf with hooks was made entirely from scrap wood so my only expenditure was for the hooks themselves.  You can make your own in less than an hour!

How were your Thanksgiving/Black Friday festivities?  I hope everyone had a fun family weekend?

As a general rule, I prefer to do my Holiday shopping in my pajamas online, but a friend told me about “the most amazing bra” from Lululemon.  Lulu did have an online sale, but I had to […]

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Christmas Bedroom

Just a few small, festive touches can take your bedroom from everyday to a cozy Christmas retreat.

This is part 2 of my Holiday Home Tour – done piecemeal because no two rooms are ever tidy at the same time.

If you want to see the 100Things2Do Christmas tree 2018 and family room decor click over, but for today I’m going to show how I incorporated a few simple ornaments to ramp up the Holiday cozy in my Christmas bedroom.

It all […]

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Christmas Ornament Cards

Send friends and family inspired Christmas cards this year – like these brilliant Christmas ornament cards; intended to be hung as ornaments on your tree so you can decorate with everyone’s warm wishes.

I have to tell you a story; a couple/few weeks ago I posted a photo of my DIY Christmas tree stand to Instagram.  My thought process was that “it’s early, so people will have time to build their own prior to setting up their Christmas tree”.

Well, someone […]

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Christmas Gift Ideas

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday upon us, it seemed like the perfect time time to revisit this list of 300+ gift ideas (100+ themed gift baskets) as most of these will be on sale!

*This post contains affiliate links – please read affiliate disclosure on the sidebar.

For quick-access shopping click over to my Amazon storefront where I’ve created a boutique with these, and many more, ideas.

This blog post took a looooong time to put together. I polled friends and […]

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Christmas tree 2018

The 100Things2Do Christmas tree for 2018 includes red, white and plaid on a freshly flocked artificial tree.

I am hoping to do a Holiday Home Tour at some point in December, but it seems as though as soon as one room is clean, every other one is in chaos-mode.  Instead of slaving on every single room at once, I thought I’d piecemeal it and share one room at a time – so yes, every room in my home is a pigsty […]

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Wood Reindeer

This fun DIY reindeer head can be made from wood or cardboard and can be decorated to fit your decor.

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We went away skiing last March and rented a cabin with an old stone fireplace.  Above the fireplace was this giant moose head made entirely from grapevine and he was absolutely gorgeous.  Ever since seeing him, I have thought how pretty and whimsical a FAKE animal bust […]

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Make your own pet food stand

Instead of spending a ton of money buying a raised pet feeder, make your own pet food stand with a few pieces of scrap wood!

Most of the projects on this blog stem from a problem.

Most times the problem is that I’m too broke to purchase the items I want lol.

The problem I needed to solve for today’s post however, was small, grey, and a thank-goodness-she’s-cute-handful…
Miss Luna.

In particular, it’s Miss Luna’s proclivity to getting into Lacey’s water dish and splashing it […]

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Christmas Orb

These metal spheres are typically found in gardens, but today I’m showcasing how I turned it into a glowing Christmas orb hung from our pergola.

Chloë and I hit the Lucan craft show a couple of weeks ago – a yearly tradition we have – and, per usual, we were amazed at all the crafts and DIYs from all of those creative minds.

One such brilliant brain was C&D Steel Works – who make beautiful metal objects for your home and […]

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Wooden Christmas Trees

All you need to create these festive and rustic wooden Christmas trees is some scrap wood and a jig saw!

I was at HomeSense the other week – which is my SAHMom version of a luxury vacation – and I was snapping photos here and there of projects that I wanted to buy, but knew I could make for a fraction of the price (even though HomeSense really does have great prices).

One item caught my eye in particular; a wooden Christmas […]

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Rustic-Industrial Office – One Room Challenge, Fall 2018, Week 6

Over the past 6 weeks we have made over a dull and dingy basement office into a rustic-industrial retreat that anyone would be happy to work in.


The Fall 2018 One Room Challenge is done and we are so thrilled with the results of our basement office transformation.

Remember this?

One Room Challenge Fall 2018, Basement office makeover

That was Sherri’s home office before.

Basement office makeover, [...]
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Looking to build your tool arsenal?  WORX Tools and 100Things2Do are partnering on a huge giveaway over on Instagram!  Follow @WORXTools and @100Things2Do.ca  and you could win $360 (US) worth of tools to get your DIY on!

I’m so excited to share today’s (sponsored) post.

Like super-uper-schmooper excited!

If you follow my blog then you will know what a HUGE fan I am of WORX tools.

Our romance started a few years ago when the company […]

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