Scroll Saw Sign

If you have any familiarity with a sewing machine, then you can use a scroll saw!  Check out how I made a custom business logo sign using my scroll saw and some scrap wood.

As you may know, I’m in the midst of the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge and I’m working with my friend Sherri – contractor and owner of Details Renovations.  Sherri is footing the bill for her home office makeover and allowing me to come in, learn, […]

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Adding snow to an artificial Christmas tree

Snow-flocked trees have been all the rage for the past couple of years, but purchasing a pre-flocked tree can be pricey.  Instead, add artificial snow to your existing tree in a few easy steps.

Do you have a neighbour that does weird things?  Maybe they put out their Hallowe’en decorations in August or their garage is always open and it’s chock-full of chaos.

I’m that neighbour – and it’s to the point now where my neighbours don’t even bat an eye when they […]

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Frame a puzzle?

If you’ve spent hours and hours finishing a puzzle, only to have to break it apart again to box it up, then this idea might just be for you!

My parents love puzzles.

I guess I should say they love THIS puzzle, and have solved it and broken it down and solved it again more than a few times.

My Mom decided that she wanted to keep their hard work, and the beautiful picture the puzzle created, by framing it up to hang […]

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Demo Day! – One Room Challenge, Fall 2018

Week 2 progress of the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge is all about DEMO DAY (and repair).

The bi-annual One Room Challenge (with media partner Better Homes and Gardens) is in Week 2 (of 6) and we’ve made some awesome progress!

One Room Challenge Fall 2018, Basement office makeover

The ORC is a challenge to completely makeover one room in 6 weeks.  We’re talking flooring, lighting, plumbing (if applicable) and of course […]

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One day board and batten

Create a gorgeous accent wall of board and batten in just one day – paint and all!

I’ve been working on a board and batten accent wall in my master bedroom this week, and the entire build – from purchasing the wood to the second coat of paint was all done in ONE DAY.

Seriously – we started Monday morning at 10am and I had finished up the second coat by 8pm (keep in mind a lot of that was drying time […]

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Wall-mounted plate rack

Short on cupboard space or just looking to display your servers and cutting boards?  Build this simple wall-mounted plate rack (with drawer) to organize and decorate in one!

I’m working with my super-hero Jen Woodhouse today on the building plans for this gorgeous (and functional) wall-mounted plate rack.

Think plate racks are just for Grandmas (that’s what my Hubby said when I told him I was going to build one) – not so my friends.  Sure you can decorate it with […]

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Basement office makeover – One Room Challenge, Fall 2018

It’s time!

The bi-annual One Room Challenge (with media partner Better Homes and Gardens) is underway!

One Room Challenge Fall 2018, Basement office makeover

For those of you that haven’t followed along as I’ve tackled the One Room Challenge before;

The ORC is a challenge to completely makeover one room in 6 weeks.  We’re talking flooring, lighting, plumbing […]

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Free Fall Desktop Wallpapers / Fall Screensavers

Use these free Fall desktop wallpapers / Fall screensavers to decorate your workspace.  If you can’t be outside, you can dream about it right?

A couple of years ago I compiled some of my favourite desktop wallpapers/screensavers into one easy, clickable blog post.

That post continues to see traffic today, so I figured I’d create a few more Fall inspired wallpapers so you can change out your dreary desktop for something crisp, cool and Autumn.

Click on any of the individual images to […]

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Keep your planters green year round

Tired of changing out your planters three times a year?  Save money and do the work once by planting cedars in planters (or other evergreens).

This post came about because I am a seasonal gardener.

In the Spring I can’t wait to get to the nurseries and fill my planters with bright, beautiful flowers.  I water them every second day and give them fertilizer once a week…

for about a month and a half…

then I’m tired of it.  July/August seem to call for […]

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How to keep track of paint colors

This is a simple and inexpensive way to keep track of paint colors in your home – so you can shop with confidence, touch-up with ease and give an accurate colour name to friends that comment “I love your walls!”

I’m switching back and forth between the Canadian/English “colour” and the American “color” so that everyone that wants to keep track of paint colours can Google this page.

If you […]

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Winterizing the Garage Doors

We tend to think of garage door maintenance come Fall when “Winterizing” is on our minds, but weatherizing your garage doors will protect your home from pests, insects, leaves,water, dirt and extreme temperatures any time of the year.

Is the above photo shocking?

This is the bottom weatherstrip on my garage door.  It’s shifted, been chewed and/or frozen to the ground and ripped, it was full of sawdust and water and clearly completely ineffective in sealing out anything that wanted to come hibernate […]

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Organizing Your Purse

This is my purse.

I have a few purses, none of them fancy, but 99% of the time I just leave all of my stuff in this comfy bag.

Organizing your purse, purse organization, purse hacks

It has my blog embroidered on it, it has a few pockets and is big enough to hold everything (and the kitchen sink).

Organizing your purse, purse organization, purse hacks

See […]

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Painted Laundry Room Cabinets

Pick up some Craig’s List cabinets, freshen with a coat of paint and upgrade your laundry room (on a very small budget).

I bought these cabinets through MaxSold – a sort of online garage sale – and while they look pretty rough:

Painted laundry room cabinets, laundry room cupboards, painted cabinets, cabinet makeover

Painted laundry room cabinets, laundry room cupboards, painted cabinets, cabinet makeover

they were the […]

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Maintaining Your Front Door

Your front door is the most used entrance/exit in your home.  It’s one of the most important aspects of curb appeal and it protects your family – not only from intruders, but from weather, noise, dust, dirt and insects as well.  Given all of this, maintaining your front door should be an important part of your home upkeep.

This past weekend was the first hint of Fall in my neck of the woods, which got me salivating for the season.  I’m […]

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Industrial Pipe Valet

Who would have thought that industrial pipe and plywood could create a stunning piece of decor for your home?  This industrial pipe men’s valet / coat rack is urban, rustic, steam punk and functional all in one!

I was over helping my friend Sherri out the other day and I noticed this impressive industrial pipe valet she had built.

Industrial pipe valet, industrial pipe coat rack

It is spectacular!  Truly – I’m not […]

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Scrap Wood Coin Bank

Who says Piggy Banks are only for kids?  I’d say, as adults, there are far more items on our wish lists that are just a skinch out of reach than there ever were when we were kids.  Make your own scrap wood coin bank and get a little closer to your dream with every dollar.

I’ve got an easy project for you today.  One that you can whip out in an hour – but it does take a bit of confidence […]

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Outdoor Bench (perfect for Amazon deliveries)

Using free building plans from Jen Woodhouse, I was able to DIY an outdoor storage bench perfect for hiding Amazon deliveries.

Have you seen Jen Woodhouse’s outdoor storage bench?  It’s gorgeous (of course) and a necessity (I feel) for anyone and everyone that receives packages in the mail.

And who doesn’t?

Every company on the planet seems to be offering online shopping and delivery options to keep us introverts out of the mall and in our happy-pajamas.  There are however, a rare […]

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Scrapwood Hallowe’en Owl

When you’ve finished your Fall pruning, hang on to a branch or two and make this adorable Hallowe’en Owl.

My friend sent me a photo of an adorable owl made from branch slices that she’d seen in a  shop somewhere.  I had a bit of Fall pruning that needed doing – so it seemed serendipitous that I should attempt to make my own branch slice owl in awesome Hallowe’en colours.

*Note:  Cutting the branch into thin slices, on an angle, is not […]

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