How much does it cost to run a blog?

What costs/expenses should you expect when running your own blog.

This list is not at all comprehensive, and is reflective of the expenses on, but it will give you an idea of the costs involved in running your own blog.

If you are considering starting a blog, or are wondering if you are paying out too little or too much, this might help you in your research.  I’ll order them by “Necessary”, “Good-to-have”, “Optional” and “Extras”.

How much does it cost to […]

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Build a Laundry Folding Table Over Your Washer and Dryer

Use these simple building plans to build your own folding table over your washer and dryer.

The other day you caught a sneak-peek at my new folding table in my unfinished laundry room.  I know, I know, I’ve built a laundry dresser/folding table before, but the thing was a beast and it blocked the doorway into the room, so it had to go.

This time I measured for a free-standing folding table (meaning you don’t have to attach it to […]

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Unfinished Laundry Room

Tired of looking at wires and pipes in your basement laundry room, but don’t have the budget for framing and drywall?  What about a photo backdrop to keep the necessities accessible – but out of sight and create a (slightly more) appealing unfinished laundry room?

Popping in for a quickie today… lol

No, not ‘afternoon delight’ sort of quickie, but a quick fix to a nagging eyesore;

My laundry room is an ongoing aggravation in my life.  Granted, I only spend any amount […]

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Back-to-school decor – for the classroom or home!

With a few pieces of scrap wood and some tester pots of paint you can make your own back-to-school decor for your classroom, or to decorate your home!

I have had so much fun puttering away in the she-shop lately.  Yes, it’s been hot and muggy, but the thought of the kids heading back-to-school has me giddy with glee!  I thought I’d rush the big day a little, and decorate my home to celebrate my favourite (their least favourite) day of […]

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Make your own dry-erase board

With some window film and a few minutes you can turn just about anything into your own DIY dry-erase board.

Remember the coffee table from the other week?  The one I dismantled and repurposed into a chalkboard command centre and a vignette of rustic candlesticks?  Well today I’m using up the last piece of that coffee table – the top – to create an awesome DIY dry-erase board.

Let me start by reminding you what the coffee table looked like […]

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How to hang a pendant light

Swapping out pendant lighting isn’t as difficult as you might think.  In fact, in only a few easy steps you can hang a pendant light yourself and completely change the look of a room.

These are the pendant lights that we’ve had hanging in our kitchen for the past 13 years.  They’re okay.  They match the stainless steel appliances and up until a few months ago they worked – but something happened and (even with new bulbs) suddenly 2 of the […]

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Decorating a Fall Front Porch

Create a warm welcome as cooler weather approaches by decorating your front porch for Fall.

I know, I know – its August and the weather is more-than-balmy, but for my Southern U.S. readers back-to-school is days away.  You can’t help but think of Fall when the school books and backpacks come out, so I thought I’d get a jump-start (and show you how to save some money) by decorating your Fall front porch now.

Greenhouses plant Chrysanthemums on staggered dates to ‘force’ […]

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Super-Simple Freezer Jam

This sweet, juicy freezer jam takes just two ingredients, can be manipulated for any berry and is simple to make.

This freezer jam recipe is so super-easy that it is almost embarrassing to post on the blog.  All you need is the berry of your choice, white sugar and a large soup pot to whip out some of the best jam you have ever tasted.

The fact that you source the ingredients makes it as wholesome and organic as you want and […]

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DIY Candle Holders

Make a gorgeous vignette of candle holders for next-to-nothing by repurposing old furniture legs. 

Remember the coffee table I was working on the other day?  Well, project two of my repurposing/upcycling adventure was to take the legs from the table and make them into these beautiful, rustic candle holders.

Did I mention that these were completely free?  Free, fun and repurposing are three of my favourite things!

I got my destruction on by dismantling the worn out coffee table.

Choosing the best toilet for your family

Choosing the best toilet for your family is more than finding a colour and price and taking it home from the nearest store – these are a few considerations you should keep in mind.

We built our house in 2005 and had agreed on a few upgrades for our dream home, but toilets were not even remotely in the running as items we were going to spend time researching or allocating additional funds to.  Builder’s grade bowls seemed adequate, and really, […]

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My FREE Family Command Centre

You don’t have to spend mucho-buckos to create a family command centre, in fact, our family command centre came in at a whopping $0!  Here’s how you can do it too!

I was futzing in the garage the other day and debating whether to refinish this free coffee table that a friend had dropped off.

Worn out coffee table, damaged coffee table, old side table

The colour was dated and the finish was pretty […]

Lightly Sweet Southern Sweet Tea

This recipe for Southern sweet tea is cool and refreshing, with just the right amount of sweetness –  perfect for a summer treat on the porch.

I’m recently back from a blogging conference in Charleston, South Carolina where the weather was hot, the history enthralling, and the food rich and savoury.  I can finally say I’ve tried Fried Green Tomatoes – which I assumed were un-ripe tomatoes deep-fried to hide their bitterness (not so, they are green when ripe – Duh!), […]

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Classic Kids Wagon

How many of you had a classic kids wagon when you were small?  Maybe a Radio Flyer metal deck one or a wood deck wagon with removable gates on the sides.  If you’re a Mom now, then you are likely to have, or have had, a more current version like a Little Tykes plastic wagon or something like it?

The girls grandparents bought them this fantastic classic kids wagon when they were small, and it is the one ‘baby item’ we […]

Housewarming Gift idea

June and July are supposed to be lazy vacation months but for many, they signify the beginning of something new – new homes, apartments, residences, dorms.  Of the estimated 40 million people who move each year (in the US) 80% of them move between May and September – and I think at least half of that 40 million is in the midst of moving onto and/or away from my street.

I know a bottle of wine or a batch of muffins are […]

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Simple Cedar Tray

I always scramble come end-of-year when I need to come up with gift ideas for teachers and coaches.  I know that apples, pencils and worm paraphernalia are cute, but I think I’m correct in assuming if you’ve taught for more than one year, you probably have a cupboard full already.  I tried to come up with ideas of things I might use day-to-day and ended up landing on this simple cedar tray.

DIY serving tray, [...]
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I made a ping-pong table!

Good morning and Happy Canada Day!

This hot weather has me melting, but given the winter we just came out of, I hate to spend much time indoors.  I havemy patio all set up with a fan moving the air constantly, the Intex pool nearby and a FOLDING PING-PONG TABLE on the patio.

DIY ping pong table, ping pong table, folding ping pong table, backyard fun, backyard games

Yup, I built my own […]

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Coastal Decor – flea market find

One of my favourite emails to receive are those from Birch Lane.  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) they don’t ship to Canada, but that doesn’t stop me from pining over their perfectly styled photos of decor for your home.  It was one such photo that reminded me that I had these fishing weights tucked away, and how gorgeous they could look set out as some coastal decor on my patio.

Coastal decor, flea market find, fishing [...]
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Cottage Games / Camping Games

Do any/many of you head to a cottage or go camping in the summer?

We rent a cottage with friends each year and spend a week by the beach “Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool…” (Fresh Prince style).  We load our cars to maximum capacity – so much so that the kids are usually bent into some awkward Twister position and my knees are up around my chest trying to fit one last thing in.

Granted, an ice cream maker isn’t a […]

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