Dollar Store Pumpkin Display – Navy & Gold

The Dollar Store is one of my favourite places to buy materials to knock-off more expensive decor – case in point, painting these dollar store pumpkins is something that I do each year as my tastes and colour schemes change.

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I mean really, does anyone really keep these dollar store pumpkins in the original colours?

I think […]

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Fall Outdoor Decor – DIY Wheelbarrow

Last year the Home Depot offered a DIH (Do It Herself) workshop where instructors showed you how to build a DIY wheelbarrow using a crate and some 2×2 wood.

The workshop wasn’t offered in my area, and I couldn’t find the tutorials online, so I decided to whip up my own version and offer the plans here – just in case you missed out too.

First I’d like to show you the “why”:  I found this giant, gorgeous resin pumpkin at a […]

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Easy and Inexpensive DIY Duvet Cover

Are you starting to feel the cooler temperatures in your area?

It might be temporary, but here in SW Ontario we’ve moved from shorts to pants and with the humidity out of the air, nights are spent with cool breezes wafting through bedroom windows – it’s absolutely heavenly!

I’ve been changing over some of our decor to reflect both the season and the air temperature and adding a little extra warmth to the bed was top on my list.

I’m going to show […]

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Back-to-School treat bag tags

Today’s post is just a quickie, but it came about because a friend stopped by the other day to ask if I could set up a word document for her to create foldable labels for some back-to-school treats she wanted to give to her class.

I figured if I was making treat bag tags anyways, I might as well share the template in case you want to create your own for your little back-to-schoolers.

Back-to-school treats, [...]
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DIY Decorative Knobs

Did you catch the cute knobs on Chloë’s closet project the other day?

Would you believe they cost $0.10 each?

Truthfully – I picked up a whack-load of these white ceramic knobs ages ago but they were so bland and boring I couldn’t bring myself to use them – until I tried making these DIY decorative knobs, and now I wish I’d picked up more.

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Small Closet Organization (on a budget)

Miss Chloë got ripped off in the closet department – but in our defence, we didn’t know we were having two kids when we built.  As it was our builder hadn’t incorporated a linen closet into our home, so we had to use part of – what later became – Chloë’s closet.

It’s a single closet, so not minuscule by any means, but certainly smaller than most closets being built in houses today.

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Create your own pet grave marker

This post has been a looooooong time coming.

Two years to be exact – that’s when our sweet Milo passed away and we buried him in our backyard.

Last month we lost our little Phoebe and she too was buried in the backyard.

But we didn’t have anything to mark their graves.  We knew where they were and we’d visit occasionally, but there was no plaque or even stone to mark their resting places.

Hubby may have buried Phoebe a tad shallowly because he’s […]

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Picture Ledge – decorating my home office

I’m still plugging away at my office makeover and today I want to show off my new picture ledge!

It’s just a cheapie Ikea ledge, nothing too impressive – what I’m excited about is the art that it holds;

art that I made!

And I’m not an artist!

Remember the photos I showcased the other day?  The ones from our cottage vacation?

Well, I took a couple of my favourites:

Inverhuron, Kincardine, beach, cottage

and used my

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Cottage dreaming and learning Lightroom

We have had the most AMAZING summer!

Hubby was able to take two weeks off and we rented a gorgeous cottage on Lake Huron – as in right on the water.  We shared the cottage with our favourite travelling companions and dearest friends and enjoyed sun, sand, surf (some rain) and savoury meals prepared by the boys.

It was absolutely decadent.

I won’t force you to sit through a slide show of our vacation, but I will post a few images here since […]

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What is Swirl Remover?

This post came about in a round about way – typical for how my brain works – so hang on…

We’ve been away at the cottage this past week and when I come home from any vacation anywhere I feel “dirty”.  I’m actually clean, I’ve showered and we had laundry facilities, but the feeling sticks with me so on returning home from anywhere I do a mass of laundry, facial mask, hair mask, shaved legs – the works.

While unpacking the car […]

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