Garage Organization – Easy Garage Shelving

Low on space, but high on “stuff” – try this easy garage shelving to increase your storage capacity and organize your space.

My garage is my workshop.

When I say “my” garage I mean the half of our two-car garage that I’ve filled with tools, wood, furniture and paint.

The other half is “his garage” – the half that he parks his car in.

As much as I try to push the boundaries and spread my stuff across the line (the seam in the concrete that […]

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Headboard Turned Garden Bench with Rust-Oleum

Turn a damaged, dated and dirty headboard into a gorgeous garden bench with Rust-Oleum® Canada.

This project is limited only by your imagination – you can pick up any headboard and footboard (matching or otherwise), in any size from crib to king and paint it in any colour under the rainbow (or paint it like a rainbow if you like) to create a gorgeous upcycled headboard garden bench!

First up, scour your basement, your parents’ basement, garage sales and thrift […]

I’m Sad Today…

Actually, by the time you read this it will probably have been a few days ago that I was sad.

But I am/was.

I’m generally a pretty happy person.  It really doesn’t take much to brighten my day – my tea mug turned to the perfect direction to pull it out of the microwave, my dog’s cutie-eyes as she begs for attention, a hug and kiss from my kids.

Today nothing was making me happy.

Let me explain – last week was my birthday […]

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A clean oven without the work?!

If you surf Pinterest, you will find dozens on dozens of people claiming to have “the best” or “the easiest” methods and materials for cleaning the oven.  Heck, your oven itself probably has a self-clean function built right into it.

None of them, and I mean NONE of them will do as thorough a job as OvenClean.  I know this because I’ve tried.

The vinegar, the baking soda, the SOS pads, the Ajax, and the ammonia.  The best method I’d found prior […]

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Easter Decor – HomeSense Wood Bunnies

I was asked recently where I drew my inspiration from, and I admit whole-heartedly that I am a plagiarist.

I see an object/creation and I try to decide whether I can make my own version.  Sometimes  it’s from images on Pinterest, sometimes magazines and a lot of the time it’s HomeSense (HomeGoods is the US version of the same store).

I can easily spend an hour or two just wandering the aisles dreaming up places to put all the goodies on display.  I […]

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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads

I get approached fairly regularly by companies that want me to share their products, images, stories etc. and while I believe that everyone needs a helping hand, not all the products fit with the meme of my blog (eg. “eyelash extensions imported from China”, “hot Russian chicks just for me” and a plethora of diet programs that I would never attempt myself)

Since I don’t use eyelash extensions, I’m not much into chicks – no matter how hot these Russian women are – and I […]

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Spring Vignette – Using Faux Flowers

I’m going to start by saying this Spring vignette is NOT a sponsored post – not that it matters, I only accept sponsored posts from companies I use and believe in – but for the record, this one is not.

With Spring-like temperatures basting our Vitamin-D deficient bodies here in SouthWestern Ontario – it has everyone hoping, wishing and thinking SPRING!

I’m right there with you – bring on the sunshine and flowers!

I know this is just a tease by Mother Nature. […]

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Locker Magnets – Solving Gym Mayhem

I’ve searched Pinterest and, believe it or not, I can’t find a single image showing a neat way to identify your locker when you’re at the gym.

There’s decorating your locker for high school and refurbishing old lockers for home decor pieces – but nothing to help you in this situation:

locker magnets, DIY locker magnets, identifying your locker at the gym, gym lockers, where's my locker

This is approximately what my gym’s […]

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Strawberry Brownie Kebabs – an Easy Valentine’s Treat

These strawberry brownie kebabs are an easy treat that you can whip out in minutes (especially if you buy two-bite brownies) to make for Valentine’s day at school.

There’s not much to it really, you will need:

  • large marshmallows
  • two-bite brownies (or bake-your-own and cut them into 1″ bites)
  • kebab skewers
  • fresh strawberries – washed and hulled
  • semi-sweet chocolate chipits

Strawberry brownie kebabs, strawberry dessert skewers, strawberry brownie skewers, class treats, Valentine's treats

Skewer […]

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How to Organize Manuals and Warranties

A couple of years ago, this was how we stored all of our product manuals:

Warranty binder, how to organize manuals and warranties, product manuals, tool manuals, product instruction binder, keeping track of manuals and warranties

Yup, that was my kitchen drawer and I had no idea what was in there.  It became the drop-zone for product manuals and parts when we made new purchases.  You know, those manuals that you “HAVE” to […]

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