Repurposed Lightbulb to Twine Pear

These repurposed lightbulb twine pears are actually from a post I wrote back in 2013.  The article itself was one of my earlier blog posts with no keywords or SEO, so I doubt anyone except my parents have ever seen it.  To that end, I decided it was worth revisiting – especially given that these non-coil lightbulbs are quickly becoming extinct.

I’m using a black-light bulb in these photos, because that’s what was available at the dollar store, but clear glass […]

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Painted Vases for Home Decor

Do you have a cupboard or a shelf somewhere that is holding a plethora of glass vases?  Perhaps from birthdays over the years?

I do – or rather I did until I saw this image from the cover of FrontGate Magazine (Feb.2017 issue)

Frontgate Magazine, cover February 2017

I hang on to pages from magazines and keep them tucked away in a binder – I call it my “I can do that” stash.

Those […]

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10 DIY Furniture Projects for Beginners

If you’re looking to add some new pieces to your current decor, but don’t have the budget for big-box stores, make your own with these 10 DIY furniture projects for beginners.

My formal carpentry training consists of wood shop in grades 7 and 8 – and while that is two years of pretty intensive hands-on experience (amounting to about 1 hour per week), I’d hardly say it puts me in anything more than a beginner class when it comes to building.

One […]

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Classroom Valentines

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Have you bought/made Valentines for your kids’ classrooms yet?

I received an email from Minted the other day and I had to share the adorable custom classroom Valentines they are promoting this year:

Classroom Valentines, Valentine's Day cards, Valentine's for kids, Minted Valentine's

Classroom Valentines, Valentine's Day cards, Valentine's for kids, Minted Valentine's

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DIY Nightstand

Today’s the day!

The day I showcase a build over on The House of Wood!  It’s something you won’t have seen on this blog – and it has my favourite features – function, form and it’s easy-to-make.

I figured that since Jen was sharing one of my builds to her readers, then it’s only fair that I showcase one of her builds to you guys – so today I’m showing off these Pottery Barn knock-off nightstands.

I used Jen’s plans […]

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Organizing the Linen Closet

Have I ever told you how susceptible I am to marketing?

It’s true, when I was in University there was an infomercial for “Breast enlargement cream” (that was waaaaay back when I stayed up past 8pm).  At that time, women aspired to Pamela Anderson’s chest size in the same way women now want a Kardashian butt.  My nickname in highschool was “two-by-four” because of my un-Pamela-like chest size, so clearly I needed/bought the miracle cream.

Didn’t work of course.  Neither did the […]

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DIY Makeup Caddy

Is YouTube killing you?

It’s killing me.

My girls watch endless videos – everything from kids playing video games to makeup tutorials – and everything they see they want to try.

We’ve caved and let them play MineCraft and Sims, and for Christmas all Madison asked for was makeup. (Don’t worry, this is for play, not for school.)  I placed an order with ELF (REALLY inexpensive makeup) and we were able to get her just about everything her favourite You-Tubers have.  I liken […]

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Simple Toy Display

This has been a week of I.O.U.’s over here.

I promised my Dad I’d build him a condiment carrier, I promised Chloë I’d build her a tiered shelf to display her toys, I promised Madison I’d refinish a mirror for her….

Technically not I.O.U.’s as in money – but simple projects that I’ve put off for a while and have weighed on my mind.

I’m not sure if simple builds are too boring for you guys now?  Now that I’m showcasing bigger builds […]

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Modsy-Inspired Dresser Makeover

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If you’ve followed along, you’ll know that I’ve been working with some Modsy designs to makeover my master bedroom.  Part of that makeover included new furniture – or rather, “new to me” furniture.

This Modsy rendering shows the Sausalito extra-wide dresser from Pottery Barn:

Affordable interior design, online interior design, master bedroom makeover, grey master bedroom, gray master bedroom, master bedroom and Modsy

It’s gorgeous, […]

Classroom Coat Rack

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Are your (or have your) kids ever been in a portable?  Those boxes that make up classrooms outside of the school building?

Miss Madison was in a portable last year, and this year it’s Chloë’s turn to enjoy the cozy atmosphere (find a silver lining folks) – but given the small square footage and the lack of access to a major hallway for coat hooks and shelves, the winter coat/boot/snowpants situation was becoming a […]

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