Shaped cutting board

One of my favourite things to do is come up with ideas to use up scrap wood.  I think it’s fair to say I spend more time creating with scrap wood than I do building the large pieces that generate all the scrap wood.   Today’s shaped cutting board is another scrap wood project that is easily made (but no one will guess it) and a great gift idea for Moms, teachers, coaches or as a hostess gift.

*This post contains […]

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Gift ideas for Mom

May 13th is Mother’s Day this year and so I’d like to offer up a few gift ideas for Mom that I’ve been tossing around for my Mom, my MIL (and for myself) in the hopes that it might inspire you to do something a little different this Mother’s Day.

Gift ideas for Mom

  1.  Free labour.  Yup, what Mom doesn’t want her “honey-do list” wheedled down?  Fertilize her lawn, till a garden, paint a room, pressure wash her deck or take […]
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Dollar store gallery wall – how to cut your own picture mats

Do you love gallery walls?  I love gallery walls.  But gallery walls can get expensive – you need to buy several frames that go together, then find pictures/photos that will fit into the pre-cut mats inside those frames, or get custom mats cut (which again can cost a pretty penny).  Today I’m going to show you my sneaky way to get a gallery wall on a budget; by cutting your own picture mats.

This was the gallery wall in my parent’s […]

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Rustic Industrial Side Table

Today’s post is a two-bee; on 100Things2Do I’m sharing building plans for three versions of a rustic industrial side table and on The House of Wood, I’m sharing the building plans for the rustic industrial coffee table to match!

The inspiration for both of these tables came from Restoration Hardware.

Restoration Hardware Torano square side table

That’s $1,195 folks.

The coffee table (plans over on Jen’s blog) came in at over $3,000!

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Spring 2018 One Room Challenge – Week 4

It’s week 4 of the challenge and I am thrilled to say that all of my “heavy lifting” for my parent’s basement makeover is done!  By heavy lifting I mean the big jobs that give the greatest “bang for your buck” in their home gym / theatre room makeover.

One Room Challenge Spring 2018

This week I’m going to show you the colour – or rather the removal of colour from the home […]

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Wood Art Challenge – Birdhouse Collage

I was invited to take part in a Wood Art Challenge with some of the biggest names in DIY blogging and I am psyched!  This morning will be the first time seeing what the other influencers have come up with so I’m just as excited to check out everyone’s creativity as you are!

If you DIY anything, then you will end up with scrap pieces.  Scrap fabric, paper, and in my case […]

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Do it yourself fire starters

Yesterday I told you how I had issues getting rid of scrap wood – no matter how small – today I’m going to show you my issues getting rid of wood shavings.  Yup, I’m that neurotic.  Sawdust can go, but when you have shavings from a planer then my brain says “there must be a use for this?”  Today I’ll show you how I repurposed those shavings into do it yourself fire starters!

I was researching uses for wood shavings and […]

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Scrap wood projects – Owls

I must be the Queen of scrap wood projects.  I don’t even know how I accumulate so much scrap wood, other than the fact that I hate to throw anything into the landfill – even if it is a 6″ scrap of 2″ x 2″.  For today’s simple scrap wood project I dug through my pile and came out with two bits of 4″ x 4″ pressure treated post – just perfect for making scrap wood owls!

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DIY Cat Tree

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will know that we’ve had a new addition to our family – Baby Luna Grayce – an 8 week old kitten that has stolen all of our hearts.

The thing about new kittens though is that they have these spurts of energy that usually result in some kind of damage; climbing curtains, falling between the stair rails, tipped plants and scratching.  Oh my God the […]

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Spring 2018 One Room Challenge – Basement Makeover

Today’s the day bloggers everywhere showcase the progress they’ve made for their projects in the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge.  I’ve submitted my parent’s basement – which houses a theatre room section and a home gym section – as my challenge entry.One Room Challenge Spring 2018

This week was all about boxing up all the shit items that have turned their home gym into a hoarder’s haven.

I wouldn’t say that I’m […]

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Happy Birthday Madison!

Twelve years ago today, well yesterday actually, I was admitted to the hospital to be induced because the little lump in my tummy refused to move out.  She was stubborn even before she came into the world.  Somewhere around 16 hours, a fainting Hubby and a c-section later, Miss Madison blessed our lives.

Today I/we want to wish her the very best 12th birthday any little girl young lady could ever have:

To my beautiful baby girl that I accidentally dropped on […]

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The best way to deep clean your shower

Yes, hire someone else and rebuild your entire shower from scratch.  Failing the whopping budget for that, the easiest and best way I’ve found to deep clean your shower is to use the HomeRight SteamMachine.

(This is not a sponsored post however the links to purchase the Steam Machine are affiliate links – which means if you buy, 100Things2Do will get a small commission for sending […]

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DIY side table / small bookshelf

As you may (or may not) know, I am a guest contributor over on the amazing, incredible, brilliant blog House of Wood.  Over the past few months, I have shared a few builds that you would not have seen on 100Things2Do like a super-sized shoe rack, a DIY upholstered ottoman, and this week’s awesome DIY; a mid-century-modern style DIY side table / mini-bookshelf.

I won’t share the full building plans here, but I can give you a […]

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Simple Step Stool

Good morning sunshine(s)!

The sun is out, I saw a robin last week and even though the grass is still a dead-brown colour and the temperatures are barely above 0°, I’ve been working in my she-shop with the garage doors open!!

Wahoo!  (I’ve been freezing my kibibees off, but just being able to open the doors to let some sunlight in has given me a shot of Vitamin D happiness!)

I have some pretty big projects coming to the blog in April (like […]

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Yoga Mat Storage / Treadmill table

I’m in the midst of a home gym makeover for my parents and in doing so I noticed that they were missing an essential piece of “equipment”…  something for yoga mat storage and/or a treadmill table.

No, they aren’t yogi’s, but they do “enjoy” walking on the treadmill or riding the stationary bike, so even without yoga mat storage they still needed a treadmill-height table to rest their drinks and sweaty towels on.  Adding rungs for barbells, foam rollers and/or yoga […]

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