Garden Bench Makeover

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a before and after hasn’t it?

It’s not for lack of doing them – I’ve painted a bathroom, a bedroom, a bench, a stool, a … but the makeovers are either not complete (waiting on blinds for my daughter’s bedroom makeover) or the after was done in the same colour as the before and the transformation wouldn’t be very dramatic in blog photos.

This garden bench makeover is fantastic though, so I had to share – along […]

Marbled Rock Paperweights – crafts for kids

The other day I posted the cork coasters that my daughter and her friend made (so cute), but I didn’t post what my other daughter – Miss Chloë – was up to at the same time…

The project I did with her and her friends (aged 8, 9 and 11) was creating these beautiful marbled rock paperweights.

This is a simple project, but one I’d suggest for 7+ because a very gentle hand is needed to get the marbled effect.

First up, select some […]

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Teacher Gift for Teacher Appreciation Week

Someone on Instagram recently posted a card they’d made for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Immediately, and in a panic, I Googled to find out when Teacher Appreciation was in my neck of the woods (just in case it’s different in different countries) and sure enough – Friday, May 5th is designated as Teacher Appreciation Day here in Ontario.

I’m still trying to get my act together in time for Mother’s Day coming up, but my girls have been so fortunate to have amazing […]

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The BEST Mother’s Day gift I’ve ever received

The very best gift my family has ever given me, Mother’s Day or otherwise is this:

Mother's Day gift, best Mother's Day Gift, gifts for Mom, heartfelt gifts, handmade gifts for her, Mother's Day

A dollar store journal that I attached some vinyl lettering to.

I made this for myself (and a few for friends) back in 2014 and it is hands-down my favourite and the best Mother’s Day gift ever.

But I bought it […]

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Adirondack Chairs / Muskoka Chairs

I didn’t know what to call this post?

I’ve always called these chairs “Muskoka”, but in the US I guess they are called “Adirondack chairs” – either way, I was in desperate need of a new pair.

This is my second set of Adirondack chairs / Muskoka chairs in the past 10 years, and this pair has been painted twice – which is a BEAST of a job.  Water and weather have taken their […]

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Custom Sun Hat

Do you remember Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress?  From her third marriage?  The one where the kids doodles were incorporated into the gown itself?

With this and Mother’s Day in mind, it got me to thinking of a neat Mother’s Day gift idea that the kids could do.  A crafty gift that I’d actually use…

like perhaps a sun hat?

Mother's Day gift idea, sun hat, custom sun hat, DIY sun hat

The vacation doesn’t look too bad […]

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Outdoor Lighting – DIY Solar Lamp

Are you starting to get the feeling that my backyard beautification goals are never-ending?

I’m sorry, I can’t help myself – my backyard is far and away my favourite room of our house.  I love the sunshine, fresh air and chillaxing while the kids run wild playing or swimming.  I love that there is almost no clean-up required before or after hosting friends – tidy is just a garden hose away.  I love that friends swing by on a whim and we […]

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Cork Coasters – Crafting with kids

I had some fun over the weekend and invited my “Muses” over to play.

By Muses I mean the imagination-station team – consisting of my daughter and a few of her friends.

I LOVE seeing what kids come up with when creating.  My mind is so pigeon-holed by Pinterest perfection that I don’t often branch out and come up with something entirely original, but ask an 11 year old to paint cork coasters and watch what they come up with!

I picked up […]

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Cork Board Makeover

I am in the home stretch of a room makeover for my tween daughter!  The past week has been about updating her room from hot pink to white – including changing out the caulking on the window, painting all the trim, sanding damage out of the walls and now (finally) decorating.

I’m not sure why Miss Madison decided on white – but now that it’s all coming together, I have to admit that the kid has taste.  It’s looking really great […]

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Scrap Wood Sign – Here Comes the Sun

Good Spring Morning!

I hope Easter found you surrounded by loved ones in some beautiful Spring weather?

We were lucky; while it was cloudy and threatening to rain, it held off until after our family left and we were able to enjoy an Easter lunch out on the patio.

Today’s project has been MONTHS in the making.

Okay, not in the “making”, but in the storing…

Scrap wood sign, scrap wood project, Here comes the sun, wood sign, diy [...]
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