Solar Lights – for a Starry Night No Matter What

Have I ever mentioned on the blog what I used to do “in my previous life”?

My official job title was Marketing Specialist for one of the largest insurance companies in North America.

I love marketing.  Truly.  I appreciate a good visual and/or a creative message.

I will fully admit that I am completely susceptible to marketing as well.

Like Facebook marketing…

Like these solar twinkle lights:

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June 26th, 2017|DECOR|1 Comment

Using Rit Dye to get the Pottery Barn Look

Ever notice how everything Pottery Barn is gorgeous?  Furniture, linens, accessories – I’m pretty sure they could sell luxury toilet paper with their styling and photography.

Unfortunately I, like many, don’t have a Pottery Barn budget and while I do have this bedding set:

Pottery Barn, Makenna Paisley duvet set Click image to be taken to

It was a decadent splurge that did not leave room for the extra accessories that make […]

June 25th, 2017|CRAFTS, DECOR|2 Comments

Dining Room Buffet / Sideboard Makeover with Smart Strip

I have a new “must-have” product for my furniture makeover arsenal – Smart Strip™ Advanced Paint Remover by Dumond® Chemical Inc.

I came across Smart Strip™ while getting supplies for my dining room buffet / sideboard makeover and thought I’d give it a shot.


Because the paint stripper I have stood by thus far is sticky and gooey and it burns your skin – even though I wear gloves. If it touches my arm, or my pants it […]

Artificial Flowers – yea, nay or meh?

Hubby has spent three of the last four weekends away from home – 2 “Boys Weekends” and a conference.

I might have felt a tad neglected and over-worked – so I told him he’d better send me flowers.

Serious flowers:

floral centerpiece, floral centrepiece, faux flowers, artificial flowers, silk flowers, peonies, pink floral arrangement Source: Instagram @alisonmiksch – click image to be taken to her site.


I actually texted that image to his phone.  (Subtle […]

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DIY Chalkboard – part of our treehouse upgrades

Chalkboards seem to be all-the-rage now – people are trimming anything and everything with chalkboard paint to create message boards, labels, jar lids, gift tags – you name it and it’s probably had a coating of chalkboard paint to make it better.

Our backyard playground / treehouse is no exception – but where do you find a 3′ x 4′ chalkboard to fit this tall expanse of wall?

Treehouse, playground, treehouse makeover, playground makeover, Tween treehouse, [...]
</p srcset=

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The Light We Lost – Jill Santopolo

Looking for some captivating summer reads?

I haven’t covered any books on the blog in ages, but it’s not for lack of reading them.  I spent most of 2016 devouring the Outlander series (8 books with about 1,700 pages per book) – and let me tell you it was totally worth it.

Not everyone is up to investing their summer in a saga like Outlander – so I’ll give you a quick read that you should pick up:

The Light We Lost by […]

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Candy Bar / Candy Buffet

My girls have danced around the house all weekend reminding me that there are only “9 days left of school”.

At this point, actually learning anything is mute – it’s all about treat days and field trips to celebrate the end of another school year…. essentially a month-long party with a bit of math squeezed in.

Last week Madison had “Candy Day” at school.

I’m not sure why her teachers thought that jacking thirty 11 year-olds full of sugar was a good idea, […]

June 18th, 2017|GAMES / FUN, KIDS, PARTY IDEAS|0 Comments

Outdoor Summer Games – Tic Tac Toe

I will admit that there are a LOT of pins with ideas for creating tic tac toe boards in fun and unusual ways.  Ladybug and frog rocks, chalk paint and frisbees on the lawn, paper plates in hotel rooms – there’s even a version of tic tac toe with lego.  It’s an easy game for any age and one that can be played just about anywhere.

Having written that, I do have a new, unique take on this fun, outdoor summer […]

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Drawer Shelf – easy storage and decor solution

This is going to be a short post today – I mean, what more can I say than “drawer shelf” for you to know the entirety of the project?

I’ve had this drawer sitting in my garage for months.  I was going to make a butler’s table, I was going to use it for a small herb garden, I was going to use it to store pillows or a couple of blankets…  but I never got around to any of those.

June 16th, 2017|KIDS, REPURPOSE|2 Comments

Learning Pottery – A great family activity

A few months ago I showed the results of my first-ever pottery class.  The finished pieces weren’t stellar, but they were SO MUCH FUN to make!

I’ve been looking for an activity that the girls and I can do together.  Not me on the sidelines or in the crowd cheering – but an actual activity that we could all take part in and have in common and talk about afterwards.

I hoped learning pottery would be it.

I signed us up (as well […]

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