One Room Challenge – Week 1

Have you heard of the “One Room Challenge”?

It’s a twice-a-year challenge where bloggers are given 6 weeks to totally makeover one room in their home.

It started Thursday, October 5th, so I’m a few days late in posting my entry as a guest contributor, but I am certainly in on the action and can’t wait to see what amazing transformations everyone comes up with.

One Room Challenge - ORC

The room I’ve selected for […]

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Hot Cocoa Bar

Squeeeaaaallll!  The nights are getting cooler!

Fall is my FAVOURITE season because it’s warm enough during the days to go outside and enjoy the weather, and cool enough at night to snuggle under a cozy throw with a book and hot drink.


This little DIY hot cocoa bar is an easy project that is more about the contents than the build itself, so I’ll cut the work process short.

Directions on how to make an easy ottoman tray can be […]

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Fall Yardwork Checklist- prep now for gorgeous results in Spring

Have the leaves started coming down where you live?  I’ve heard that certain parts of Canada have seen their first snow already, so I know that it’s just a matter of time before the deluge begins.

As it stands, we’ve already started round 1 of our Fall yardwork with the pine needles that have dropped from the giant evergreens behind our house.

Fall yardwork, Fall yard cleanup, Prepping your yard for winter, winterizing your yard, WORX [...]
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Hallowe’en Fun – You’ve been BOO’D!!

It’s the beginning of October which means it’s time to start the Hallowe’en hijinks – namely the ring-and-run fun of “You’ve been Boo’d!”

Hallowe'en fun, Hallowe'en printable, You've been boo'd, boo'd, Boo'd poem, Booing

Make up two small bags of Hallowe’en treats, print off these tags and attach – then sneak up to your friends’ doors and …


Hallowe'en fun, Hallowe'en printable, You've been boo'd, [...]
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DIY Christmas Decor – Wooden Horse

I’ve been scrambling over the past week with an exciting project – exciting for me anyways – I’ve recently been interviewed for London’s LifeStyle Magazine!

No, it’s not BHG or Country Living – but it’s local and I’m so excited!

The article is going to revolve around my 100Things2Do before Christmas checklist (which has since been re-designed and edited to be “100Things2Do before the Holidays”) and the editor asked me to provide a head shot with a DIY project specific to […]

October 4th, 2017|DECOR, HOLIDAYS|3 Comments

Make your own decorative metal tray

Remember my Fall tablescape from last week?

I promised I’d show you how we made the super-simple decorative metal tray, and today’s the day!

M-D Building Products sell sheets of metal – aluminum, brushed nickle, copper, gold, black, in solid sheets and patterned ones.  You can find a selection of M-D Building Products at your local Home Depot, or click the (affiliate) image below:

M-D Building Products

I first learned about this company […]

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My new and improved She-Shop!

There are two rooms in my house that I spend the majority of my waking hours in; my home office and my “She-Shop” (aka garage workshop)

This was my She-shop:

Garage workshop, workshop, she-shop, she shop, garage

I’m alotted half of the garage for my workshop, and in that space I need to house my power tools, a workbench, my Jeep hardtop and any furniture/projects I’m in the midst of.  In the summer, bikes […]

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Thanksgiving / Fall Tablescape

Have you heard the term “tablescape”?

I hadn’t before joining Pinterest.  I wasn’t familiar with setting your table to be a decor statement as opposed to setting it for function.  I didn’t know that tablescaping is a serious design element in seasonal decor.

I decided to pull up my bootstraps and learn a bit more about the art of tablescaping and set a more decorative table for our upcoming family Thanksgiving.

From what I’ve learned, you need to start with a colour scheme; […]

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My New Purse!!

I don’t show a lot of fashion or “girly” things on this blog – not because I don’t like them; my Pinterest boards are full of cute outfits that I wish I wore, but more because this is a DIY and family blog and after doing DIY and taking care of my family there isn’t a lot of time or energy left for hair and makeup.

BUT – I did DIY the cutest purse EVER!

If you have drills in your DIY […]

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Liberty Dressers – It’s all about the hardware

Today’s dresser makeover is sponsored by Liberty Hardware – and you’ll be so pleased it is because wait until you see how these pieces turned out!

First, I’ll show you the dressers I picked up out of someone’s garage:

Dresser makeover, before and after dressers, antique dresser makeover, Liberty Hardware, gold handles, because the hardware makes the piece


Filled with spider nests, paint chipping, peeling, rotting and with a slight stench to […]

September 23rd, 2017|BEFORE & AFTER, REFINISH/REPURPOSE|2 Comments