Treehouse / Playground Makeover

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be working with Clancy’s Rainbow and Benjamin Moore on this next project – which is a doozy…

Treehouse / Playground makeover!

We purchased this commercial grade treehouse / playground years ago for $250.


The hotel that it belonged to clearly didn’t know the going price for outdoor playgrounds, so we ran off with a steal.  Like RAN, as fast as we could with 16 foot 6×6 posts.  (visualize the Ikea lady speed-walking yelling […]

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Wicker Makeover – Jan’s Patio Furniture

When my friend Jan approached me about refinishing her wicker patio set I was excited and nervous at the same time.

I’ve never done a wicker makeover before, and wicker furniture generally has a LOT of nooks and crannies.

Will it need stripping? If I use a paint stripper will it weaken the fibres and ruin the furniture?  Will my paint sprayer be able to get into every little crevice or will I be endlessly hand painting?

But I love Jan, and I […]

Hosta Garden

I’ve finished my hosta garden!

I’m not sure I’ve planted everything correctly as far as spacing and colour are concerned, but I buckled down and finally got the garden leading into my backyard done.

Not a swoon-worthy project?

I know.  Not yet anyways.

But this garden has been a disaster for over a year now.  Last summer Hubby widened our walkway and created a patio extension to house our hot tub – which is gorgeous – but it also left two garden beds full […]

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Cat Scratcher

It’s been awhile since I’ve showed off my fur-babies hasn’t it?

These are the little monsters munchkins that keep me company all day and night (whether I like it or not.)

First we have Miss Lacey – our 3 year-old Bernese Mountain dog:

Bernese Mountain Dog, Lacey

Look at that face!  This is the face that is by my side 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… which is occasionally too much (like when […]

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Coastal Decor with DIY Sea Glass

Anyone else feel like time is just flying by at this point?  I woke up yesterday and it was February and when I woke up this morning it was June….  I’m at a bit of a loss for everything that’s happened in between.  (Thank God I blog or I’d never remember what I do each day)

June means summer and summer means it’s time for the cool, refreshing addition of some coastal decor to your home.

Think buoys, sand dollars, fun turtle […]

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Patio Makeover – Sweet William Sewing Style

It’s done!

It’s done, it’s done, it’s done! (sung in a ‘happy dance’ sort of voice).

My favourite room in the house is ready – and not only am I going to show it off, but I’m going to go outside and enjoy it once I’m done showing it off.  I’m sorry, I’m too excited to contain the bragging.

Let me preface this by saying that my patio furniture is roughly 9 years old.  It was a cheap set from a hardware store […]

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Water Bottle Storage & Organization

Happy Weekend!

What an incredible, wonderful, beautiful weekend we had here in SW Ontario!  Sunshine, warmth with the slightest breeze – absolutely spectacular!

Hubby got our pool filled up, Maddie, Papa and I took a pottery class together, I went shoe shopping for Chloë (ahem, and me),

Converse, Cons, peach converse, chuck taylors

and I took a photography course at a local Henry’s.  The weekend was full of fun, learning and family – I’m still […]

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Tire Project – treehouse seating

I’m in phase III now of a treehouse makeover for the girls; I’ll show you phase I and II in another post, but today I wanted to show you our tire project from Hubby’s old snow tires.

This idea stemmed from an image I’d seen from ItsyBits&Pieces:

Tire project, repurposed tire, how to use an old tire, tire seating, how to paint a tire

Isn’t this perfect for a teen/tween hangout?

Unfortunately we don’t have […]

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Sugar cookies with buttercream icing

I had this dilemma last week – it was Mother’s Day, my pottery berry bowls that I’d made for my Moms weren’t glazed or fired yet and every cookie-maker in town was booked until August.

How can people be so ahead of the game that they know they’ll need sugar cookies in August!?  I don’t even know if I have underwear for tomorrow morning? (except that I keep 30 pairs just in case)

I digress; my gifts weren’t ready and now I couldn’t even bring […]

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I’m so excited to have come across this that I HAVE to share it with you!

These women are AWESOME.

This is Kristin and Jen and they are my best friends.  Like bestest best.  They do a YouTube show called #IMOMSOHARD

They get me, they feel me, they hear me, they understand me and they make me laugh – like #ILAUGHSOHARD.

(click any of the images to be taken to their site)


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