Looking for ideas for a fun ladies night?  Have you heard of “Favourite Things”/ “Favorite Things” parties?

I hosted one a couple of years ago with some besties and the ladies have been hounding me to do another one – so this past Friday we all got together for some wine, some munchies and a LOT of presents!

How does it work?

First you need to set a date and a budget.

A great way to coordinate groups is by using the Doodle app.

Then you need to agree on how much to spend.  You’re buying three bags, so you don’t want to break the bank – just have fun and get some goodies.  The last “Favourite Things”/ “Favorite Things”party I hosted we kept the bags at a $5 limit each.  This meant people had to be creative when coming up with contents – you could use coupons, business cards, samples and treats.

This time, we went a bit higher and set the budget at $20 per bag.

Now you need to come up with gift ideas (within the budget) from some of your “Favourite Things”/ “Favorite Things” – hence the name of the party.

For my favourite things packages I put in a journal (because a day planner/ filofax was too expensive), but I added some planner details like coloured tabs and showed the ladies my meal plan strategy from here.

Ladies Night - Host a Favourite Things Party 5

I added some of my new favourite chocolates – Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe.  I’m not usually a fan of Hershey’s kisses, but these are fantastic – hazelnuts and rice krispies….   yesss!

You know I love my yoga, so I got a business card from Helenahhh to put into my favourite things kits and I printed of a sun salutation printable to go with it.

Ladies Night - Host a Favourite Things Party 6

I couldn’t find any of my favourite mugs – the Rae Dunn/Magenta super-sized ones, so I went with another design from the same line.

I printed off a copy of FabFitFun images, since that’s my new favourite subscription box.

Ladies Night - Host a Favourite Things Party 7

I added a carton of my “heaven in a cup” Tazo Chai concentrate and a couple of magazines and then packaged them all up with the ottoman trays I built specially for the party.

Ladies Night - Host a Favourite Things Party

Note: when having a party with friends who are Mom’s, don’t prepare too many appetizers…  the ladies each brought their own to share.

Ladies Night - Host a Favourite Things Party

Oh my God there was so much food – which we are still happily enjoying as leftovers today.

Now you’ll want to assign a playing card to each set of bags – this is why the three bags come into place – the remaining three cards of that same number are shuffled together and then distributed to the guests.  Each guest gets three cards and we made sure no one received their own number.

Ladies Night - Host a Favourite Things Party

You then go through the cards one by one and hand out the gifts.  As each “Favourite Things”/ “Favorite Things”bag is handed out, the person that brought that bag explains why each of the contents is/are her favourite things.

Ladies Night - Host a Favourite Things Party

In my bags, I received treats and wine and skin creams, socks, jewelry, games, decorative boxes, candles… a ton of stuff, and most that I have never tried!

As much as I didn’t really want to give away my favourite things (because they are my favourite things after all), I will admit that those TimTams, the scented candle and socks are calling my tired-from-a-late-night-of-laughs name. (Oh, and perhaps I should floss afterwards? – those are someone’s favourite flossers lol)

Ladies Night - Host a Favourite Things Party 8

By the shares on Facebook, I’d say the ladies had a good time as well:

Screen Shot 1

Yup, this gorgeous bunch of idiots are some of my favourite people.

Screen Shot 2

Screen Shot 3

It’s really a pretty low-maintenance party – prep a few appetizers, have a few bottles of wine on hand, and when you’re out shopping for your favourite things/ favorite things, pick up a few extra.
Ladies Night - Host a Favourite Things Party 9

Thank you ladies for a fun evening – even without the oodles of pressies, spending time with you guys is one of my favourite things!  XO

Have a great one!

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  1. Oh my gosh, what a great party idea! I am definitely going to see if my friends are interested in this. It would be so enlightening to learn about your friends this way all while having a good time. Thanks for sharing!