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What’s happening today…

DIY Wood Moose

This is Marty Moose. Marty Mazel Tov Moose because when I asked friends what they thought he was, I got a mixed response of "moose", "reindeer" and "Hanukkah candle holder". I don't care, he's the moosiest moose I know - Marty Moose.  (did you get that?  Maybe I'm showing my age?) It started because of this image on Instagram: I love him! When I looked around to find out how he was built or where he was made, all I came up with was this: click image for product link What!?  You can hang things on him too?! [...]

Let It Snow Raised Letter sign

Being a blogger has A LOT of advantages.  A few disadvantages, but far more advantages than not. Case in point - a friend of ours was getting rid of these wood letters: What do you do with a mishmash of letters that you no longer need/want?  You give them to your local (and favourite) blogger! I have no idea what they spelled out before I received them, so I had to scramble and unscramble them until I came up with a couple of words that I felt were in the spirit of the Season. Once I had my words, I [...]

“Who Needs Santa” wood gift pile

Just a quick pop-in today with a super-easy and very cute DIY - the "Who needs Santa..." gift pile, made from 2x2 pieces of scrap wood. I cut four pieces of 2x2 wood to lengths of 8", 6", 4" and 2", gave them a light sanding and then painted them in Christmas colours using inexpensive craft paint from the dollar store. The red wasn't quite bold enough, so I did go over it with a brighter shade. I used a bit of wood glue to hold my "Who needs Santa..." gift pile in place, and then put a heavy object on [...]

Wrapping Gifts with Innisbrook

How's the Holiday shopping going?  Did you blow the wad on Black Friday? Are you blowing the wad today (Cyber Monday)? Why does "blowing the wad" seem so inappropriate? I digress - if you've done any of your Christmas shopping at all, you are just about ready to get out the beautiful wrapping paper to make those secret treasures tempting, decorative and extremely hard to peek into. This is the "Festive Forest" gift wrapping kit from Innisbrook.  The package comes with 6 rolls of coordinating gift wrap (24" by 18' each) as well as: Kit contains: 6 full-size wrapping paper [...]

Christmas Wreath Makeover

So it's the last Sunday in November, and Thanksgiving, for Canadians AND Americans, has now passed... The official start to the Holiday Season is now! But I can't hang out this sorry, beat up, chipped, sun-faded wreath.  Especially since about half of the light strings don't work.  What kind of blogger would I be with this eyesore welcoming Santa? I had actually put it out in our garage sale this past summer in the hopes that someone would take it off my hands - no takers. Then I set it at the curb for garbage day, and just before it [...]

Oak Dresser Makeover

I have another dresser makeover to share! This one is a yellow oak, and part of a two-piece set, so you'll be seeing the finished combo once I have them both delivered (and ahem- staged). This dresser is about 24 years old;  I know, not ancient or antique, but a quality wood piece that the owner (Kari) wanted to keep for both nostalgia and longevity. She just didn't want to keep it in this state: Not too bad from this angle, the colour is slightly dated, but nothing you couldn't live with but this: scratched, water-marked, raised-grain, seen-better-days top had [...]

100 Things 2 Do Before Christmas

It's Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S. so pre Black-Friday mayhem and post Thanksgiving-feast-binge, I thought I'd revisit my 100 Things 2 Do Before Christmas (100 things to do before Christmas) checklist. This was a HUUUUUUUGE hit last year, and seems to be making the rounds on Pinterest boards all over the world again right now - so I thought I'd revisit to give you a chance to copy, print, post or save it to help you get organized up-to, for, and during the Holidays. Click the above image or this link to get the printable pdf file that you can [...]

DIY Christmas Tree Shelf

Have you seen this gorgeous DIY Christmas tree shelf by Jaime at That's My Letter? I'd saved the pin from last year with the plans of building my own this year - and I finally did! I cheated a bit by using scrap wood to build mine - which totally works if you plan on painting it instead of staining. As it was I used a bit of pine, a lot of plywood and even a piece of cedar I believe - but nothing was purchased - these were all scrap bits! Okay, I purchased the hooks, but even the paint [...]