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What’s happening today…

Scrap Wood Christmas Trees

Amazing Amy and I got together the other week to work on some scrap wood Christmas trees we'd both been pining for since seeing them on Pinterest a year or two ago. I know, a year or two between concept and execution is more Hubby's speed than mine, but hey, we did finally get around to it (which is more than I can say for most of his projects). We cut up some scrap wood bits into triangles using the mitre saw and then Amy painted them with leftover paint colours we had lying around. Amy has this incredible eye [...]

Pine Table Makeover

Are you sick of makeovers? Of course not! Everyone wants to see trash turned into treasure right?  It inspires us as to what is possible - even on a small budget. I wouldn't say this pine table/desk was trash exactly: but it had a few nicks and dents here and there that needed a little TLC. If I told you I bought this for $20 would you consider refinishing yourself?  Come on!  $20 for a solid pine table?!  That's outstanding! Don't believe me? How about after sanding the top down to bare wood, and adding primer to the base: are [...]

DIY Hockey Storage Rack

I love this post. Actually I love the project, I love that it's my design and I love how it turned out - the post is just my way to show it off to you. I was recently asked to help out with a couple of fundraisers for some neighbourhood kids.  One needed an item for a silent auction and the other needed a prize for their hockey draft fundraiser.  Both Moms asked if I would recreate the pallet hockey storage rack.... but then I couldn't post it a second time, and if I'm going to work on something, I [...]

DIY Rustic Christmas Sign (and a Fall one too)

I know, it's WAAAAAY too early to be posting any Christmas nonsense, and in all honesty this project started out with a DIY rustic Autumn sign... but expanded all on its own. Let me show you - I had some 1 x12" wood in the garage that I wanted to make a sign out of.  I've been eyeballing the "Fresh Baked Pies" and "Pumpkin Patch" farmhouse signs that are all over Instagram right now.  (I went with pumpkin patch because I didn't want to be held accountable for having any kind of fresh baking in the house, and my garden [...]

Oak Cabinet Makeover

How was your weekend? We had AMAZING weather here all weekend - which is strange because last week we saw frost in the mornings.  This global warming thing is playing havoc with our seasons (but this weekend it was to our advantage). I spent almost every minute of the last three days in my workshop (aka the garage), working on projects for clients and friends. One of which was this oak cabinet: This was a gorgeous - and very heavy - piece.  Solid oak with the back of it finished in oak as well.  There really wasn't much damage on it [...]

You’ve Been Boo’d III

This is a repeat/redundant post that I do every single year, and will continue to do until my girls are too old to enjoy surprise treats - our annual "You've Been Boo'd". If you haven't seen my Boo'd I and Boo'd II posts, the idea is to package up a few pre-Hallowe'en goodies, along with the "You've Been Boo'd" poem then drop your gifts off at friends homes by ringing and running. My girls LOVE the ring and run part - almost more than they love being Boo'd back. lol This year we made simple scrapbook cones and filled them [...]

$1.3 Million Dream Home

We had a spectacular weekend here in SW Ontario; blue skies and warmish weather. That, coupled with friends and family for not one, but TWO Thanksgiving feasts, left everyone even more grateful than usual.  Grateful for our loved ones, for the privileges we have that many do not, grateful for our health - and I'll be honest, I was pretty grateful for baggy jogging pants as well. Part of our weekend festivities included touring the 2016 Fall Lottery Dream Home. London has some of the best hospitals in the world, and patients come from all over for specialized care and treatment. [...]

DIY Cork Trivet

This post is poorly timed, and I'm sorry for that. Better planning and more focus on the calendar would have had this up about a month ago for my Canadian readers to stand a chance of getting one made before Thanksgiving (tomorrow). Not one to linger in clouds, I'm going to suggest a silver lining:  to both my Canadian and American readers, enjoy the weekend.  Enjoy it so much that you manage to accumulate about 50 wine corks.  Not all at one sitting of course (unless you have lots of guests) and not before you drive anywhere.  Everyone celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving [...]