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What’s happening today…

Free Fall Screensavers / Fall Wallpapers

The blog post I did over the summer - the one where I gave links to a few sites that were giving away desktop wallpapers / screensaver - well, it is still getting traffic?! Now that Fall has "officially" arrived, I thought maybe I'd try to create a few of my own for you to use. For my  desktop wallpapers, I like a lot of white space to house my files.  I don't want to cover over my daughter's eyeball with blog images, or mess up a beautiful fall landscape with word documents - so the look I was going for here [...]

Canadian Flag – scrap wood Canadiana

If you like puzzles, then you'll love creating your own version of today's project:  a scrap wood Canadian (or insert your country) Flag. My scrap wood bin (a large garbage pail) is overflowing with bits.  I have a wall on the side of my house that is a big expanse of empty - which means I "need" something to fill the space and I "need" to get rid of some wood...  it's like a 1 + 1 = 2 sort of thing that you crafters can relate to. so I pulled out some 1" thick scrap wood bits and cut each piece [...]

A Bedside Table for Madison

I picked up this bedside table on Sunday afternoon around 1pm and by Monday at 3pm it was complete!  I love when projects can be whipped out like that - gives me a great sense of accomplishment. Wanna see the before shot? This was a $20 find on Kijiji, and while I had considered (attempting) to build a nightstand for Madison, I felt fairly confident I couldn't come in less than $20. This bedside table had a neat shape, tapering up towards the top, and it was small enough not to take up a large footprint in her bedroom - [...]

Plants and Pets

I've seen this listing of plants that are "Pet-friendly plants" and "Toxic plants for pets" at my Veterinarian's office the past few times I've been.  Each time I've thought "this would make a GREAT blog post!"  I've taken photos with my iPad and made a mental note to post something... Then I build something and forget (again, and again). This time, my Vet gave me a tear-away page to bring home with me. I've searched online and I cannot find the original version of this anywhere, so my post will have to be based on a few iPad photos and [...]

Paper Art

I don't feel like I did this project justice.  The hexagonal art piece that this stemmed from is much more inspiring, and Amazing Amy's circle piece has great colour and balance... but since I went to the effort to make this piece of paper art, and since it's not horrible, I'm going to share it anyways. I had a narrow section of wall in my basement that needed something... so Amazing Amy and I got together the other week and tried to create our own versions of this piece of paper art: Image from - click for source [...]

Paint Brush Storage Rack

I've got a super-simple build for you today;  this paint brush storage rack will take you a grand total of 20 minutes to build and will use up 4 pieces of scrap wood from your pile. Cut two pieces of wood - I used 3/4" plywood - to 7" by 4". Cut two pieces of wood - again, the same or different, whatever floats your boat - to 3 1/2" by 4". On one of your 7" boards, draw a line every half inch running horizontally and vertically on the board face. Drill holes on every other line, alternating at [...]

Build Your Own Bat Box – attract bats to your yard

Did you know that one single bat eats between 6,000 and 8,000 insects PER NIGHT? Did you know that less than 1% of bats carry rabies (far lower than the incidence in racoons)? Did you know that a female bat (usually) only has one pup per year? Did you know that store-bought bat boxes are generally NOT very successful. Why do I bring this up? Because this seems like a no-brainer for building/buying and installing a bat box near your home. Think fewer mosquitoes, natural (and nitrogen-full) fertilizer and aid in pollination all without the risk of them multiplying like mice [...]

Scrap Wood Crows – Rockwell Bladerunner

I was looking for ideas to use up some scrap wood the other day - I know, you're thinking "does she ever do any projects that actually create scrap wood?!"  - and yes, one big project, like a sofa table or a privacy planter box creates a fair amount of scrap wood in one project. So I have a big pile. A big pile to me anyways; I have a large garbage can overflowing with bits that are all 12" or less.  Too small for larger projects, but too large to throw into a landfill - so I hang onto [...]