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Bee Allergies

I'm allergic to bees. Rather, I WAS allergic to yellowjackets, but am no more. When I was in my 20's I was stung several times after mowing over a yellow jacket nest that was hidden under the roots of  a tree.  (Did you know yellowjackets will build nests in the ground?  Neither did I until this incident.) Anyways, I immediately broke out into large hives all over my arms and chest.  I'd been stung by the occasional bee as a child, but this was the first reaction I'd ever had beyond the sting and itch that everyone experiences.  I followed [...]

Trunk Organizer – Double your storage space!

Ever since I found this pin on Pinterest, I was dying to create my own trunk organizer. Click image or this link to be taken to original instructions. The instructions for this are great, and the materials are inexpensive enough - but this version just didn't work for me - I wanted a trunk organizer that was collapsible, portable and sturdy - but removable as well... without any residual marks to my car. The great news is that my version is MUCH easier to build (although more expensive), has a more custom fit and is much sturdier than the version above. [...]

DIY Entryway Table / Sofa Table

I have a pin that drives a lot of traffic from my Pinterest board to my blog - and the pin itself isn't even mine?  It was something I put in an article a few months ago "Styling Your Entryway" and this is the pin that has been going crazy: This entryway table / sofa table was made by Modern Refinement on Etsy and is available for sale.... but, it's a tad out of my price range. I searched everywhere for instructions on how to build something similar, but nothing came up, so I decided to 'wing it' and create [...]

DIY Doll Furniture – Patio Lounger

I've got a neat tutorial for you today - DIY patio lounger for your 18" dolls (as in Maple Lea and American Girl dolls).  I haven't seen these available for purchase on the doll sites, so your creation will be a novel addition to your child's dollhouse. To build this DIY doll furniture - you will need a 1x2 board,  1 1/4" finishing nails and somewhere between 6 and 8 paint stir sticks - the grand total for this project will come to about $3. First you'll want to cut your 1x2 down - you'll need two pieces that are [...]

Cottage Crafts for Kids

'Cottage' to me, implies sitting by the beach, with a breeze in the air, flipping through magazines and/or reading a book with my tea (hot or cold) by my side. 'Cottage' to my kids means swimming and bodysurfing and yelling "Mom, mom, mom..." Time to find a middle ground I think. An easy and cute cottage craft for kids is creating rock faces.  To do this you will need an old magazine (with lots of faces in it), some white glue, a few rocks and a pair of scissors. Poor Zendaya took a beating for this cottage crafts for kids [...]

Who Cut the Cheese?! (Storing Cheese)

I've got an easy, brilliant and quick idea for you today - brought to you by my friend Andy (of the fantastic nuts fame)... storing cheese! How do you store your cheese after it's opened?  Pull it out of it's wrapper and store it in a zip lock baggie?  Put it in tupperware?  Wrap it in cellophane? Andy has mastered cutting the cheese (and storing it). Check this out:  New brick of cheese 2.  Cut off what you'll need for your meal/snack 3.  Use the wrapper to lid the remaining cheese 4.  If the overlap is long enough, it should [...]

Basement Makeover

Do you have a room (or more) in your house that is under-utilized?  Something you've set up for a certain function, but then never gets used at all? That's my basement. Before Chloe was born I insisted that Hubby finish our basement.  I was adamant that we needed a playroom for the girls toys, and that it would keep the majority of the mess off of the main floor.  He re-did most of it himself, to the tune of about $16,000 and we filled it with toys and play areas and posters to make it a fun and welcoming space.... [...]

Office Chair Makeover

I'm going to miss Summer.  Despite the crazy heat and humidity there hasn't been a single day when I haven't been outside puttering over something or another. Building, refinishing, sorta-gardening, watering, swimming - it's been fantastic! You, on the other hand, will probably be glad to see me back indoors in late Fall so you won't have to witness anymore refinished pieces (like today's office chair makeover).  My neighbours will probably be grateful for the silence from the sander and saws, not to mention NOT seeing my sweaty, scruffy butt in my open garage. But not today folks - today [...]