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Ironing board storage

This ironing board storage solution is from Ana White, so please click over to her Iron Board Holder post for the details. What I will share are the changes I made to her building plans - just a couple, don't worry. This is (essentially) what you will build following Ana's plans; an 18" by 20" ironing board storage rack with a shelf on the top to hold your iron etc. My problem was that my ironing board has wonky legs (bow-legged?) so I couldn't follow Ana's plans exactly and instead had to trace an outline of my legs and then [...]

In-cupboard hair dryer holder

Are you sick of my bathroom yet? Can you hang in there for one last post on how I organized it by making an in-cupboard hair dryer holder? Prior to my bathroom makeover the other day, I was using a store-bought hair dryer holder that just hung over my bathroom cupboard door - and it worked perfectly - except that over time it scuffed and scratched up my cabinetry.  While painting my bathroom cabinets wasn't a ton of work, it's certainly not a job I want to have to do over and over again because the metal hooks keep scratching [...]

How to keep an area rug from moving around

Have you fallen in with the trend of adding an area rug over carpeting?  It's sharp - I admit I love the look - but what do you do when your area rug won't stop bunching and wrinkling?  How do you keep an area rug from moving around? This is the rug from my master bedroom makeover and I LOVE it.  Perfect colours, perfect pile and softness - just not perfect flatness. At first I thought it was because I hadn't pulled the area rug taught underneath my bed frame, so we moved the bed, pulled it taught and this [...]

Small Storage Crates

So what did you think of the bathroom makeover yesterday?  Pretty cool right?  Well, the outside of the cabinets wasn't the only transformation I made in our master ensuite - I also upped our storage and organization game with a few small storage crates. This came about because my Dad is obsessed with condiment trays.  He is constantly buying trays, boxes, bins and organizers to carry his ketchup, mustard and relish out to his patio - I get it...  kind of. Last summer he found what he deemed "the perfect condiment tray" at a local restaurant and he brought back [...]

Painting bathroom cabinets

I was provided with Rust-Oleum Krud Kutter and Bullseye 1-2-3 primer for this "Painting bathroom cabinets" post. My bathroom has bugged me for a little while now.  Our cabinets are 13 years old and are showing the wear and tear of the years everywhere.  Hubby doesn't seem to notice, but they are glaring to me. Come on!  How can you NOT notice?!  (On the upside, if he really is this blind, maybe my wrinkles go as unnoticed?  A girl can dream.) Hubby wasn't all that keen on me painting the cabinets (I've threatened that I'm going to do the kitchen [...]

The key to gooey rice krispie treats

I wrote a similar article to this back in 2014 but it didn't get any traction?  Could be because I dyed my super-gooey rice krispie treats green in celebration of St. Patrick's Day - which I still think was a cute tribute - but perhaps wasn't a very appetizing image.  (What!? You guys don't pin green rice krispie treats?!) Fair enough, I wouldn't either. But this recipe is tried and tested and if you read that article, you'd know that I tried LOTS of recipes - lots and LOTS of recipes - to get just the right balance and gooey-ness, [...]

Master Bedroom Makeover – Theirs $6,773 vs. mine $1,144

This master bedroom makeover has been WEEKS in the making, and you've caught bits and pieces as I've finished each DIY - but today I want to share it with you in its entirety - budget and all! You've seen in magazines the sections "Theirs vs. Ours" right?  I'm going to go with that idea and break it all down as best I can. I'll start by showing you the Modsy design that I was basing this master bedroom makeover on: Now I'll show you the breakdown of costs if I'd purchased the items to make the master bedroom makeover [...]

Headboard Makeover

*I was provided with Rust-Oleum Varathane® Triple Thick One Coat Clear Finish for this project. Who says you need to buy new furniture to get a new look? You know you won't find that claim on this blog - in fact, I re-did my master bedroom using mainly builds, upcycleds and refinished pieces - like this headboard makeover for example. This is the bedroom furniture we bought with wedding money 14 years ago. This photo doesn't really do it justice because the tops of the nightstands were a bit scratched up and there were one or two notches in our headboard - [...]