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Water Bottle Storage & Organization

Happy Weekend! What an incredible, wonderful, beautiful weekend we had here in SW Ontario!  Sunshine, warmth with the slightest breeze - absolutely spectacular! Hubby got our pool filled up, Maddie, Papa and I took a pottery class together, I went shoe shopping for Chloë (ahem, and me), and I took a photography course at a local Henry's.  The weekend was full of fun, learning and family - I'm still basking in the afterglow! But it means I wasn't really working on a lot of new projects - or I was, but I haven't seen them to completion yet - so I can't [...]

Tire Project – treehouse seating

I'm in phase III now of a treehouse makeover for the girls; I'll show you phase I and II in another post, but today I wanted to show you our tire project from Hubby's old snow tires. This idea stemmed from an image I'd seen from ItsyBits&Pieces: Isn't this perfect for a teen/tween hangout? Unfortunately we don't have the room for this many tire seats, and the backing - while adorable - is also a bit of a real-estate waste in our fort - so I went with a single-seat tire project. Ever wonder how to paint tires?  It's actually quite easy, [...]

Sugar cookies with buttercream icing

I had this dilemma last week - it was Mother's Day, my pottery berry bowls that I'd made for my Moms weren't glazed or fired yet and every cookie-maker in town was booked until August. How can people be so ahead of the game that they know they'll need sugar cookies in August!?  I don't even know if I have underwear for tomorrow morning? (except that I keep 30 pairs just in case) I digress; my gifts weren't ready and now I couldn't even bring a treat to my Mom's to show her that I didn't forget the day completely. I had to improvise... [...]


I'm so excited to have come across this that I HAVE to share it with you! These women are AWESOME. This is Kristin and Jen and they are my best friends.  Like bestest best.  They do a YouTube show called #IMOMSOHARD They get me, they feel me, they hear me, they understand me and they make me laugh - like #ILAUGHSOHARD. (click any of the images to be taken to their site) They sip wine (or bloody mary's or mimosas) and talk about MY issues - Mom stuff (women stuff) like purses and beauty and fitness. Yup, those faces sum [...]

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Spring Desktop Wallpaper (and mobile too!)

By now, everywhere that is going to get a Spring, should be in the throes of it. Trees and shrubs are flowering, new growth is shoulders-out of the ground by now and we are past the threat of overnight frost. WAHOO! I actually planted a week or so ago, so I jumped the gun a bit - as I do every year - in an over-eager anticipation of warm breezes, the smell of freshly mowed lawns and gardens laden with colour. Did I mention I love Spring? I know, I know - EVERYONE loves Spring. Despite how much we may [...]

How to Unclog a Toilet (without a plunger)

I need to show you a self-portrait: At least two days a week this is how I feel - and the remaining 5 days a week, this is Hubby. Is it possible that our pipes are shrinking?  That they are so full of hair and crud and gunk that anything that goes down the toilet now causes it to clog? I don't even want to think about what might or might not be wrong with my family's bowels. We have a plunger in every bathroom in our house - and they are used frequently and with fervour (before anything spills [...]

Easy Zentangle Plates – using Sharpie oil markers

You've heard of Zentangle right?  It's essentially doodling, but in structured patterns.  No talent, no skill, no end goal in mind - just lines, swirls, shapes, swoops and fun. Granted, there are zentangle artists out there that take it to a whole other level with incredible pieces of art that are nothing short of masterpieces - but you won't find that here, today, on the blog. Today I just wanted to show how easy, fun and gratifying it is to zentangle (aka doodle) on an object that you can keep and display.... like dollar store plates: Sorry about the music - [...]

DIY Mini Golf – as designed by 6 and 9 year-olds

I think this is so cute, I had to share. As you may know I was left with an astronomical amount of pvc pipe after a failed spray paint tent project the other week, so I have racked my brain to come up with ideas to put it to good use. Last weekend some of my daughter's friends came over and we made the pvc jewelry stands from this post.  While the girls and I were working, some of the neighbourhood boys came by to see what we were up to (if my garage doors are open, people often stop [...]