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Christmas Tree 2017 – Navy, gold and white

I had my Christmas tree 2017 mostly done - but there was just something about it that felt unfinished? I photographed and primped and added more ornaments and took a few away, but I still wasn't 100% happy with it. Then one of my favourite bloggers, Kelley Nan, posted a tutorial on how to decorate your tree with ribbon, and if you've ever seen any of Kelley Nan's Christmas trees, you'll know that they are nothing short of spectacular! So I stripped my Christmas tree 2017 down to start again and tried to follow her tips and tricks; like adding [...]

Magnetic Advent Calendar

I've had a few big projects lately (one you've still to see) and I'm feeling like I need a little bit more 'simple' in my life.  Today's magnetic advent calendar is just that - simple. I've had these metal sheets from M-D Building Products since the Haven Conference last July.  I didn't know what to do with them, but I didn't want to throw them out "just in case" an idea suddenly popped up. Like if you were surfing Pottery Barn for example? click image to go to PotteryBarn.com I could be wrong, but this seems to be [...]

Gingerbread Ornaments

A few years ago my Mom decorated her tree with gingerbread ornaments and I remember sitting near it and thinking how scrumptious it smelled. This year I decided to make some of my own gingerbread ornaments (with help from Mom and the girls) to create that same warm and homey feel for my own Christmas tree. The recipe and idea are from Martha Stewart Living circa 1995 - but the recipe tastes just as delicious now as it did then and the results are equally as beautiful. Martha Stewart Gingerbread Ornaments Martha Stewart Royal Icing My Mom very kindly whipped [...]

One Room Challenge – the FINAL REVEAL!

Today's final reveal day for the One Room Challenge and I'm so excited to show off my new space! But before I do, and for dramatic effect, let me remind you what the room looked like before: This was Hubby's sty office and it was ALWAYS messy. The office is right off of the front door, so it was a room you'd see as soon as you walked in - and it MADE ME CRAZY! So, after 12 years of cleaning, organizing, begging, cajoling and nagging - I decided to take it over for myself. I created a style board [...]

Half-Hour Holiday Challenge – Christmas Card Display

I have waited since October 13th to share a new challenge I'm participating in - the Half-Hour Holiday Challenge! Six bloggers coming together to inspire you to 'get your DIY on' with quick and easy Holiday projects that you can make in about half an hour.   When Scott (Saws on Skates) approached me about participating in the challenge, I had no idea what to build/make.  I needed something relatively simple that could be whipped together in a short amount of time, but still be either functional or decorative and in theme with the Holidays. I surfed and surfed and [...]

Christmas cards (and wrap) in a click!

*This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links - see disclosure in sidebar. Have you got your Christmas / Holiday cards ready? Have you updated your address book to make sure you have current mailing addresses for everyone?  Have you written your annual newsletter and tucked a family photo into the envelopes of special loved ones. Nope, me neither. BUT, I did myself a huge favour and went online to Minted.com to have them take care of this Holiday stressor for me. It was SO EASY! You can scroll through their thousands of photo card designs and layouts, Minted.com [...]

Scandinavian Star

At least that's what I think these star lanterns are called? (this post contains affiliate links, for full disclosure see sidebar) You've seen them, they are usually made of white paper with a light inside and are hung in the windows over Christmas.  I've seen them called Scandinavian stars and Swedish stars and I LOVE them. So I decided to make myself one. But paper is so "been there, done that" whereas metal Scandinavian stars is so "WOWZA, I have to try that!" So I did; I found a pattern for the stars over on Sweet Paul magazine, so I [...]

One Room Challenge – Week 6 – Desk makeover (again)

We're in week 6 of the Fall 2017 One Room Challenge and I'm so close I can taste it!! *Note: I was provided with Enviro Tex Lite® epoxy resin for the purposes of showcasing it's ease-of-use and beautiful finish.  This article also contains affiliate links. As long as I don't call another audible like I did last week... Week 5 I showed you how I made over my craft desk from faux-granite: to faux-marble with some peel & stick shelf liner. I recently received some Enviro Tex Lite® epoxy (a pour on, high-gloss finish) for the "Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest" [...]